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Samsung Mass Producing 128GB NAND Storage. Worth The Extra Money?

Samsung Mass Producing 128GB NAND Storage. Worth The Extra Money?


Samsung has recently announced that they are in the process of mass producing 128 GB embedded memory for next generation smartphones and tablets, meaning that soon, you will be able to purchase mobile devices with a whopping 128 GB of internal memory (iPhone users rejoice). While that may sound awesome for media junkies, is having the option for so much memory in your smartphone actually worth the price you’ll have to pay for it?

Samsung apparently began producing the new embedded multimedia card (Pro Class 1500) back in August, which is approximately one month later than the 16, 32, and 64 GB eMMC Pro products started delivery.  Samsung’s statement:

"By doubling the highest density of its previous eMMC products, Samsung expects to contribute significantly to a timely release of leading-edge mobile devices," said Wanhoon Hong, executive vice president, Memory Sales & Marketing, Samsung Electronics. "The higher data storage and faster data transmission, will bring a range of benefits to users that compare to those of ultra-slim notebook PCs."

128 GB is a hell of a lot of space for a mobile device, and would basically allow you to store 15 Full HD 8GB video files on your phone (or literally thousands and thousands of songs). The Pro cards can also read data at speeds of up to 140 MB per second, while being able to write data at speeds of up to 50MB per second. That’s 10 times faster than current Class 10 external memory cards. Yowsers! The question is...is it worth the $$$?

Currently, manufacturers are making an absolute killing on memory. A 32GB Galaxy S3 will cost you (on Amazon) about 34 dollars more than the 16GB version. That’s not bad when you consider that Apple charges 100 dollars more for their 32GB iPhone vs their 16GB model (and an extra 200 for the 64 GB model). What’s crazy though, is while they charge 100 bucks more for the extra storage, it actually only costs them an extra 21 dollars as a company. That’s a hell of a markup.

For Android users, 128 GB internal memory plus the option of having a 64GB microSD card would put you at damn near 200GB of storage. We’re talking the same amount of storage that some current netbooks and laptops from a few years ago are packing. If an extra 16GB will cost you 34 dollars (or 100 in Apple's case), I can only imagine how much an extra 100GB will add to the price of new devices. I’m also willing to bet money that Apple will quickly jump on this in order to release 128GB versions of the iPhone and iPad simply due to the fact that Apple doesn’t support expandable memory in their phones and tablets. The 64gb version costs 399 dollars WITH contract. I can only imagine what they would charge for the 128GB models **gulp**

That being said, I can imagine that lots of people could have use for so much space. My Transformer Prime has 32GB internal memory, which I have expanded via the microSD slot (32 GB) and the SD slot (another 32GB) in the keyboard dock. While 100GB is certainly a lot for a mobile device, I find myself only having 2 or 3 gigs of internal memory left due to all the games I have installed that require 2 to 4 gigs of internal memory (Horn, The Bards Tale, Nova 3, Gangstar Rio, ect), and since I don’t have the option of moving that data to either of my sd cards, having an extra 100 GB or so could sure be useful. For people who play lots of games, view lots of movies, or own every freakin music album in the world, this could literally be a dream come true. 

We don’t have a release date for when Sammy plans on debuting the media cards in devices, but I would imagine that 64GB will be the highest you can get your hands on for at least another year. I personally hope to see them start popping up much sooner than that.

What do you guys think? Is 128 GB of internal memory in your phone or tablet something that appeals to you? Would you shell out of the extra moolah for it?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Picture credits:  www.pclaunches.com

Source: Samsung

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  • I am waiting for this level of storage before I upgrade my Dinosaur. I WILL shell out the extra $$. I am sick of not having enough memory to update my piddly 5 apps (I have 1 game. Angry birds that is waiting on 10 updates that I can't do because of a lack of internal memory). I would like a couple of years before I get that message. Yes I have moved all I could to the SD card. It did little to help.

  • & how much extra they want to charge consumers ... & will the price drop with supply & demand ...

  • @CJ - I believe the technology is there. The question is, how much would Android need to be modified to play nice with such hardware?

  • if Samsung can make 128gig of memory on a chip, I wonder how soon it will be before someone makes the ultimate RAM chip to handle quad - core processor (or a 4 -core chip) to handle multi tasking on a Smart Phone ...

