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Why you should be playing Puzzle and Dragons

Why you should be playing Puzzle and Dragons

Puzzle and Dragons is a smash hit. Released in 2012, it's speculated that one in five people in Japan play it and it's currently the second highest grossing game in the Japanese Play Store. So, why should you be interested in Android's answer to the Pokémon RPGs? Let me explain.

AndroidPIT puzzles and dragons 6666
Here's why you should check out Puzzle and Dragons. / © ANDROIDPIT

The first piece of the Puzzle

Puzzle and Dragons is a match-three-style puzzle title with an RPG twist: Candy Crush meets Final Fantasy VII, if you will. And its opening is very clever.

Remember at the start of the Pokémon Red/Blue when you had to choose one of your three starting creatures? Puzzle and Dragons begins similarly.

After you launch the app, and before you even download the rest of the game's content (a substantial – though unspecific – download size), you are asked to select a starting monster.

You gain an attachment to a character before you have the entire game on your device. I was terrified and impressed; it was like the first time I went to Amsterdam. But it only gets more clever.

AndroidPIT puzzles and dragons 6661
You'll encounter a huge variety of monsters in Puzzle and Dragons. / © ANDROIDPIT

Here be Dragons

This is how it works. You are in charge of a group of monsters (including dragons and other fairytale creatures) fighting through dungeons against a host of nasty enemies. In order for your creatures to attack, you must combine colored orbs from the field at the bottom of your screen.

Match an orb with three or more of the same color and that row or column of orbs will be removed. Monsters of the corresponding color or colors – should you match more than one type – will then launch an attack at your opponent.

The strength of these assaults is dependent on the number of orbs combined in each move.

I was terrified and impressed; it was like the first time I went to Amsterdam

Thus, the crux of the game is to optimize your arrangements of orbs and create the most damage to the highest number of enemies. But there are many factors at play.

Instead of attacking, for example, you may decide to combine heart orbs to regain health. Or you might simply move an orb into a space for a stronger offensive later.

AndroidPIT puzzles and dragons 6644
Your monsters have special abilities which can give you the upper hand in battle. / © ANDROIDPIT

The combination of strategy and reward is what makes Puzzle and Dragons so compelling. There are multiple considerations both before and during battles.

Whereas Candy Crush most often relies on the thought process: “What is the biggest number of candies I can match in one move?” Puzzle and Dragons provokes many more questions and offers greater rewards. More so, in fact, than most other Android titles I've played.

AndroidPIT puzzles and dragons 6632
The game offers progressive rewards that outmatch other games I've played. / © ANDROIDPIT

In Candy Crush, your prize for completing a level is that you progress to the next level. Puzzle and Dragons rewards you with another level and you can win more monsters and dragons to use in your next battle (or to consume to upgrade your existing team). 

The combination of strategy and reward is what makes Puzzle and Dragons so compelling

And there are literally thousands of monsters. Of course, to use the rarest and most powerful of these does require grinding, unless you are willing to shell out for some in-game currency. But this is just the current landscape of free-to-play games.

AndroidPIT puzzles and dragons 6629
Strategy and rewards kept me coming back for more. / © ANDROIDPIT

The puzzling problems with Puzzle and Dragons

Despite Puzzle and Dragons many successes, it's not all great. One facet of Puzzle and Dragons which might put people off – aside from its weird name – is that it's basically impossible to lose a game for the first few hours. 

Puzzle and Dragons offers more rewards than most other Android titles I've played

Yeah, no matter how you play, during the normal campaign it's incredibly hard to be defeated. There are Special Dungeons you can enter outside of the regular quest, which are harder, but you can get locked out of them after losing and then have to buy Magic Stones (with real money) to re-enter. 

Without that challenge, even with the dazzling lights and wonderful monsters, your patience is put to test.

AndroidPIT puzzles and dragons 6640
Match the most orbs to create the biggest combos. / © ANDROIDPIT

And though it initially gained extra points because the menu music sounds like Tina Turner’s smash hit track 'The Best', it swiftly lost points after I realized that listening to Tina Turner’s smash hit track 'The Best' on repeat is terrible.

