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Quick Cache Cleaner - Free Up Space With One Click

Authored by: Yan Matusevich — May 8, 2011

The internal memory is completely full, App2SD isn’t available or doesn’t work with your apps….what’s next? How do you free up some space on your phone? Cleaning the cache should clear up some precious bytes of memory. But is it really worth the effort? How efficient is Quick Cache Cleaner?


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Features & Use

The main issue here is to make room on your device. In our AndroidPIT Forum, many users are curious about ways to clear their cache and free up much needed space. Just as a refresh: the cache includes temporary files from every app that enable quicker access to them. Most of the time, however, these files are out-of-date and therefore completely useless. So don’t think twice about deleting them.

Clearing the cache isn’t very easy without a special app. You have to go to Settings --> Applications --> Manage applications and then clear the cache for each individual app. Not only does it take a really long time, but it’s also extremely frustrating. Isn’t there an app that can do all of this automatically? Up to now most cache cleaning apps could only run on rooted devices.

This is not the case with Quick Cache Cleaner! This is one of the first apps that is simple to use for your average Joe Android user. Before conducting this test, I had already used CacheMate, which found 2MB of stuff to delete. When I did the same thing with Quick Cache Cleaner, it managed to clear an impressive 5MB in cache files. Just hit the Clear All button once – and bingo! The app does take some time initially (2 minutes) to scan find all the cache files on your phone, but it takes just as long to load all your apps in your settings.

Bottom line: Quick Cache Cleaner is simple and to the point. It clears all – and I mean really all – app caches with one click of the button without requiring any root permissions.

Screen & Controls

Since Quick Cache Cleaner is based on one single function, the app is has just two buttons: Refresh (i.e. Scan) and Clean All. No configurations, no complicated settings and no submenus. The scan takes a little while to load all of the apps with caches. You can then sort the apps according to name or size and a short summary of all your apps is listed at the bottom of the screen.

While Clear All allows you to clean everything with one click, you can also delete individual app caches by tapping a specific app in the list. This automatically redirects you to the Managing applications menu in your phone’s settings from which you can clear the cache as usual.

Speed & Stability

Obviously, it would be great if the app could scan your phone quicker, but it’s pretty unrealistic given the fact that the phone’s entire system needs to be thoroughly searched through. Once the scan is completed, however, Quick Cache Cleaner runs very smoothly. No crashes experienced.

Price/Performance Ratio

Since Quick Cache Cleaner is free, you'll have to put up with integrated apps. But let's be honest here - this is hardly a nuissance given the fact that this app only needs to be on occasion.


Quick Cache Cleaner - Free Up Space With One Click Quick Cache Cleaner - Free Up Space With One Click Quick Cache Cleaner - Free Up Space With One Click Quick Cache Cleaner - Free Up Space With One Click

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