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Samsung UK Punks Android At IFA? Says Windows 8 Devices Are “The Real Star Of The Show”.
Samsung Microsoft 3 min read 10 comments

Samsung UK Punks Android At IFA? Says Windows 8 Devices Are “The Real Star Of The Show”.


So I’m sitting at the IFA last night, blown away by the Note 2, and blown away by the Android powered Samsung camera. Thinking the event is over, I start packing my bag to hurry for a hands on. But then, Damian Cusick, General Manager of Samsung UK surprisingly takes the stage. I get excited and start thinking “new tablet?”. He then comes out, talks for a minute about Samsung, tells us that he’s about to show us Samsung’s new Windows 8 product lineup, and then drops a sentence (direct quote) that I found very very strange: “And now, on to the real stars of the show”. Umm...sorry what? Your Windows 8 lineup is the “real star of the show”? Are you serious? 

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: Samsung makes great Android products, and I am very confident that their Windows 8 tablets, netbooks, laptops, and phones will also be great. I got a few minutes to play with one of the new Windows 8 tablets last night, and it literally blew my mind (but that’s another story altogether). So this has nothing to do with Samsung making Windows 8 products. But to hear Samsung, the company that is now the world's largest mobile phone vendor (ONLY because of Android) refer to Windows 8 as “the real star” after introducing the Note 2 (whose predecessor WAS a huge success) and Android camera was a bit of a slap to the face to Android, Google, and consumers.

Before Android, Samsung phones were CRAP. Fact. Without Android, they wouldn’t even be CLOSE to having phones that truly rival the iPhone in the way that the GS2 and GS3 do now. Let’s be honest: Samsung mobile would be NOTHING without Android. Over 20 million Galaxy S2 sales...over 10 million Galaxy S3 sales in less than 10 weeks, millions of Note 1 sales, solid Galaxy Nexus sales, and millions more Note 2 sales that are very likely to come. If anyone is the “star” of Samsung mobile, it’s Android Mr Cusick, not Windows 8.

Considering how Apple basically backhanded Samsung in court recently, the last thing I would tell consumers at this point is how their “star” is a Microsoft based product. How about something for consumers along the lines of “we won’t be intimidated, and we will continue to fight to keep bringing the quality Android devices that our consumers love”? Samsung has a HUGE base of Android consumers, yet all of a sudden Windows 8 is the “real star”? Has Microsoft really been so good to you? Are you really shipping that many Windows devices? Is Microsoft bringing you the record breaking numbers that you've had recently? I just don’t get it.

Maybe I’m taking this out of context? If you want to see Mr Cusick make the statement, you can watch it on the video below (External link here. Fast forward to exactly 1:11:00. He says it a few seconds after that):

Maybe he made a mistake...maybe he regrets saying it...or maybe he meant it in another context. But then again, maybe he didn't. Whatever the reason, I don’t think it’s very fair to Android at all.

What do you guys think? Was Samsung UK a bit out of line for making that statement? Does anyone here think that Samsung has the right to make that statement, considering the new found fame that Android has brought them?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Picture credits: n-tv.de


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  • @Dvoraak - I agree, but I honestly think that Windows 8 just takes some getting used too. I mean hell, if you don't like Metro UI, you can always switch to the "standar" windows interface. The more I use it, the more I actually like it.

    @Chinu - Yep. I am posting a hands on video I did of the win 8 tablet i did (they released a phone too). They are pretty damn impressive.

    @Patrick - This. I mean, Lumia phones really aren't bad, and competition is always good!

  • @Dvoraak, yes I agree. Plus after a little reading, I found out that the Ativ S is the first phone to feature windows 8. Samsung and Nokia have been competing on this and they beat Nokia who's set to announce their new Lumia next week. I just hope Samsung would concede the Windows phone category to Nokia, everyone knows they need it. I'd hate to see nokia go, for sentimental reasons. I owned a nokia 6150 and 7150 back in the day. LOL

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    Deactivated Account Aug 30, 2012 Link to comment

    im sorry, what did he just do?

  • chinu Aug 30, 2012 Link to comment

    did i got that ri8???

  • chinu Aug 30, 2012 Link to comment

    did they start preparing for windows 8 devices??

  • chinu Aug 30, 2012 Link to comment

    did they start preparing for windows 8 devices??

  • Stellar reviews not withstanding, the public perception of W8 is suffering right now. I'm guessing his comment was to try to build enthusiasm for a product release that many MANY W7 users are literally dreading. Somebody needs to start hyping W8 as publicly as possible or it's going down like Vista. I'm gearing up for a new gaming laptop myself and believe me, whether to rush and buy one that still has W7 or wait and let W8 roll out is one of the toughest buying decisions I've ever had to make. Unfortunately, with laptops, drivers aren't always backward compatible and I might not be able to roll back to W7.

  • @ Patrick -Hope you're right about the brand new part you mentioned. Either way, that's some pretty bold wording!

    @Kurleigh - LOL! So many people heard that!

    But good point...his word actually means very little...but he should really be more selective with his wording!

  • This is the same guy who said " we've heard a lot of shit about sharing tonight" so forgive me for discounting much of what he says. Now if JK Shin had said that then we'd be in a bit of a sticky wicket

  • Sorry, I missed that part of the stream. When I found out the next part was windows 8, I cloaed my browser and started searching for hands on videos.

    I think the "real star" comment was in reference to it being a brand new (?) Product line and nothing more. Or maybe a veiled threat at google that if they son't give Samsung better support in court (maybe as a party intervenor) they're not the only playmates in the playground.