If you're not put off by a simple learning curve, there is a huge amount to enjoy in Puzzle and Dragons. Trying to create the best team and apply the smartest strategy – to nab even more powerful dragons and monsters – will keep you coming back for more. Much more.

Give it a try via the link above and let me know what you of it in the comments.

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  • Alright guys so here's the 411. It took a little longer than I would have liked(daily play streak lost and missed a few free daily events) but the Gungho team CAME TO THE RESCUE AND DO CARE ABOUT ITS PREMIUM PLAYERS. I have ALL MY BEAUTIFUL MONSTERS back and even my FRIEND LIST is still completely intact (which becomes quite important mid to lategame). I don't know what this Alex guy below me is injecting but I would agree that I was quite worried there for a few days. THIS GAME ROCKS THE SOCKS and should be DOWNLOADED IMMEDIATELY by all android users. It does NOT EAT YOUR DATA at all like some other games I have (*cough* Hearthstone *cough*, still a great game though) but I can agree it's not everyone's cup of tea. It is pretty much Pokémon-Bejeweled combined together in a beautiful grab bag but to me THATS AWESOME. And to start the game only takes a small learning curve but before you know it you'll be joining my ranks as a pro. I REPEAT, DOWNLOAD THIS GAME IMMEDIATELY, and visit www.puzzledragonx.com for all information to be the best and CATCH EM ALL (pretty much the equivalent of an old school strategy guide). JUST A FEW TIPS FOR FUTURE PRO PaD GAMERS: Only roll the REM during godfests and 3x rolls, and save your stones for only for said REM and increasing capacity (again if you're like me, gotta catch 'em all). Buying stones is useful BUT every 3 to 5 months they have a really worth while bundle deal or 99 cent offer which if you're usually a non IAP player like me are the best bang for your buck and hence the 60 dollars I've put into it. Finally be sure to try and start your account during one of these Godfests and special event bc earning stones is the easiest in early level and of course you want the baddest-ass monsters on you team by mid game (even IF they're cost is too high at the beginning, you'll thank me in the long run, and for the love of god... make any rare monster ie GOD your favourite so you don't accidently use it as fodder...you'll be kicking yourself for ages if this happens😉). So that's all for now, get your game on and DOWNLOAD PAD NOW. See you on the leaderboards and friends list soon, and hopefully you'll be able to catch em all (haha third time emphasis, man Pokémon rocked back in the day). Peace and 1💚 all, SR.

  • Alex May 18, 2016 Link to comment

    Iam still not impressed and not willing to play it and I'm sure it eats all my data

    • Its shockingly well optimized and barely consumes any data. update on wifi but that should apply to any app.

  • Hey all, this game IS AMAZING and its the only freemium game I've put money into, about 60 bucks!! (Some friends have spent hundreds though 😮) but DON'T DOWNLOAD IT YET, at least not the North American version. Yesterday the game stopped opening and crashes after 3 seconds and GungHo's response was to have all my data deleted with a reinstall...I mean what kind of customer service is that, a year and a half of dedicated daily playing and MONEY SPENT and the first response is "sorry you've encountered an issue, data may have become corrupted" so SUCKS TO BE YOU. Needless to say I sent quite a scathing email so hopefully I will get a non-robot response and if Gungho can't do anything and doesn't refund it's customers in that case then I would say AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I will post another comment with the resolution to GUNG HO's LACK OF CUSTOMER CARE and hopefully get back into this amazing game.

    • did you save your secret code and device transfer ID or sign in with google on android? I understand your frustration but these systems exist for your exact situation.

  • Great stuff IF I could play in the Netherlands / EU on my S6? Any reason for that?

  • There are many games that add a fight component with a match-3 puzzle mechanics. From the top of my head, Puzzle Quest (1 and 2 that I know of), some marvel avengers game that I don't recall the name now... This is hardly original, but I guess it's worth the time to take a look. Thanks.

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