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Goats, Ninjas, and a bunch of apples grace Samsung’s new commercial
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Goats, Ninjas, and a bunch of apples grace Samsung’s new commercial

Samsung has been known to have some pretty quirky marketing strategies and its latest commercial doesn’t break away from tradition. In this latest commercial for the Galaxy S4 out of Iceland, Samsung has thrown a whole bunch of things together and has deemed it a commercial.

You know what will sell some Galaxy S4s? Goats! GOATS I SAY! / © samsungmobile.com

Sporting the likes of breakdancing, a goat, some ninjas, and a bunch of apples Samsung takes a not-so subtle poke at its closest competitor.  In the past, Samsung has used its commercials to poke fun at iPhone users and also use movie stars to appear in their Super Bowl ads. However, we’re really not too sure what they’re trying to get across in this latest ad.

Maybe this guy was just so happy to have a Galaxy S4 in his hands that he spontaneously busted out some breakdancing moves and the rest just kind of falls in place? But what do the lady ninjas have to do with anything? What’s with the goat?! OH MAN. This is going to just gnaw at me until I know.

What do you think about it? Have any interpretations of it that you'd like to share?

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  • I'm guessing the goat comes from the Facebook commercial, no? The one about FB Home? That was actually pretty funny!