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Rumor: iPad Mini Priced at $250. Bye Bye Nexus 7?

Rumor: iPad Mini Priced at $250. Bye Bye Nexus 7?

On October 23rd, Apple is expected to unveil the iPad Mini – a smaller, cheaper version of their popular iPad tablets. We've long speculated about the price of the device and now we're hearing from respected sources that the tablet could start at around $250. If true, you can kiss the budget Android tablet market goodbye.

The rumor comes from a German technology blog called Cashys, which posted a screenshot of an inventory list at Saturn, a European electronics store. In the screenshot, you can see that the iPad Mini will start at €249 for a basic 8GB model all the way up to €649 for a 64GB, 3G model. The pricing seems consistent with the way Apple has priced their iPad:

Damn plausible, eh?

Typically, Apple simply swaps Dollars for Euros when pricing their European units, which means we could be just as well staring at the US pricing of the device as well. An iPad Mini for $250 could prove incredibly enticing for U.S. consumers. While it's $50 more than the Nexus 7, you'd better believe the typical consumer will be drawn to the iPad brand. 

While this could spell doom for the likes of ASUS, Google, Samsung and other manufacturers of low-priced Android devices, it's good short-term news for us tablet-buyers. Apple's price gouging could spark a pricing war among the biggest tablet names, driving prices even lower than they already are. So, if you're thinking of buying a tablet – especially if you're thinking of buying an Android tablet – you should wait until after Apple's big announcement on October 23rd.

Source: GigaOm

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  • @Gloster, yup I agree that other OEMs will go bust with the trend in pricing. However, Apple and Amazon will take a hit in profitability but will be just fine. They can recoup their "lost sales" from their content and app stores. Guys like Asus, Sammy and htc unfortunately don't have that luxury. If the media play stores take off, maybe Google can start subsidizing the Nexus line and OEMs can price them a little better.

  • Tablet prices are going to fall through the floor and my guess is some players will go bust. I bought a brand new asus transformer tf300 last week and its price has already gone down 10% since I bought it. One problem apple has got is the complete lack of expandable storage which means an iPad can never REPLACE a laptop, my new asus has replaced my laptop

  • €249 ~ $323

  • Apparently Apple realizes they have to do something about their pricing to regain market share. Maybe its a good effect of the iOS snafu coupled with the S3 sales performance, the Amazon Kindle (1st gen) and Nexus 7 success. Maybe for tge first time, Apple will let the market dictate their pricing scheme.

  • @Eric alright thanks :P I think I'm gonna go with the Transformer TF300T..

  • Rutger Oct 15, 2012 Link to comment

    Do I have to use iTunes to get an ipad to be usefull?

  • @Anna - I have almost 100 games installed on my Android tablet. If you need quality games, ask me :)

  • Oh snap.... I wanna buy a tablet mainly for gaming, so the iPad mini would be great (the App Store has more games and more quality games than the Play Store) but I'd also like to read news and do other useful things so widgets are very important too.... Plus, I like android way more... But I want more quality games! :'(

  • Mag J Oct 15, 2012 Link to comment

    @Steven : The price point may be attractive but you can't read the pdf's from Amazon as they are not allowed to sell. There will not be any competitive price as there will be only Appstore. You can checkout the below page for US pricing leaks(rumors???)


  • At that price, I'll buy one for the girlfriend for sure.

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