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Samsung To Apple: "iCloud Huh? It's Got Nothing On Our S-Cloud"
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Samsung To Apple: "iCloud Huh? It's Got Nothing On Our S-Cloud"


I can't go longer than 12 minutes and 58 seconds without seeing a commercial here in Germany for Apples iCloud. But as always, Apple does a really good job of taking a concept that has existed for years, mass marketing the hell out of it, and convincing consumers that it's something Apple came up with. Google has already gotten into the cloud game, and are reportedly launching their new "Drive“ cloud service very soon, and it seems now that Samsung wants to follow suit and possibly piss Apple off at the same time. But not because of the service itself, but more because of the name they have chosen for their new cloud service: S-Cloud (I smell a lawsuit coming)....

Samsung is reportedly planning on releasing the new service alongside the long awaited Galaxy S3 on May 3rd in London, and although we don't have all the details on its features, Maeil Business reported that it's similiar to iCloud but comes with no limitations on the type of content you can upload. It will also reportedly ship with access to TV shows, movies, and music with both free and paid content that Samsung will make available to smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The current rumor is that it will ship with 5GB of storage (I believe Google Drive will offer the same), but we have no information on pricing structure on storage plans at this time. Samsung reportedly delayed the service when they had problems finding a cloud storage partner that met their needs, but have now apparently partnered with Microsoft to ensure that S-Cloud will have a quick and reliable global presence.

I find the name quite funny, as I'm sure nobody at Apple will notice that the name S-Cloud sounds NOTHING at all like iCloud. "S“ for Samsung right? It just makes sense! (**chuckles**)

So if this service is also coming alongside the Galaxy S3, I wonder what other surprises Samsung has up their sleeve for May 3rd? Hmm....

Photo credits: orginial photo from softporcupine.com (edited by myself)

Source: The Verge


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  • Thats very true. Samsung is exhibiting more and more "Applish" behavior as each year goes by. That is something that Google needs to be very careful with. As far as Google and Motorola go, Im still undecided on that one. The chance to make the hardware is there, but its not worth losing Samsung over. At the same time, Samsung also shouldnt be allowed too much influence over Google. Its such a tricky situation.

    Samsungs such a powerful company. We're talking TRILLIONS of dollars, which even make Google's billions appear insignificant. It will interesting to see how all of these issues pan out this year. It could really get ugly, and the last thing Android needs to go with its war defending itself against Apple is a civil war between OEM's.

  • ljhaye Apr 20, 2012 Link to comment

    @Eric - While the other OEMs want to compete with the iPhone, Samsung is the only one that wants to be Apple and this worries me. I fear their ambition may not be good for Android in the long run if they go unchecked ( see Amazon). Also remember that Samsung has several consumer appliance and product lines that have nothing to do with Android ( refridgerators, laptops, insurance ( Korea only), etc) that also contribute to their bottom line.

    As much as the Motorola/ Google deal intrgues me regarding the Apple model of dedicated software on dedicated hardware, I fear the ramifications on the other OEMs and Samsungs. Samsung I believe is the one OEM with the courage to fork.

  • Yeah, with Amazon I totally understand where you're coming from, and your also right about Samsung. But it would actually be pretty stupid if Samsung were to anger Google. I mean sure, they move more Android devices that all other manufacturers put together (I really love their products), but at the same time they should realize that the TONS of money they have made wouldnt be possible without Android.

    Its a really good point you make. I wonder what Google thinks about that move?

  • ljhaye Apr 20, 2012 Link to comment

    @Eric - I just remember seeing the Amazon app store and asking myself why are they building a competeing android store and then in September 2011 we get our answer...The Kindle Fire, on a forked version of Android that doesn't play with Google services. So you can understand my apprehension regarding this S-cloud news when the Google Drive arrival is imminent.

    With Samsung being the number one seller and manufacturer of Android products they have leverage that the other OEMs don't and their actions bear serious watching.

  • Sdesoji - Very true :-D No way to argue with that!
    @lihaye - I dont think its meant to be competetion. I mean if we thought about it like that, it would be like saying Samsung competes with Google because they sell Android phones with a Touchwiz wrapper on it instead of Google's stock Android.

    You gotta remember...Android is open source, and companies are allowed to use it to capitalize on their services. That being said, Samsung will probably bundle this with their phones and tablets, but Google Drive will be the way to go if you want easier access to all of Google's services.

    But I see what you mean. In a way it does seem like are trying to compete with Google directly.

  • ljhaye Apr 20, 2012 Link to comment

    Will S-Cloud compete with google drive? Is this the beginning of Samsung forking android? First they start their own mobile ad service and now this, I don't think google can afford to let them offer competing services, nor should they. Or is this a warning to google regarding the Motorola acquisition?

  • Cloud is nature and not an Apple invention so no luck there for them... or am I getting something wrong?

  • chinu Apr 20, 2012 Link to comment


  • LOL! They cant patent the word cloud! LMAO!

  • chinu Apr 20, 2012 Link to comment

    well said eric... me 2 can smell anoder lawsuit.. rofl