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RACCooNY's GANG ***FREE Get your mind in gear with this cuddly gang

RACCooNY's GANG ***FREE Get your mind in gear with this cuddly gang

Unblock Me is one of the biggest names on the Google Play Store with more than 10 million downloads. In the style of Unblock Me, our next test candidate RACCooNY's GANG ***FREE presents 100 challenging levels with some loveable raccoon characters and challenging brain-teasers.



  • Great graphics
  • Excellent game principal
  • Increasing levels of difficulty


  • Botched fulfilling its full potential
  • Only one mode
Reviewed on Android version Root Modifications Reviewed version Latest version
Google Nexus 4 4.3 No None 1.1 1.1

Features & Use

RACCooNY’s GANG ***FREE sparks your tired-out minds into gear again with its brain-teasers. The creators of Unblock really came up with a great new idea. The story places Al Raccoony and his four-man gang in the limelight. The pack of 5 have been waiting impatiently to be freed from the doldrums of life's everyday routines and this is where the player enters into the game story.

In principal, each level is based on the same pattern: one of the 5 raccoons is placed on a playing field made of a 6 x 6 grid. The user's seemingly simple tasks consist of transporting the raccoon to its tomato box (specifically in the case of Al Raccoony) at the beginning of the level. I choose to use the word ''seemingly'' here because you soon discover that it actually is more difficult than it looks due to the various obstacles that need to be moved out of the way by swiping on your display.

AndroidPIT raccoony 1
Get past the obstacles under the tropical sun. © app-artists

Of course this wouldn't be a game of chance if an ideal solution for the puzzle didn't exist. This ideal solution is shown in the top left side of the menu bar and consists as well as the requirements needed to obtain the maximum three trophies in each level. All the paths which have already been traveled also appears in the same bar.

The gameplay is, as mentioned above, simple, yet challenging. The user, now addicted, keeps on playing RACCooNY's GANG  ***FREE, pushed by the ambition to fulfill the minimum level requirements. The app also provides more than 100 levels in the free version, the first 50 of which are in New York where the player must navigate Al Raccoony and his gang through underground areas. The next 50 challenges consist of Beau's adventures, set in the tropical palm tree filled surrounding of Martinique. New challenges can only be unlocked by acquiring a certain amount of trophies, which motivates the player to keep on forging ahead. The difficulty steadily increases, but I personally did not experience any frustrating moments.

AndroidPIT raccoony 2
You'll need to get 50 stars to unlock all 50 levels: I smell the word ''addictive'' .© AndroidPIT

The only problem that I came across with RACCooNY's GANG  ***FREE isn't at all the general game idea. In fact, the story of these five cuddly criminals holds a rather large potential. However, I feel as though the application missed out in fulfilling the entirety of this potential. Though great illustrations of the five characters have been created for the app, the story hasn't been properly told. The player will ask themselves why these characters are integrated into the game at all, since at no point in time do we get a clear explanation (and not even in the app description).

What's more, there were no new ideas integrated into the game, which makes RACCooNY's GANG ***FREE (despite its great graphics) appear to be just another Unblock Me spin-off. They could have incorporated some additional comfort functions like a ''back'' function in the individual levels or even more game modes. In short, our test candidate today seems to be lacking certain fresh new elements.

AndroidPIT raccoony 3
All of these levels are free, you don't have to play them in sequential order. © AndroidPIT

Screen & Controls

RACCooNY's GANG ***FREE definitely missed out on including some key functional elements, however made up for this fact with its great looking graphics and soundtrack.

Like I just mentioned, they really did a good job with the graphics and the music is vivacious which goes well with the game's general ambiance. Even the controls are spot on. Finally, the only reason this category didn't do as well is because of some missing functions.

AndroidPIT raccoony 4
© AndroidPIT

Speed & Stability

RACCooNY's GANG ***FREE worked great during the entire course of the test.

Price/Performance Ratio

There is a free and paid version of RACCooNY's GANG ***FREE available in the Play Store. The application is also ad-free, even in the free version. 

Final verdict

RACCooNY's GANG ***FREE did many things right (in particular the graphical presentation and the basic game idea) but also missed out on fulfilling its entire potential (no real storyline and very little innovative elements). But at the end it still received high marks and our recommendation thanks to its great look. Puzzle lovers, get your brain in gear!

I've deemed the free version as being a good app, however the paid variation is definitely top-notch thanks to its additional challenges.

Another plus is the fact that they decided not to go with in-app purchasing which can be found in more and more games.

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