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Rebuild – Post Zombie Stress Disorder

Rebuild – Post Zombie Stress Disorder

The end of the world is nigh... Holy Moly, I'm gonna go armageddon on the next person who brings up this 2012 Mayan calendar apocalypse nonsense. Having said this, I do enjoy the occasional catastrophe, end-of-the-world type game. My favourite apocalypse genre is when zombies take over the earth, which is the premise of today's featured game.

Find out more about Rebuild in today's review.



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Features & Use

Rebuild is based on a popular internet flashgame and its name pretty much sums up the plot: the goal is to rebuild a city. But first you must choose a name, your appearance, tools and the setting, which in turn will determine the difficulty level. As you can imagine, larger cities are more difficult to rebuild and defend than smaller ones. I recommend starting off slowly with one of the smaller cities. Once you've gotten into the flow of things you can try your hand at a bigger one.

In the beginning there was a 2x2 fenced in territory. This little bit of zombie-free haven must be expanded and protected by giving instructions to the city's inhabitants. The gameplay harkens back to round based strategy games, and we like that! No stress, no time limits, but careful planning and forging a future for the humans that are left after the attack.

The most important resources are the humans and their sustenance. All the inhabitants have jobs and roles, and they all count and contribute to rebuilding a society. There are fighters to go up against zombies, gatherers that dole out food to the others, leaders who convince outsider humans to join the anti-zombie cause and master builders who integrate barricaded buildings back into the city scape.

Another wonderful gimmick: the inhabitants become individuals thanks to the fact that each and every one of them can be named. By giving them the names you choose (for instance, you can name them after your friends), you become more involved in their fortunes and thus tread more carefully before putting their lives at risk.

Food is also a big issue. You will have to make decisions such as whether to expand the community or carefully guard what little food resources you have left, or whether farms or housing should be built.

And finally, there's also the 'chance' factor to contend with, in the sense that humans not only have to sort out their living and food situations, they also have to be prepared for enemy attacks, lest they get taken by surprise by a pack of crazed zombies and other hostile groups.

While we love a good strategy game, we found Rebuild to not present enough of a challenge after the second or third time round, even when attempting the more advanced levels.

Bottom line:

Rebuild is definitely good for several hours of intense gaming—provided you're into strategy and civilisation games, that is.
Great atmosphere, nice design and a few clever gimmicks make Rebuild stand out from the crowd.

That said, it didn't keep us enthralled for longer than a few rounds. There aren't enough new events or occurrences to keep gamers glued to their displays.

Still, you can certainly get a good five or six hours gaming out of Rebuild.


Screen & Controls

Rebuild's graphics are great and have a distinct comic graphics look to them, rather than a photo-realistic one, and this really compliments the overall atmosphere, as does the soundtrack.

Controls are good and worked seamlessly on both the HTC One X and Desire. The game seems to adapt to display sizes rather well.


Speed & Stability

Impeccable performance: Rebuild starts up fast and runs smoothly.


Price/Performance Ratio

You can buy Rebuild for 0,77 Cents from the Google Play Store at the moment; it's marked down as part of the #BecauseWeMay sale.



Rebuild – Post Zombie Stress Disorder Rebuild – Post Zombie Stress Disorder Rebuild – Post Zombie Stress Disorder Rebuild – Post Zombie Stress Disorder

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