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Ready2Root Shows You How to Root Most Any Android Device

Authored by: Steven Blum — Jun 19, 2012

Folks wanting to root their Android invariably spend precious time scouring XDA and other blogs to find the correct instructions for their make and model. Often the rooting details are wrong, or outdated, causing endless frustration. Given the fact that rooting can cripple your phone, finding the right instructions is paramount. Wouldn't it be great if there were a website where anyone could enter in their phone details and receive detailed, up-to-date and reliable rooting information?

There is now a site that claims to do just that! And it works! Well, more or less.

The site Ready2Root just went live yesterday, and it provides links to many of the rooting instructions you'd have to dig through XDA Forums to be able to find. While the site is still missing a few phones and tablets, and isn't always up-to-date, it's still a fantastic idea with a whole lot of potential.

We looked up rooting instructions for a few different devices and found up-to-date instructions, but other Redditors have complained that the site lacks correct information for popular models like the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Transformer Prime. The reasons are that often root instructions are written before a company has unlocked the bootloader on their devices, rendering them outdated. Other times, the information didn't account for different models, such as the Galaxy Nexus LTE.

The site was created by a Spanish student in his free time between studying for finals.  The creator has expressed interest in basing the site more on a Wiki model where moderators can manage user-contributed root information. That would probably be a whole lot easier than having to update every single device all by himself. Should the site end up taking off, I can see it becoming very helpful to modders of all stripes. 

Find the site here.

Source: Ready 2 Root

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