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Poll: what is the best smartphone of 2016?

With 2016 drawing near to a close, it's time to think back over the best smartphones released this year to decide which one your favorite is. Would you pick an S7 Edge? A OnePlus? Maybe you'd still even pick the Note 7, in spite of the fire risk. Whatever you decide, it's time to have your say in the AndroidPIT best smartphone of 2016 readers' choice award.

With a whole range of different factors to consider, simply having a 'best smartphone' didn't feel very fair, so we've split them down into different categories for you to vote on. There's 'Best under $200', 'Best under $500' and 'Best over $500'.

We've kept it to phones released in the US this year, so don't be too surprised if your pick isn't here if you live outside the US. As always, let us know any of your favorites we missed in the comments below. 

Budget smartphones

If you were going to spend $200 or less on a phone released this year, what would you buy?
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Huawei Honor 5X
The Honor 5x went on sale in the US in 2016 with double the RAM of a version that went on sale in China at the end of 2015. / © Honor

Best mid-range phone (up to $500) of 2016

You've got $500 to spend on a new phone. What do you choose?
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oneplus 3t design 2
The OnePlus 3T was announced in November to bring more RAM to the range. / © OnePlus

Best smartphone over $500

Samsung Galaxy S7
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Samsung galaxy s7 edge nougat
Android Nougat is now slowly rolling out to some beta testers with S7 Edge handsets. / © AndroidPIT

Now it's your turn: let us know your favorite smartphone of 2016 in the comments below, and don't forget to say why!


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  • Samsung s7 edge.....beast like performance in all parameters......stylish,top notch performance , ergonomic handling ,exceptional design , dual curved display, ultra fast performance and processor , less heating issues, good signal and wi-fi reception and no call drops👍👍👍👍👍👍 s7 edge.....(best mobile 2k16) !!!!! Finally monthly security update......

  • Note7 period !

  • where is the oneplus 3?

  • I find my note to be tough,fast for most my requirements,though not a smartphone junkie, it does all I ask of it quickly,and Just the best value very happy, I bought the extra battery n charger for my Bug out bag for silly $$$ >$15/free ship.easily getting 2-3 days of use on one charge.

  • Bayo 4 days ago Link to comment

    I honestly thought the same,why was there no option for Oneplus 3 in all d polls except for d over 500$

  • Note 7 was by far the best phone. But because it is not available anymore the ZTE Axon 7 in my opinion is the best. I sold my S7 Edge to get the ZTE Axon 7 in my opinion it's a way better phone and probably has better sound than even the LG v20

  • 1


  • I read and hear a lot about the ZTE Axon 7 that appeals to me. If my next phone is a sim-only the choice for now is this phone or the One plus 3T.

  • Which noob made these polls?
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 should be there in the first poll. One Plus 3 and 3T in the second! And where is LG V20?

  • I'm gonna always say the Note7 was the best period in 2016 but since it's not here today S7Edge and S7Active are easily the top handsets as of November 29th 2016

  • The best is easily the LG V20. Why is that not on your list?

    • Mark 5 days ago Link to comment

      I agree. This site always leaves LG V20 off all their list, it absolutely should be on it. They much rather push all the Chinese crap on us than a truly great phone.

      • Nothing special about the V20 at best it's a bootleg wanna be Note7 and it's not even better than the S7Edge, or S7Active much less the IPhone 7+ and I'm not even an Apple supporter.

      • Mark 5 days ago Link to comment

        Ok Samsung fan boy just keep believing that. It has the best sound with head phones of any phone on the market today. Also one of the best cameras on the market maybe the best if you know how to use it features and not just auto mode. The removable battery puts it above all for the power user. Samsung makes good phones but the all glass construction is shear stupidity. A disaster waiting to happen with the soft battery covered and compressed with glass. Watch Pocketnow's review of the V20 you might learn something. The V20 is a great phone so are the Note phones unfortunately the Note 4 is the best of them all and the last Note I will own. until they come to their senses and bring back the removable battery. " Flagship " phones built today will be able to function for years longer than their battery. It is a shame people let them get away with planed obsolescence, I won't as long as there is option not to.

  • What of the OnePlus X?

  • Wht ever note 7 even a hand held grenade still thee best phone of all time would get it again if it was available today tomorrow if only if !

  • Why was there was no option for OnePlus 3 in sub $ 500 category...?

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