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Amazon Now Selling Verizon Galaxy Nexus For One Cent
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Amazon Now Selling Verizon Galaxy Nexus For One Cent


Yesterday when I got home from work, my girlfriend's cousin stopped by the house so that I could help her set up her newly purchased Galaxy S3. Although I have had a significant amount of hands on time with the device, playing with the phone at my apartment yesterday, I realized something. Although I really love the phone and agree the Samsung has done a remarkable job with it, I simply don’t think I would willingly give up my Galaxy Nexus for Samsung’s newest flagship. Now I naturally have my reasons for forming this opinion, and if you’re still really impressed with the Galaxy Nexus as much as I am, you might want to head over to Amazon, as the GNexus is currently being sold for the stupidly low price of 1 cent.

That’s right folks. If you’re willing to sign up for a 2 year Verizon contract, you can pick up a brand spanking new Galaxy Nexus for a penny. That’s a hell of a deal, especially when you consider that just a few months ago it was selling for $299.99 with a new contract. So if you’re in the market for a new phone, get it while it’s hot.

Now I’m in no way saying that the Galaxy Nexus is a better phone than the Galaxy S3. Simply put, it’s not. Hardware wise, the GS3 is superior in almost everyway, with a bigger processor, bigger screen, better camera, more RAM (in the US anyway), and with the exception of my rooted and overclocked Transformer Prime, it literally spanked every device I threw at it in benchmarks. That being said, in day to day use (which is most important to me), I found the GNexus to be just as fast as the GS3, and in many cases, even faster.

The bottom line is that if you don’t play games, the GS3’s massive power won’t bring huge performance increases in day to day use. As I prefer gaming on my Xbox360 and on my tablet, it’s hard for me personally to justify purchasing the device right now. If it were running stock Android, it would tempt me more, which is why I will hold on to my GNexus until the next Nexus device is unveiled. Sure I want to get on the quad core bandwagon, but I can hold off a bit longer :-D

So if the Galaxy Nexus is still appealing to you, you can pick up the phone for a penny on Amazon here. However, if you are an existing Verizon customer and have to shell out $149.99 for the Nexus, THEN I would highly consider waiting a few weeks for the GS3.

But hey..that’s just me :)

Source: Cnet


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