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Qustodian - Anuncios y Ofertas -- Ads and Offers

We all love a good deal, but I'm personally not so interested in bedazzled tote bags or mani-pedis for Morkies—and yet I sometimes receive ads for a bunch of stuff that is of no use to me. Wouldn't it be great to customise the types of ads and deals that get sent to you? And what if you make a few bucks along the way? Sounds too good to be true? Qustodian - Anuncios y Ofertas (Ads and Offers) makes it possible. To find out how, just keep reading.



Reviewed version Latest version
2.1.4 2.2.7

Features & Use

Qustodian - Anuncios y Ofertas (Ads and Offers) is a free service that sends special offers and promotions, minus the annoying ones that aren't tailored to a user's taste. To this extent, you fill out a profile so that you will receive only what is of real interest to you—and earn money each time you read an ad by Qustodian or any of their partners.

Setting up a profile is easy and can be done via the website or the application itself (redirected to the site via SMS). To set up a profile, simply indicate:

  • Your phone number
  • Create a password
  • Year of birth
  • Gender
  • Postal code
  • Email

In less than a minute you will then start getting offers. Everything can managed from the comfort of your own smartphone, and if you've forgotten your password you can simply request a new one via the app without having to go through the website. Profiles can be filled out and customised to make it easier for the app to recognise what you're most interested in (leisure, beauty, home, food ...). You can also specify which brands you like, and what channels you watch (music, finance, games, NGOs ...). The more details you include, the more tailored the offers you'll receive will be.

But many of you will be wondering just how Qustodian can help you make money. Well, it's quite simple: Every time you interact with an offer or ad, Qustodian sends money into our personal account; the amount can then be transferred to a personal bank account, PayPal account (once you've reached €10 or over) or an associated charity. Information regarding the amount you've gathered so far can be viewed by hitting the button on the bottom right.

The application itself is easy to use. You receive messages with offers based on your profile. Also, with the new version, this process has been streamlined: It is now possible to read the messages that most interest you from the input tray while the rest are still being downloaded in the background, eliminating waiting times. Open the message and respond if you are interested or not, for example, I received a message on a Master's degree, I indicated that I was interested and a few minutes later I received an email with information about the MA sent by the university that was making the offer. And just because I had interacted with this offer (which genuinely interests me) I received a few cents in my account. Now that's not too bad, is it?

There's also the option to share Qustodian with friends, so if you have friends who also appreciate a good deal you can simply share interesting posts via secial networks like Twitter or Facebook. If someone clicks on the shared message, you will become part of that user's network automatically.

The new version allows you to send free invitations via Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. Sending SMS is free.

"My Coupons" has access to discount coupons that will be forwarded to you in a message. Coupons will automatically be added to your list of coupons which you can access whenever you want.
You can also set some options like enable/disable notifications, sound and vibration via the menu button.

Bottom line:

Qustodian - Anuncios y Ofertas (Ads and Offers) is easy to use and effectively lets you access the most important features that can be found on

This is a great way to actually find out about and get good deals on things you're actually interested in, without being bombarded by ads left and right. Setting up a profile takes no time at all and the same goes for looking at offers. And, lest we forget, you can make some extra cash by looking at ads, so that's a nice little extra bonus.


Screen & Controls

Qustodian - Anuncios y Ofertas (Ads and Offers) comes with a simple UI and functionality. The new version makes navigating between options more intuitive, dynamic and comfortable.

The application is self-explanatory, but just to clarify: Hit the phone menu in order to access the “Help” feature where the main features are explained.

As for the app's design, I would have preferred a bit more colour, but that's just a personal opinion that has nothing to do with the functionality of the application.


Speed & Stability

Qustodian - Anuncios y Ofertas (Ads and Offers) performed nicely throughout our test runs, with only two small bumps along the road. Firstly, the app takes a moment to load when you start it, and secondly I am in the (good) habit of reading the terms and conditions, but when I wanted to go back to my profile, my data had not been saved and I had to start all over.

The overall speed has improved in the new version, and allows for quick navigation between notifications.

The app does not negatively affect battery life.


Price/Performance Ratio

Qustodian - Anuncios y Ofertas (Ads and Offers) is a free service – with which users can actually make a bit of money – and the 2.1 version can be found on Google Play. It's worth trying IMHO.



Qustodian - Anuncios y Ofertas -- Ads and Offers Qustodian - Anuncios y Ofertas -- Ads and Offers Qustodian - Anuncios y Ofertas -- Ads and Offers Qustodian - Anuncios y Ofertas -- Ads and Offers

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