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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 To Sport 6.3-inch Display?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 To Sport 6.3-inch Display?

All right, the entire phablet thing is starting to get ridiculous, size-wise. After all, it seems that the latest bit of news going around would be the next generation Samsung Galaxy Note, which would clearly make it the third iteration of the series, as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The kicker about the Galaxy Note 3, if true, would be this - it will come with a 6.3-inch display, which is a massive jump from the current 5.5-inch display on the Galaxy Note 2.


A report from Korea Times did mention in passing that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will sport the aforementioned 6.3-inch display while relying on OLED technology to get the job done, and this bit of information was relayed by officials from a local parts suppliers.

There is very little else known about the speculated Galaxy Note 3, as the Galaxy Note 2 was just released recently. Assuming that the 6.3-inch OLED display becomes reality, it would certainly stretch the lines of the phablet market literally. Could this just be a misunderstanding or having the message lost in translation, concerning the possibility of a mid-range Galaxy Note tablet that measures 7-inches in size?

Do you think that 6.3-inches of viewing real estate is far too large for a phablet? After all, handling a 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2 as a phone is already quite challenging for those of us with small hands, what more a behemoth that adds another 0.8-inches of viewing real estate diagonally across? Only time will tell whether the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be released as touted here, so it is time to play the patience card once again. Hopefully, we will not need to wait too long to find out.

One thing’s for sure, if the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 really carries a 6.3-inch display, it would be the perfect phone for Wreck It Ralph.


Source: Korea Times

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  • Rajeev Dec 18, 2012 Link to comment

    I am eagerly waiting for that. But I think phone will become a bit bulky and how we can carry in jeans pocket.

  • I have to agree, Edwin. In a recent trip to Korea, I noticed a lot of koreans sporting the LG Optimus Vu - the phablet that makes no effort in ergonomics - and they were enjoying using it watching videos on the subway. It may be on par with the iPhone in terms of my "in the wild" sightings over there. Of course the S3 and Notes (1 & 2) were kings.

  • Hi Shannon, I suppose this is a case of different strokes for different folks. Samsung must be on to something here :P

  • I can't imagine how much a phone like this would WEIGH. Already, the Note 2 is 180 grams! It's insane! I run a Dallas hair salon and already have carpel tunnel; I can see me getting it even more trying to work on a phone this heavy. It's why I wish I had AT&T; I want the much lighter LG Intuition and 4GLTE. Right now AT&T doesn't have it.

  • chinu Dec 15, 2012 Link to comment

    Samsung on the verge of setting the market of phablets..... After some time there will be only tablets and phablets will be running in the market...

  • Imran Dec 14, 2012 Link to comment

    just rumor

  • jahedmd51@gmail.com

  • *capabilities.

  • Phones ceased to be just phones a loooong time ago. These days it is less a phone and more a media consumption and internet device. This means the bigger the screen the better - more content viewable at at given time. It is not for everyone but there is a market for it. I have seen people using their first gen galaxy tab - it was a tablet with phone

  • Another area of concern would be the battery life - will the display be energy efficient enough to handle the added visual real estate?

  • OK, I just stuck a tape measure on my Note, and yes, 6.3" will fit if they have the display go right to the edges on three sides, with just enough room for some dedicated buttons and a pair of microphones on the bottom or top.

    I think if they do have an edge to edge display in the same overall size I will trade mine in even though I've only had it a few months.

  • I like the display size of my note, and the Note 2 is even better with the same size device but 5.5" instead of 5.3"... if they could fit 6.3" on the same footprint it would be the best device ever made! (even with the same hardware and software of the Note 2)

  • Personally I thought Samsung had got it just right with the Note 2. The balance between phone and tablet is spot on. Not too big for a phone, in my hands, but just right for web browsing and personal films etc. I think they've lost it again now of they really do go bigger!

  • Yeah Richard, I was thinking along the same line. We can just call it a tablet with phone capability, how about that? A Bluetooth headset is a must now for sure.

  •   9
    Deactivated Account Dec 13, 2012 Link to comment

    5.5 in is pushing the line for tablet / phone, but 6.3? that is a tablet, a small one i know but that is no phone my friend.

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