  • @Anna- I hope the same. 32GB phones are still WAY too expensive. Better just to have a microSD card for expandable memory.

    @Glostermeteor - You might want to have a look at some of the newer WIndows 8 tablets. Some of the Win8 tablets might actually be able to damn near pull off replacing a laptop completely.

    @Atlas - That's really true. In Europe we really get ripped off on 32GB devices. Pisses me off.

    @Chinu - I know exactly what you mean. 32GB just isnt enough anymore, especially when you consider that 2 to 4GB Android games are gertting more and more common.

    @Patrick - 128SD cards would be awesome as well. Or both! Then we're talking laptop storage! :-D

  • @Anna, same here. I have over 60 Gig of music. Although it is because I convert my music to FLAC. My 16GB Cowon S9 holds only around 400 or so songs. I am actually looking forward to this or a 128GB micro sd card.

  • chinu Sep 25, 2012 Link to comment

    Soon we are going to get 1 TB memory as the size of games and applications is increasing....

    Right now I'm using 16 + 64 GB memory in my note..... And nite is working like a butter to me.... Need more storage

  • Yep 45 gigs, I ripped every single CD ive ever owned into electronic format, saved me an entire cupboard of space!

  • Atlas Sep 24, 2012 Link to comment

    Maybe on the American version of amazon the price difference between the 16 GB and the 32 GB is small, but on every European version and other shops the difference is too huge, ranging from 60 to 100 euros, which is not much different than the iphones prices. The price 64 GB that will be released soon is gigantic, around 850 to 900 euro.

  • 45 GIGAbytes of music? You sure that's not a typo? How many songs is that equal to???

  • The only way I will be convinced to spend 600 dollars on a tablet device is if it can REPLACE my laptop. The current range of devices simply does not have enough space to hold my largest dataset which is music and movies (I have 45gigs of music alone). So yes having larger storage means that I can justify spending more if it will replace my bulkier less versatile laptop

  • I just hope that when the 128GB versions of phones will start rolling out, the 32 and 64GB models will get cheaper :P

  • @David- Damn you're right! Where has PC innovation gone?? You just gave me a good idea for an article as well :-D

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts man!

  • I wonder where these devices are headed, it seems innovation in the PC market has stalled and the final product is going to come from the mobile arena, but I picture it as a very compact laptop or very expandable mobile, either way the same thing.
    Palm sized device about the size of SGS3, with a full sized laser projected camera motion sensing keyboard and projection screen to make a full size 19" screen at a comfortable viewing distance, along with the features already on the phones (compact HD display and touch screen, etc.)
    The portability of the mobile with the comfortable use and viewing of a full sized desktop computer.
    The real limitation is the battery, and the two 'full size' features simply won't work with even a relatively huge mobile battery, a very compact docking station is the trade-off.
    You want to make billions, make that dock, and make it well!
    Little worry over price because it is literally a replacement for the home computer in your pocket.

  • @David - I have exactly the same problem. 32 GB just isn't enough anymore because of games and media!

  • The reason I got rid of my old phone was a lack of memory, I constantly had to choose between applications that I really liked to decide which ones to get rid of due to space limitations.
    My new phone has almost every app I ever tried and still has about 20Gb free, but just a few movies (which the Galaxy Note is great for!) and that disappears pretty fast!

  • Yep those are the two. Not too worried about emulators since my laptop goes everywhere with me but Horn in particular looks like they're tapping into what a tablet can do that a console or PC can't offer.

  • You mean The Bards Tale and Horn right? Such nice games! And you have to remember that my tablet is literally a nintendo, super nintendo, sega geneses, game boy advance, Nintendo 64, and Playstation 1. I have an emulator for each one.

    Tie that in with gamepad support with my PS3 or Xbox360 controller, and you've got a mobile all in one console!

  • Yeah, from the reviews I've seen you post here I'd say tablet gaming is looking up.

    Got me thinking about that damned Pf2 again :(
    You've reviewed 2 games in the last month that look good enough to get me to try a new tablet.

  • @Dave - That my friend, is very true!

    @Dvoraak - Also a good point. I don't keep movies or so much music on my phone and tablet, but these damn games are getting HUGE. For my tablet, I think I would jump all over this, but not for my phone.

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