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Rage of Bahamut – (Only?) For fans of the card game

Rage of Bahamut – (Only?) For fans of the card game

Some (many?) of you will be familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Magic and other (expensive) card games of the like. Rage of Bahamut falls into the same category of game, but is meant to be even more fun thanks to quests and other features.

Find out what we make of Rage of Bahamut in today's review.



Reviewed version Latest version 6.2.0

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy S3
Android version: 4.0.4
Root: Yes
Modifications: None

First things first, you will have to sign up with Mobage, the developers. Next comes a tutorial that explains the principle behind Rage of Bahamut. A tip: enter a ref-code in the tutorial as this will garner you a higher starting bonus. These codes can be found by the dozen in reviews in the App Center and Google Play.

We then recommend you get started with Quests as this is a good way to obtain items and game money. Be warned, however, that quests are somewhat monotonous, seeing as all you do is enter 'enter' until your 'stamina' wears out.

Collect more money and gaming cards in order to improve your hand; go to 'enhance' to get better cards in exchange for some of your old one. Some of the character statistics, such as the level of the card, will be augmented.
Cards can also be ameliorated in this way. Go to the 'evolve' menu in order to fuse two of the same cards together and see what happens.
Both ameliorations cost money. Better cards mean better offense and defense powers and more stamina. Over time you will this create a strong deck that will help you fulfill quests quickly and efficiently and without the help of tons of items, as well as beat other players in battle.

Go to the 'Battle' option in the menu in order to view your full deck and select a treasure you will then fight over.
Whenever you lose a battle you will also lose money.

You can select your opponent, though you won't be able to see their cards. You can also add friends, which has a few advantages. For instance, you can make a bit of money in this way, or else join 'Orders'. Orders are useful as they will help you attack or defend yourself better. For instance, you can build a wall that will heighten the defense power of all the order members.

Bottom line:

Rage of Bahamut is based in the popular card game and it is the type of game that can keep you occupied for a long time thanks to its many options on how to improve your hand. This also means that learning how to play can take a bit of time, especially seeing as the tutorial by no means explains everything that can be done in this game.

We're not too impressed that the app requires certain superfluous permissions. Why does the game need to access my contacts or change the WiFi status? Rage of Bahamut can also read the phone's status and ID.


Screen & Controls

The way Rage of Bahamut is set up is not very straight forward, unfortunately. The upper menu element tends to stick into the text.

Animations are played back with low res, and the same thing goes for fight scenes. For this reason an orange frame appears around the element.

Objectively speaking, the game cards a nicely done and nicely drawn, though whether you actually like the style is another story. Many cards show half naked women drawn in Manga style—no comment there.


Speed & Stability

The game takes too long to load, even when an ultra high speed internet connection is available. It takes about four seconds to load, even when you're simply selecting an element from the menu.
This comes down to Rage of Bahamut not having a real Android UI. Instead it is based on website that need to reload constantly.

Furthermore, the animations start sputtering when you hit the menu option, and the game also got stuck more than once.


Price/Performance Ratio

Rage of Bahamut is free and available from the App Center and Google Play. Items and packs can be purchased with real money, but they won't bring you any real advantage other than speeding ahead and saving a bit of gaming time. But you still need to battle it out against opponents that are more or less on the same level as you, which is a good thing.

However, seeing as we're not all too impressed with the game we are 'only' awarding it a three star rating.



Rage of Bahamut – (Only?) For fans of the card game Rage of Bahamut – (Only?) For fans of the card game Rage of Bahamut – (Only?) For fans of the card game Rage of Bahamut – (Only?) For fans of the card game Rage of Bahamut – (Only?) For fans of the card game

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