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Robo5 - Dark and dingy puzzles and a darker version of Wall-E

Robo5 - Dark and dingy puzzles and a darker version of Wall-E

What you get here is something other than probably expected when reading the name. It is in fact a puzzle game. This is a genre that I really enjoy and that also has a lot of fans. In Robo5, you need to guide a robot through various dangerous worlds. Why this app is so much fun will be explained in today's app test review.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.4 1.0.5

Features & Use

Do you know of the game ''Catherine'' for Xbox360 or Playstation3? Parts of this game are very similar to the app. It even has the same gloomy look. While ''Catherine'' represents hell and the world of nightmares, Robo5 is like a gloomy mash-up of Wall-E and World of Goo.

The game concept is always based on the same ground rules. The robot needs to attain the goal. In his way stand tons of boxes. The puzzle player now needs to pull, push and or otherwise lie these blocks down in order to climb up to the goal. Each level is made up of rows of boxes stacked up on top of each other, up to 3 rows thick.

The player gets tutorials every time they encounter something new and these are spanned out over the various levels. They explain the ground rules and controls. At first it all seems very simple, but as the game goes on, they present more and more new elements, which ensure for hours of fun. If you complete a level with ease, it's only going to get harder, where exploding boxes will eventually be the norm. So that the game isn't too easy, most of the levels have a time limit, in which the player needs to move as quickly as possible. What's more, you will even find small blacks and hourglasses which slow down time. Once you've completed the level, the time needed as well as the collected blocks will be calculated and you'll get your score.

There is on the downside one very negative point.

The player is promised 40 levels, 8 bonus levels and 2 alternate endings for free. This would therefore be the entire game. However, when the player is done the first chapter, they are asked to pay 2.08 US dollars in order to unlock the full version. Though I don't think that this is too much to ask for this game, I find the way they did it is very dishonest and not OK.

Bottom Line

Robo5 is a good game with many tactical and strategic elements. But how should I rate a game that I initially thought was just a demo? I need to remain fair and rate it as a full game. This is a warning : they make false promises and the actual price is 2.08 US dollars. The scope of the game is really good and it makes for a lot of fun. On the other hand, this game isn't some sort of renegade and since I complimented the game concept a few times already, I feel that it deserves 4 stars.

Screen & Controls

Robo5 offers tutorials to help you complete each level, which always explain all the newly introduced elements. This gloomy and mystical game story was really well set up. The menus worked will with the overall image.

Speed & Stability

The app itself worked very smoothly and without hinges. Robo5 didn't crash once during the test.

Price/Performance Ratio

Here's where we have a pretty grave problem. Robo5 is one of the best free apps in the Play Store. However, this is only the demo version. The full version costs 2.08 US dollars, which is OK, but I didn't think they went about asking for the price in a very honest way. Normally I would give this app 3-4 stars, but due to the fact that they were dishonest, it only deserves 3 stars.

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