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QuickDesk Beta

I know what you guys are thinking: not another homescreen replacement review! Don’t worry, that isn’t the case with QuickDesk Beta… well then again, maybe it is… Confusing enough for ya?

The thing is that QuickDesk isn’t easy to categorize, but I’ll do my best to outline it’s functions for you in today’s test.


Reviewed version Latest version

Features & Use

QuickDesk provides exactly what its name implies: another desktop, which you can access by double clicking on the Home button. You can also start up QuickDesk just as you would any other app, or by pressing on the Search button for a long time. Personally, I think the double click variant is the only viable option, because that’s what sets QuickDesk apart from the rest and makes it such a useful app.

QuickDesk does act as a homescreen replacement, but you can choose your current replacement within the app in the usual way (i.e., by pressing on the Home button). In the end you’ll have an extra screen – QuickDesk – at your disposal.

You can put links, widgets, and files on to your QuickDesk and then access them anytime by double clicking on the Home button. Now, this may not sound particularly thrilling or innovative, but bare with me. QuickDesk really does offer a bunch of options: for instance, you can put your energy controls widget on to QuickDesk and access it without having to go via your “real” homescreen. When you press the back key you’ll then find yourself back within the app from which you started QuickDesk. If you choose to access the energy controls widget from within your homescreen you have to navigate back to the app you were using before, as it doesn’t happen automatically, as is the case with QuickDesk.

So, even though QuickDesk doesn’t provide anything that other apps – e.g. QuickDial – don’t already provide, I was won over by the double click feature.

At the moment QuickDesk provides “only” one screen which you can access anytime from any app, but I find even this one screen to be extremely useful. I’ve put Facebook and Twitter widgets, as well as the energy controls widget on to my QuickDesk, and even though I can access all of these from my homescreen I like being able to simply click on the back button and get transported right back to the app I was using previously.

Another useful feature is that once you’ve opened QuickDesk you can access your phone’s settings via the Menu button. Without QuickDesk you have to do this via the homescreen.

I’m curious to see if and which new features the QuickDesk developers are going to come up with. I certainly don’t want to be without my new social and settings screen.


Screen & Controls

You’ll find an introduction to and explanation of the app in the First Timer Guide which pops up automatically the first time you start up the app.

In order to set up the “collaboration” between your current homescreen and QuickDesk, select Homescreen as Default Home under Settings; this opens up when you’re in the First Timer’s Guide. You can now access QuickDesk by double clicking on the Home button; clicking on the Home button once will start up your normal Desktop.

You can also decide what kind of Home Key Timing you want for the double click under Settings. The pre-programmed settings work very well on the Nexus One, however.

Once you’ve opened QuickDesk you can move links, widgets, and files to there by clicking on the display for a long time.

Pressing on the home button gives you the following options:


Bottom line:

Some of you might be thinking that QuickDesk doesn’t have all that much to offer, and it’s true that there are other apps out there that also enable fast access as well as more space for apps, widgets, etc. BUT QickDesk is different. That’s just my opinion, take it or leave it, but I think this app is worth checking out.


Speed & Stability

Absolutely no problems to report.

Price/Performance Ratio

QuickDesk can be downloaded free of cost from the Android Market.


QuickDesk Beta QuickDesk Beta QuickDesk Beta QuickDesk Beta QuickDesk Beta


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