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Transform Multiple Androids into a Race Track with "Racer" by Google

google racer okay
Chrome's "Racer" transforms multiple smartphones into a race track. / © Google

Google Chrome must have some geniuses on their team because they keep coming out with experimental new additions that completely blow my mind.

Besides "Roll It," a skee ball game which puts Wii to shame, the Chrome team also debuted "Racer" today, which was first revealed at the official Google I/O conference.

Racer allows you to play with virtual slot cars, controlling them along a race track using any Chrome-enabled smartphone. You can place up to five devices next to each other to extend the race track and create an ever-more complicated race. Check out the awesome teaser video above to find out more.

You can play Racer here, but you need to have at least two devices running a mobile version of Chrome (ie, a tablet or a smartphone). I'm not sure how it works but I think it probably has something to do with utilizing GPS and WiFi signals to sync data across devices.

Man do I love me some Google freebies.


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  • Sorin 2 months ago Link to comment

    Wow, and now can I ever go any big if I make a contest with my friends?
    I'm really curious if someone tried.

  • Nope! Anyone running Chrome's Mobile App. I tested it out on an iPhone against some friends with Android devices and it works great!

  • Huh..looks everyone would have to have an Anroid smartphone and Chrome? What about iPhones?

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