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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: new concept video reveals bezel-less beauty

The Note series isn't dead and, despite the Note 7's demise, its successor is due to arrive this year. Rumors about the Note 8 say it will come with a 4K display and the new Bixby assistant, so let's hope the successor to the Note 7 lives up to its code name. The latest concept video shows off a beautiful design.

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Galaxy Note 8 release date

It seems like IFA's Executive Director Jens Heithecker wants to add some more glamour to Berlin's annual tech trade show. Speaking at a press conference in Lisbon, Portugal, the IFA Director stated that (the IFA) "would be a better place for Samsung to unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note 8".  

He also stated that Samsung will have the largest presentation at this year's IFA, though that doesn't necessarily mean much as the IFA is a general technology trade fair and showcases a variety of products from vacuum cleaners to dishwashers.

Up until the release of the Galaxy Note 5, Samsung traditionally unveiled its newest phablet in Berlin just before the IFA opened. A shift in marketing strategy saw Samsung move its event a month earlier to August and switched the location to New York. It would be a surprising move to see Samsung unveil the Galaxy Note 8 at IFA - but I'm very skeptical that this will happen. Only time will tell.

A tweet from Evan Blass previously shed some light on what Samsung may be planning for its products in 2017. In his tweet, Blass referred to a smartphone that may be in the works with the model number SM-N950. Because the Note series has so far used the name scheme N9xx this is the first tangible indication we have seen that Samsung will not only be sticking with the Note series, but that it will release a Galaxy Note 8 this year.

Previously, the Note devices were unveiled in August, so we might see the Galaxy Note 8 make an appearance in August 2017. This would allow Samsung quite a lot of time to ensure that their new model does not come with the same faults as the Galaxy Note 7.

As the Note 8 is currently under development, the manufacturer had to choose a code name. And, according to SamMobile, it is being called Great. This is contrary to a previous rumor that said the Note 8 would be called Baikal, after the Siberian Lake considered to the be the largest freshwater reserve on Earth. SamMobile also revealed that the model number of the international unlocked device would be SM-N950F, with the ending letter subject to change based on the market. This is consistent with the model number given by Evan Blass in the tweet mentioned above.

A source has told SamMobile that Samsung has started work on developing firmware for the international variant of the Galaxy Note 8. The build numbers are: N950FXXU0AQC6, N950FOXM0AQC6 and N950FXXU0AQC6.

Galaxy Note 8 display, design and specs


According to a leak from CNbeta, the Note 8 will have a 4K 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display. The display will be a double-sided curved screen, with no physical buttons. The fingerprint scanner will thus be on the back like the Galaxy S8.


What was thought to be a Galaxy S8 prototype may actually be the Note 8. On Twitter, Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin shared two photos from a leaker called "KK" - and the device that is shown definitely isn't the S8. This one has a vertical dual camera on the back, and no visible fingerprint scanner. Samsung could incorporate Synaptics' under-glass fingerprint sensor in the Note 8, since it didn't do so in the Galaxy S8. Possibly due to time constraints, Samsung gave the S8 an awkwardly placed fingerprint scanner instead of an under-glass one. The Note 8 could be their chance to fix that, given that the device isn't expected until the second half of this year.

In the leaked sketch below, there are two circles on the front of the phone at the top, which are likely a front camera and an iris scanner. At the bottom, we find a USB Type-C port, headphone jack, and S Pen slot.

note 8 sketch leak cnbeta
The leaked sketch from CNbeta. / © CNbeta

It will be a few months before the Galaxy Note 8 is unveiled, but a YouTube channel called DBS DESIGNING has just released a concept video to keep our anticipation up. In the video below, you'll get to see a sleek, bezel-less design with curved edges and display corners. There's a mix of metal and glass, and the fingerprint scanner is better positioned than the Galaxy S8's was on the back of the device.


The same CNbeta leak mentions that the Note 8 will likely have 6 GB of RAM, 256 GB of expandable internal storage and the same processor as the Galaxy S8: the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895.

Opinion by Brittany McGhee
6 GB of RAM would be a pleasant surprise
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It would be safe to assume that the Note 8 will connect to the current or even upcoming Gear VR headset.

