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Resize Me! Stylish, yet simple photo touch-ups!

Resize Me! Stylish, yet simple photo touch-ups!

What's great about having a smartphone is that you always have a camera that lives up to other camera standards right in your pocket. I never miss a chance to pull out my Android in most circumstances. Even if it does capture some great memories, I still find myself having to retouch some of my ''clichés'' before being able to show them to my friends. I was tired of the old Instagram-type pictures and was on the search for a new app that was capable of resizing my pictures in a simple, yet stylish way. Resize Me! seemed to be a great alternative. To find out more about this new app, take a closer look at today's app test.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.03 1.81

Features & Use

Test device: Galaxy 4
Android Version: 4.2.2
Root: no
Modifications: none
Application version: 1.03

I'm sure it has happened to you where you've taken a picture, which should have been breath-taking and you see that there is a foot or an ugly garbage can disturbing its beauty. On a computer, all you need to fix the problem is a simple coat of paint or for the more advanced users, the use of Photoshop. But what to do with a smartphone? An indispensable tool that you probably shouldn't live without is an application that can resize these ''clichés''. As a matter of fact, there is a program that is available on Android that allows you to retouch your pictures, but unfortunately it's very limited.

Resize Me! is a very small app (only 600Kb). As soon as you start up the app, you get right to business. The dark-colored menu offers you three alternatives. Either you can take pictures from your gallery, you can snap one there and then or you can change the app's settings: brief but effective.

Whether you take a saved picture or take one in that moment, the results will be the same. Once the cliché-filled picture is loaded, it will bring you to a menu that offers you many different editing choices. Not only can you pivot the picture to a 45 degree angle, you can also resize it using a bunch of different formats. Some of these include the classic square format or the popular large Instagram format (16/9). You can choose from 3:2, 3:4, 4:3, 4:6 and even 6:4. If you prefer to be more creative, there is also the option of creating your own format. As soon as you've selected what you desire, a blue grid will appear on your screen. You simply need to slide it to crop all you want to keep in your picture. Satisfied with the results? Now you just need to choose the size of your saved document among the numerous options. Validate it and your masterpiece will save directly to your image gallery.

In the settings, you can choose the size of your picture, as well as the save quality. Obviously the higher the quality of your picture, the more room it will take on your phone.

Bottom Line

Resize Me! is a great stand-by app that allows you to simply retouch your pictures wherever you are, without needing any technical knowledge. Simple, efficient, light: this is the type of program that you want on your smartphone.

Screen & Controls

The controls in Resize Me! are simple and intuitive. Icons allow you to easily distinguish the various actions permitted in the app. The only thing that the developer could have done more would be to better integrate the Android navigation buttons. For example, a back-up button was added to the application, which is actually quite redundant, especially since it was placed just above the device's own back button

The design is very minimal and dark: you are presented with a black background with three white icons that bring you to the main functions. No explanation needed; everything is intuitive and is made for everyone, from beginners to advanced users.

Speed & Stability

Resize Me! Worked fluidly on the Nexus 4 that I used for the test. The app was stable and fast, even when saving pictures with bigger formats. There were no crashes or delays.

Price/Performance Ratio

Resize Me! Is available for free in the AndroidPIT App Center, as well as in Google Play. There are some ads placed at the top of the screen in various places, but they didn't bother me in any way.


Resize Me! Stylish, yet simple photo touch-ups! Resize Me! Stylish, yet simple photo touch-ups! Resize Me! Stylish, yet simple photo touch-ups! Resize Me! Stylish, yet simple photo touch-ups!

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