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Pudding Monsters

Pudding Monsters

Do you love puzzles? Then you should take a look at Pudding Monsters. Pudding Monsters is a game from the makers Cut The Rope, which is very popular in the Play Store. Whether Pudding Monster can achieve the same success will be exposed in today's app test review.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.1.4 ?

Features & Use

The goal of the game Pudding Monsters is to push the monsters together and grab as many stars as possible. This takes place on a playing field that is divided into several square, 3 of which are highlighted by stars. You need to push the pudding monster around so that all of them stick together and are on the star. When one pudding monster touches another, they grow together. If you shove a pudding monster down, it will slide until it is snagged by another pudding monster and they morph together or a else a building will pick it up. If the pudding Monster isn't snagged, it will slide off of the table and the level will start over. So be careful! You'll be able to master the level by pushing the monsters together and collect either none, one or two stars. This will unlock the next level. You can collect a total of 294 stars.

The game gives you plenty of variety. There are sleeping monsters that you can wake up only by making it come into contact with another monster. Then they immediately grow together. There are also green slimy monsters. Their mucus is like glue that will hold on to other monsters. There are purple monsters that can only be moved together. For example, you push one of them to the left and all will slip in the same direction. Finally, there are the magnetic monsters. You shove each monster into the magnetic fields and they will be directly attracted and the magnet loses its effectiveness. The monsters will merge together once again.

The objects that are found in the field are also very diverse. There are buildings that capture monsters. Ice blocks also have this function. Unlike the houses, you can only use the ice blocks once, since they break after clashing with a monster. There are also bridges that let the monsters cross in one direction only and then they are stuck on the other side. Walls also appear when you push down a button by putting a monster on it. If you push a monster onto a moving belt, it will go in whichever direction the belt is going. Finally there is a cloning machine. If the pudding monster goes through it, more will come out on the other side.

All of this is explained to you in the game, which I thought was really good. There are 23 more challenges that you can complete. In order to see what these are, you start up the game and tap on the middle of the three buttons, where all the challenges will be listed. One example of a ''mission'' is to create a 8-eyed hot dog shaped monster. By completing the challenges, you will get coins most of the time. On the bottom left side you'll see a button in the form of a house. This is your account. When you're in your account, you can click on the top right button and this will change accounts. Go back to the list of challenges and you'll see a button with people on it in the bottom right corner. You can share your results with your friends.

The first button in the main menu are the settings where you can turn the music on or off, set the language, reset your game under ''progress'' and restore purchases.

While you're playing, the options to pause, turn the volume on/off, return to the menu and reset are found on the bottom left side. On the bottom right, you have a button with a mushroom on it, which tells you how many mushrooms you have. If you use one, many monsters will appear on the field and the level will be mastered and you'll be brought to the next level. If you click on the shroom button and you have none, you'll be asked if you want to buy some for real money.

There are 4 rooms and each have 25 levels. In order to master a level, you need to complete it with a crown. This means that you've accumulated all the star combinations possible.

Bottom Line

The game Pudding Monsters is a simple idea, with lots of diversity and challenges. It's really fun to play, but you can easily play through it quickly due to the fact that there are so few levels (100). There should hopefully be new levels soon.

Screen & Controls

The purpose and execution of Pudding Monsters is quick to understand because everything is explained so well. The graphics and the animation were good and the menu was kept simple.

Nevertheless, there were a few minor drawbacks. The menu in the settings for Zeptoplab account is not very clear, but you probably won't need it that often.

Speed & Stability

In the course of our test, Pudding Monsters didn't crash or lag. The game was fast and loaded quickly. Changing levels also didn't require long waiting times.

Price/Performance Ratio

Pudding Monsters is free, so there are ads in the game. But for a free fun game with challenges and variety, it's worth your while. Apart from the minor disadvantages that you'll get you used to, this game is a real boredom-killer. The game is very addictive, especially when you have to play through a level more than once to achieve full marks.


Pudding Monsters Pudding Monsters Pudding Monsters Pudding Monsters Pudding Monsters Pudding Monsters

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