Galaxy Note 8 software

Other new rumors relate to the software innovations that the Galaxy Note 8 will be bringing. As mentioned above, the Note 8 might adopt an ultra-definition VR feature and have improved stylus functionality. Bixby, Samsung's rumored artificial intelligence feature that is also presumed to be on the Galaxy S8, could also be making its way to the Note 8. 

Do you think that Samsung will continue the Note series? Or should Samsung replace the Note series with, for example, a foldable phablet? Join the discussion on Samsung’s future plans!

Source: PhoneArena



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  • damm that's​ just beautiful..
    ditch the logo on the bottom bezel and replace with a speaker,
    i promise I'll never criticize Sammy ever again.

  • I'm a Note user since many years. I don't care about VR/AR so I don't need such excessive resolution that only drains the battery. So far I don't hear much good about the curved screens: they seem to break very easy. A Note is a workhorse, so the screen should be unbreakable. I would not mind if the phone is thicker to make the battery removable. It would be nice to have at least 128G internal flash and 3 slots to store either 2 SIM + SD or 1 SIM + 2 SD (even raid-1 on SD I would consider a nice option since SD is not so reliable). And Samsung should not mess with Android 7's adoptable storage. I hate it when companies decide for me what I want to do. An (additional) keyboard like I once had with the Nokia N97 would be a nice addon. If Blackberry phones would have N97 alike keyboard I would probably even switch.

  • Mark
    • Mod
    4 days ago Link to comment

    I just wish Samsung would give us a solid flat screen performer like the Note 4 without all the gimmicks. Also with standard screen size not the 2:1 they are using on the S8s

  • Karl E 1 week ago Link to comment

    I have been a user of the Notes for years, have changed to Huawei because of the Note 7 desaster, maybe i could come back if they do not use the same form factor (18:9) as in the S8(+) .....

  • Sookie 1 week ago Link to comment

    No physical button? Not fort me, although I'm a Note series big fan...

  • I love the Note series and hope this time again Note 8 will surprise us with good, advanced and attractive features but at the same time it should be charming peace too because it will be a phablet and the size of it will be bigger than ever. So keeping fingers cross.

  • If the note 8 is actually going to have a larger screen up to 6.4 i would be interested to see if they can keep the actual phone size down by having no bezel? If its going to be that size the battery is going to have to be large and last a good day, remember the note is designed as a work phone, Please make a flat version Samsung

  • With the S8 and S8+ having larger screens what is the point of a Note device?

  •   6

    The Galaxy Note8 will arrive with the 6.44 inch 4K infinity display and will have the embedded fingerprint scanner under the screen.

    Samsung is the manufacturer who made phablets prominent in the first place since August 2011.

    Everything else in the phablet space is a sad joke especially anything featureless made by Apple or Google.

    At the end of the day Samsung is technology and Android everyone else does their best imitation to copy but they never come close.

  • Really dont need 4k, for normal streaming and games QHD is perfect, also 4k will run your battery down quickly. Needs a long life battery, flat and curved screen options, waterproof, good camera and not made of glass, the worst material you could use for a phone, it needs to be more robust

  • No need of 4k as we cant use our existing screens with full brightness, we need a big battery with long life atleast 5000+ mah, with super fast charging .big storage, best camera, water and dust proof, removable battery, SD Card slot. If note 8 have this, it would gather all of its customers back. I'm a fan of Note series, looking forward to seeing Note 8 release then considering whether I should upgrade my Note 5 or not. Foldable note 8 will be a delite to have.

  • Why has every innovation got to come from Apple first? And then the rest - Google, Microsoft, Samsung, all fall head over heels trying to copy. Apple came out with Siri. And then came Microsoft with Cortana, Google with Now, and now Samsung with this Bixby. The name sounds like an animation character out of Disney. How much dumber are we all getting with all this "blind-addition-of-unnecessary-new-features" in the name of technological advancement?

    • What on earth are you on about- everyone is copying crapple ?? Apple would still be on a 4" screen-, but copied Samsung and the rest. Apple buying millions of oled screens from Samsung. No memory expansion capabilities, no fast charging, no customisation capabilities, and boring to boot. The ONLY thing apple has in it's favour is quick update delivery- Android is pretty dire.

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