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Samsung Apologizes to HTC for Negative Fake Comments
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Samsung Apologizes to HTC for Negative Fake Comments

Samsung apologized for the recent fake online reviews that some staff members posted trying to discredit their competitor the HTC. This race between the two started to get dirty and it's a good sign that Samsung apologized for their actions. Competitor or not, that was just unsportsmanlike.

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Competition is good, but only within the rules of the game. © AndroidPIT

What Samsung had been doing was allowing its staff members to post comments anonymously and that's how things got taken too far. According to the Associated Press of France, the company hired Taiwanese students to make fun of HTC. The practice of anonymous comments has been put to an end. Not only that, they've put out an official apology in a statement to the media, as reported by The Register.

Samsung Electronics remains committed to engaging in transparent and honest communications with consumers as outlined in the company's Online Communications Credo. We have encouraged all Samsung Electronics employees worldwide to remain faithful to our Credo.

The recent incident was unfortunate, and occurred due to insufficient understanding of these fundamental principles.

Samsung Electronics Taiwan (SET) has ceased all marketing activities that involve the posting of anonymous comments, and will ensure that all SET online marketing activities will be fully compliant with the company's Online Communications Credo.

We regret any inconvenience this incident may have caused. We will continue to reinforce education and training for our employees to prevent any future recurrence.

Apparently, the Taiwanese Fair Trade Commission has started an investigation into Samsung's false advertisement, which could mean that the latter might have to cough up a fine of $836,595. Rivarly is one thing, but dirty tricks is going to far. Though Samsung might fear the success that the HTC One might have, I don't think they have too much to worry about.

Do you think that Samsung should be fined?

Source: The Register


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  • Should they be forced to pay a fine? Hell yes!!! This is what is referred to as "slander" or "defamation of character". If someone starts spreading rumors that aren't true about me that causes me harm (financial or what have you), then they are subject to being sued for damages caused. What Samsung allowed to happen is slander and/or defamation of character on a global scale that undoubtedly caused HTC to lose money due to lies. It also says something about the overall character of the company. It tells me that they have no problem with their employees lying to perspective customers (that would be you and I) all just to get a sale.
    All that said, I'm still a huge Samsung fan, but I will definitely look at Samsung in a different light having read this. We have laws in place to cover things like this for a REASON. Just because you're a huge international company doesn't mean that you are above the law.

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    Deactivated Account Apr 22, 2013 Link to comment

    No big deal. Apple does this all the time.

  • Rolfhu Apr 20, 2013 Link to comment

    I think, Samsung allowed to post comments anonymous with the intention to let them post negative ones. Fine the company heavy.

  • negative fake comments, or fake negative comments?

  • Imran Apr 18, 2013 Link to comment

    no one was fired!!!

  • I think the responsible people/managers should be severely punished financially and in public