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Rebirth - It's Like Tetris With a Makeover!

Rebirth - It's Like Tetris With a Makeover!

Tetris is at the head of the gaming family as its oldest and most respected member. In the gaming world, Tetris is about as ancient as the Egyptian pyramids. Far from being forgotten, however, the original Tetris game serves as a constant source of inspiration for new games for smartphones, looking to give the old-school game a more modern look. Rebirth is yet another attempt at inventing a new tetris-like game with colored blocks, bonus points and more.

Rebirth is a testament to the fact that, despite the time and technological progress, falling block games are never out of fashion.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.2 1.2

Features & Use

For fans of traditional Tetris, Rebirth will take a bit of getting used to and will require you to abandon your old gaming impulses.

The entire game revolves around one single shape: the cube. And these falling cubes come in only two colors: blue and yellow. Don’t let the simplicity of it all trick you into thinking that the game is a piece of cake. Instead of thinking in terms of lines, you’ll have to readjust your brain to think in 4x4 squares. Same colored squares disappear automatically, clearing the way for more blocks to fall.

Rebirth comes with 3 different playing modes:

Collect as many points as you can without letting the blocks pile up to the ceiling. A pulsating red line slides across the screen, pulverizing any same colored squares along its path. You advance through the levels the more square you delete. Every now and then you’ll come across “joker” blocks that can, for example, wipe out all blocks of the same color at once. In order to collect the maximum number of points, try thinking strategically and create colorful combos.

Time Attack
Delete as many blocks as you can within 90 seconds. It’s designed for those people that are really short on time.

Puzzle Mode
Now this is a really cool and creative playing mode! Here you have to recreate a given puzzle shape with the blocks. The trick is to make the entire puzzle shape of the same color. There’s no time limit and it takes a lot of concentration to solve these tricky puzzles. There are a total of 30 puzzle shapes to unlock for bonus points.

Bottom Line:
Rebirth is a game that shows how much creativity developers can put into what appears to be an old classic to make the game both modern and entertaining. With the three different modes, there’s something for every kind of player. You can either work at a puzzle, fight against the clock or try to amass a record number of levels – it’s totally your choice. This game taught me not to judge a game by its screenshots: what appeared to be a boring Tetris wannabe, turned out to be a surprisingly addicting and creative game designed for people of all ages.

Screen & Controls

Rebirth is definitely going for an early 80s look that’s a mixture of David Bowie and a sci-fi blockbuster. And the funny thing is – it’s neither cheesy nor pathetic. Everything you’ll ever need is located clearly on the main menu. In the Settings, you can adjust the music, sound effects and turn on higher graphics (for more powerful Android phones). As you could probably guess, the music is a mixture of ambient techno and house. Personally, I actually enjoyed the background music, but you can always turn it off if your musical tastes are somewhat different.

Controlling the falling squares is very simple and intuitive. Just drag and drop the squares to where you would like to position them. Tap the square to make it rotate. And that’s all it takes to play Rebirth.

Speed & Stability

All the buttons in Rebirth are quick and responsive. The game flow is smooth and you won’t have to worry about any crashes raining on your Rebirth parade.

Price/Performance Ratio

Rebirth is available for free from our AndroidPIT App Center.


Rebirth - It's Like Tetris With a Makeover! Rebirth - It's Like Tetris With a Makeover! Rebirth - It's Like Tetris With a Makeover!

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