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Readers vote on what's most important when buying a smartphone

In a recent survey, we asked our readers what they considered the most important when buying a new smartphone, and I think that this applies to the Android, iOS, Blackberry platforms or any manufacturer, whether Samsung, HTC or LG. Lets take a look at what the response was, whether users consider price, battery, recommendations or other factors as the selling buying points.

smartphone2013 2
/ © AndroidPIT

The results were quite interesting, and we allowed users to choose more than one answer, because of course there isn’t just one thing that buyers will look at when deciding which device to spend a ton of money on (or a little money if that is more your thing). But it is interesting to see which factors hold more weight. Take a look in the image below to see the results and see where you fit in.

androidpit survey results buying factors
Where do you fit into this and do you agree with what people voted for? / © AndroidPIT

Where do you fit into this? What do you think is most important? Let us know if you agree with what people are saying generally in the comments below. 


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  • in my opinion price, battery, and processor/specs are the most important parameters to be considered while buying a new phone!

  • Battery, CPU, Latest Software, I Will not update My Phone Firmware again because of way to many problems. I have an S3 and I still have problens and I am looking for someone that can remove the last update from 4.2 to 4.1

  • Vitor Jun 25, 2014 Link to comment

    For me, first comes battery, than a mix of spec and price. I also check forums to see if the phone is well accepted and has enough users to populate it's community (for rooting, custom Roms,...)

  • The three most important things users are checking out when buying a smartphone are the processor, battery and camera. These three quality things makes a smartphone perfect.

  • first absolutely camera,then battery,screen size(5inch is the most ideal to me)the processor and the os update.voila

    • So, I can guess that the Moto X would be a good device for you :) Motorola is really good at updating its devices, has a nice compact size and a good camera too.

  •   16
    Deactivated Account Jun 25, 2014 Link to comment

    At least now I have proof that AndroidPIT readers are not average users, because average users don't even know that a smartphone has a processor inside.

  • in my opinion Battery, performance and build quality are the three main aspects when buying a smartphone

  • I always love seeing my battery last for a long time, especially because I dont carry around an extra battery. I also look for screen resolution and size as well as the processor. That's just me though(:

    • It seems that battery is the general consensus for sure! I also dont carry an extra battery, which I think would be quite a hassle.