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"Samsung Experience" Shops Coming to 1,400 Best Buys

What Samsung's immersive "Experience" shops may look like / © Samsung

Samsung is looking to create a more immersive environment inside Best Buy stores. The Korean company is going to create store-within-a-store boutiques inside 1,400 Best Buy stores nationwide to coincide with the launch of the Galaxy S4.

The stores will be called "Samsung Experience" shops and will take a front-and-center position at Best Buy They'll feature not only Samsung's latest and greatest smartphones, but also cameras, tablets, TVs and accessories. They'll be staffed by Samsung trained employees, independent of Best Buy and customers will be able to purchase products there without waiting in line at the front of the store.  Samsung will also provide customer support for Samsung products inside the mini-stores, similar to the support given to customers at Apple's Genius Bars.

Apple has similar boutiques inside many chain electronics stores, but customers at these boutiques aren't able to make any purchases. Samsung's model goes a step further, and will be placed prominently within stores where they'll be hard to ignore. 

This isn't Samsung's first foray into the retailing world; the company also opened a store in Vancouver this past July. It remains to be seen whether Samsung will open another store in the near future or stick to their store-in-a-store business model. The stores will begin opening on the first of May and will be completed nationwide by the end of June. 

Source: New York Times

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