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Samsung Announce Flexible Displays For Early 2013

Come early 2013 the smartphone market will have a new toy to play with. Samsung has announced that they will be release their flexible screen offering to the market.

The development of displays has been something that the industry has been taking seriously this year. One of the big innovations is the flexible display and it is one that many companies have been going after. Samsung has announced that they will release their flexible display option in the first half of 2013. The technology is now in the final phase of development with plans to offer it in a smartphone offering.

Samsung has chosen to opt for plastic over glass for their flexible display offering. This option will allow the display to be lighter and less likely to shatter when installed. That’s not all though, it is reported that the screens use Samsung’s OLED Technology. This is currently only used in Samsung’s top tier offerings like the Galaxy S III.

The company is rushing to get their offering out in the market as many other companies are working on their own versions, like LG’s Liquid Crystal displays and In-Cell touch technology. Samsung is investing heavily in this technology hoping that it will reshape the smartphones are used.

The hope is that a user could have the convenience of having a 4 inch smartphone in transit, then when the user is more stationary being able to unfold the device for a bigger 8 inch tablet. The flexibility that will arise from innovations like this will definitely change the smartphone landscape, although it remains to be seen by how much.

What other innovations would you like your smartphone to have?

Source: Alex Enfiedjian



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  • CJ Brown Nov 15, 2012 Link to comment

    Until I see the display (& check to see if continuously bending the flexible display leaves a permanent ghost image) this is a wait & see .... if it does make Smart Phones less destructable? I'm all for it (but by not using Gorilla Glass cause the price of Smart Phones to drop?) ... will the future involving rolling up a Smart Phone (or Phablet) into a tube for easy storage on the go?

    mental picture of smart phone user having to unroll their smart phone in order to answer a call (lol)

    C J

  • Ti Mo Nov 14, 2012 Link to comment

    What in the world is a "Galaxy SS III"? Oo

  • there is Google Glass and the other one mentioned a few posts ago. I am also very interested in HUD options. it will also be cool to have a phone you can fold in half to protect the screen and take up less pocket space.

  • Mmm that would be cool John I agree, I wonder if any one is working on that?

  • I am left wondering when the major manufacturers will incorporate a "heads up" display that bounces the display off a pair of glasses or even directly into the eye.

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