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Is Realme the new thorn in the side of Xiaomi and Honor?

Is Realme the new thorn in the side of Xiaomi and Honor?

Hot on the heels of the Realme 3 Pro comes the Realme X, a high-end, competitively priced device that looks towards the international market, winking at Xiaomi and Honor. Realme is not hanging around here, and you'll hear more and more about the brand.

Reality is somewhere between independence and expansionist aims

For some, Realme could sound like a new name on the scene and, although it has been officially on the market since May 2018, it actually made its first appearance in 2010 in China, under the wing of OPPO. It's only since last year, however, that Realme has been an independent company and brand.

The competition on the Chinese and Indian markets is really fierce and bringing Realme to Europe and the United States can only benefit users

The link with OPPO remains, you can see it by looking at the devices Powered by OPPO, but Realme would like to point out that there are now two separate companies and the choices in terms of design and components are not affected in any way by the previous structure. The brand is strong on the Indian market, where it debuted with the Realme 1 in May 2018, and it is easy to understand why given the large presence of journalists at the Realme X launch event in Beijing this week.

androidpit realme x back
A dual rear camera, front pop-up camera and gradient shell for the Realme X. / © AndroidPIT

The latest smartphone from the brand comes with a name that echoes that of the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy X. However, the Realme 3 Pro should be the first to land in Europe, initially focusing on four markets: Great Britain, France, Spain and Italy.

Interesting cards to reveal on the European scene

Devices in line with the latest trends at aggressive prices: this seems to be the business model of the Chinese brand that, aware of the tough competition, releases the X just one month after the 3 Pro. There's ruthless competition especially in the Chinese market, on which it has decided to dive into again, but also in the international market, and Realme will have to deal with opponents who know what they're doing.

Online shops, good value for money devices and communities

London, Madrid, Paris and Milan are the cities where the Chinese brand will make its first steps, places where Honor and Xiaomi are already present not only with their phones, but also with their communities. And let's not forget OnePlus, which has just released the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro.

Realme knows this well but believes that 2019 is the right time to take the big step: not exploiting the potential of a market like the European one would be a shame. The fan community is part of the strategy and the Indian community is already committed to providing feedback that the brand takes into account when designing new devices.

AndroidPIT xiaomi mi 9 se hero
Xiaomi is one of the tough rivals Realme will have to face in Europe. / © AndroidPIT

The community is flanked by online stores and devices that offer value for money. And what about those prices, at least those intended for the Chinese market! We can only hope that those in Europe will not suffer excessive price increases. In short, Realme seems ready to play a compete on the international market.

5G and IoT devices are in the pipeline

Realme made it clear, both at the launch event and during the roundtable with the press, that the goal of the brand is to become one of the most popular brands among young people by offering them devices equipped with the latest technologies on the market. And in this regard, Realme is also preparing to release a 5G smartphone by the end of the year. In addition to smartphones, the brand will also bring over its portfolio IoT devices even if it is not currently clear which and when.

Realme is a young company that "in the future hopes to continue to grow alongside young people and become a symbol for those who are at the forefront of new trends," said Chase Xu, CMO of the brand, during the press conference.

Will Realme manage to conquer Europe?

The prerequisites for success are there and Realme 3 Pro and Realme X are just one example. It will work hard to build a solid community of European fans, but by offering users good devices at cheap prices, as well as solid support after purchase, Realme should have no problem establishing itself in the international market.

Others, moreover, have succeeded in doing so with a very similar strategy. Huawei, Honor, OnePlus and Xiaomi are now household names in the world of smartphones, even in Europe, despite the fact that a few years ago they raised many doubts among users. OPPO has already made its entry into Europe, but Realme, with a more aggressive pricing policy, could have an extra gear. Moreover, a new competitor on the market can only benefit end users.

What do you think about Realme and its new devices? Would you buy them?

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