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Quote Pro -- Stock Quotes on Your Android

Authored by: Deactivated Account — Dec 28, 2011

Securities, stocks and bonds—in today’s daunting financial climate these words can trigger a certain amount of angst in investors… Let’s hope that we’ll all weather the financial crisis and come out of it unscathed. For those of you who wish to keep an eye on your investments or wish to keep informed about the latest developments, read today’s review of Quote Pro, an app that streams stock quotes on your Android.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.2.8 1.3.02

Features & Use

First impressions: The application’s design is kept simple: it’s all about relaying information regarding stocks and bonds.
A quick overview of the features:

• Unlimited numbered portfolios
• Integrated stock symbol search
• News feeds
• Advanced stock chart and details
• Display sort options
• Sort stock lists on any field
• Numbered portfolios, slide the screen left or right to switch portfolios

The displayed quotes are provided by Yahoo! Updates for indices can be set to refresh in real time (or rather between 3-30 seconds), but most stocks are only updated every 20 minutes via Yahoo! Other internet brokers provide similar intervals, but in general real time stock updates aren’t free.

Bottom line:
Quote Pro is a great app for keeping track of what’s happening with stocks and bonds, as well as one’s own stock portfolio. While it doesn’t compare with other broker services such as Onvista, it is a good way of keeping up to speed when one is on the go and wants easy and quick access to information via mobile device.

Screen & Controls


Quote Pro

is easy, but I found the graphics to be somewhat cluttered, though not to the point of being confusing. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to make a few changes for clarity’s sake.

Speed & Stability

Quote Pro

ran relatively smoothly throughout our test rounds, though it did crash once at the beginning. It loads very quickly.

Price/Performance Ratio

Quote Pro

is available for free from the Android Market.


Quote Pro -- Stock Quotes on Your Android Quote Pro -- Stock Quotes on Your Android

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