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Want An Unlocked Galaxy Nexus At A GREAT Price? Then Look No Further!

Authored by: Eric McBride — Apr 13, 2012

I retired my HTC Sensation last month and purchased a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and for me, its been a GREAT decision. The phone is sexy, easy to root, fast, smooth, and pure Android at its finest. Now the Nexus isn't exactly a cheap phone, as it's typically found for around 550 to 600 USD. For that reason alone, if you're interested in getting a STUPID deal on an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus, you need to head on over to RIGHT NOW, as they are selling it unlocked for $429.99 for the next 15 hours!

That's a pretty substantial discount, and a lot less than what I paid for mine. It should be noted that this deal is for the silver/titanium color, and NOT for the white edition of the phone. For anyone considering this purchase (which I HIGHLY recommend), here's a quick spec rundown of what 429 dollars gets you:

So if you're looking for a Galaxy Nexus and a taste of pure Ice Cream Sandwich at a great price, WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?! The limited time offer can be found here.

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