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Australian Judge Calls Latest Samsung/Apple Patent Trial “Ridiculous”


Day one of yet another patent trial involving Apple and Samsung got off to a rather interesting start yesterday in Australia, but not because of their legal teams accusations or the subject of the trial. This time, it was the judge presiding over the trial (Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett) that took the spotlight in Sydney, and wasted no time in letting Samsung and Apple know just how much of a “ridiculous” waste of time she found the trial to be.

From the very beginning, Judge Bennett literally labelled the trail as “ridiculous” and directly asked lawyers of both legal teams “why on earth are these proceedings going ahead?”. She then asked why she shouldn’t simply force Apple and Samsung into negotiations over the dispute, and that she would expect a result by the end of this week.

Samsung and Apple have been forced into taking this action before in the US, but it resulted in “no clear agreement” between the two tech giants. The entire trial in Australia is a direct response from Samsung to a very similar suit that Apple filed against them at an earlier date. What’s really childish (and a big reason I can understand the frustration of the judge) is that the case even came to trial, as Samsung is saying Apple “refused to engage in negotiations” over 3G related patents, while Apple says that they were willing to pay Samsung but that they refused.

The trial is set to run through the end of this week, and will have additional sessions in October.

Silly isn’t it? 

Picture credits: www.android-hilfe.de

Source: The Verge


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  • I will keep you updated for sure. Hopefully they throw this out quick!

  • Gee, I hope this judge sorts out this mess once and for all. Keep us posted. I haven't seen anything in our press here, but then again I wouldn't be too surprised since it seems that our media here pushes Apple as if they had shares in it. Mind you, every now and then they are reminded that there are other smartphones as well.

  • Very true. It really does seem like both companies are simply doing this either because they can, or because the other "did it first". Just plain silly.

  • We vet technology with our wallets. This seems like a school yard scuffle over a sack lunch. In the meantime Bill Gates is eyeing the buffet.....