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Poll results: fitness trackers are fun, helpful and unneccessary

Poll results: fitness trackers are fun, helpful and unneccessary

Over the weekend, we asked you to give your opinion on fitness trackers: are they useful, or even essential, for you when it comes to maintaining your health? While opinion was somewhat divided, you mostly spoke positively about the little rubber bands that are born to adorn sweaty wrists.

androidpit how useful are fitness trackers poll results
You have a spoken, and you said, "yeah, they're all right." / © ANDROIDPIT

While a very small minority of you saw fitness trackers as being essential, two-thirds of you spoke quite highly of them, deeming them helpful or at least fun. Negative opinions were out in noteworthy force as well, however.

29 percent of you thought they were either useless or in need of serious improvement. 

The fitness tracker market does show signs of growing at a considerable rate, with more and more manufacturers taking to the high seas of health and longevity. Does this mean that we might start to see the innovation some of you hope for, or are fitness bands inherently limited in their usefulness? Here at AndroidPIT, we're curious to see what the next year in fitness trackers brings.

Look out for our next poll this coming weekend, and let us know what you make of the results of this one by leaving us a comment below.

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  • GT Ohh Jan 28, 2016 Link to comment

    " Running is impossible without a fitness tracker. / © ANDROIDPIT "

    Really? An I bet it can make you,

    "Faster than a Flying Bullet"..........

    "More Powerful than a Speeding Train"........

    "Able to Leap Tall Buildings with a Single Bound".....

    "Look, Up in the Sky".

    "It's a Bird", No, "It's a Plane".

    "No wait it's it's"..............

    Oh yeah that's Superman.

    Sorry I can't think for myself any longer without the help of my computer..... LMAO!!!

  • GT Ohh Jan 28, 2016 Link to comment

    I don't understand why anyone other than a "professional athlete" who earns their living playing a "professional sport" feels the need to use a stand alone "Fitness Tracker".

    I personally find them to be a complete waste of ones hard earned money.

    Besides just about every new phone on the market comes equipped with one sort of health/tracker app or another pre-installed. If said device doesn't there are many pay apps or better yet free apps in the playstore to cover all your needs.

    I mean come on almost everyone reading this article has their phone on them at all times other than while showering!!!!!

    So once again why does anyone actually need a stand alone Fitness Tracker anyway???

  •   18
    Deactivated Account Jan 28, 2016 Link to comment

    They are not whole & sole responsible for your good health. Good to keep track of your activities but more important is to do exercise regularly and have balanced diet instead of lying on couch in front of television wearing fitness band & having junk food all day.

  • i do have a fitness tracker wrist band thing , i find it ok , but i much prefer the full compliment of fitness software on my galaxy note in S health though, funnily enough having had galaxy notes for 3 ish years and not really giving a toss about fitness until the mid life crisis thing hit last year , for about 2 years of that time , i hit the fitness walking ,cycling, etc ,etc in a big way last year , it was the first time i even opened the app up ,
    and its a bloody beauty i think , it keeps records of what i have been doing since the beginning, the weather the humidity on the day , how many k`s i rode for, times etc, it does give you a good reference point to see how your improving .
    probably not for every one , but it works for me.

  • Totally agree unnecessary

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