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Samsung Galaxy Note 9: worth passing over the S9 for?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be next in the Korean company's popular premium phablet range, and although it is still some months away, rumors are already heating up about the upcoming device. A newly revealed patent suggests some real innovation is in the works—an in-display fingerprint scanner.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is just around the corner, having been confirmed to debut at MWC 2018 in Barcelona. But many aren't finding Samsung's next flagship iteration all that exciting. Basically, it's looking to be the same as the Galaxy S8, with incremental improvements. When are we going to see something radically new from Samsung? 

If rumors are to be believed, it's the Galaxy Note 9 that could actually bring some innovation to the table.

Leaked patent tips optical fingerprint reader for Galaxy Note 9

One feature in question that is rumored to debut on the Galaxy Note 9 is the "under-display optical fingerprint" sensor. A newly-published patent from the South Korean company suggests that the scanner will take up the bottom fifth of the screen, and will vibrate to alert users in the case of unsuccessful authentication attempts.

Samsung's diagrams place the fingerprint reader under the display, but when will we be seeing it? / © Weibo

Although fingerprint sensors are fast becoming the norm on smartphones, the next generation of high-end phones might not have any visible sensor at all. Instead of having the sensor as a separate hardware piece, future flagships could feature the "under-display" or optical model, where the fingerprint reader comes built into the screen. A smartphone with an optical reader does already exist—the Vivo X20 Plus UD in China, but Samsung, with their resources and market reach, could be the first to make an international splash with the technology.

This confirms previous speculation based on a note sent to clients by respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, known for his understanding of the Asian electronics market. Kuo's note, originally seen and reported on by Business Insider, mentions that Samsung may put an under-display fingerprint reader on 2018's Galaxy Note 9. 

AndroidPIT Samsung NOTE 8 GOLD 4379
The latest Galaxy Note has the fingerprint sensor on the back, but this could be about to change / © AndroidPIT

According to the note, Korean companies BeyondEyes and the Samsung subsidiary Samsung LSI are the favorites to win the contract for the fingerprint sensor. Egis, Samsung's current supplier, might also be in the running. 

Good things come to those who wait

Rumor has it that Samsung originally planned the optical fingerprint reader for the imminent Galaxy S9 flagships, but ran out of time to implement them in time for their release at MWC 2018. So what are technology fans getting so excited to see from Samsung at the Catalan tech fair? A good smartphone, yes, with improved numbers across the board, but nothing that really changes your smartphone experience.

On the other hand, the Galaxy Note 9, which, if it follows the tradition of its predecessors, would be released in August 2018, has the time it needs to integrate the more exciting technologies that Samsung is working on. Samsung is exploring several intriguing options in biometric ID, but that will likely not be the only thing that will distinguish the Note 9 from this year's S-series.

For enthusiasts and power users, it may be wise to resist the temptation to snatch up the S9, and instead bide their time to see what the Note 9 will bring to the table.

What do you think? Would you wait for the Galaxy Note 9 over the Galaxy S9?



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  • storm 6 days ago Link to comment

    As far as the phone goes, no, I don't think either of them are worth it. These have turned in prestige items; more about bloat and bling than actual usefulness to most consumers.

    Yes an underscreen thumbprint reader is nice but it's not that much nicer than one on the back really. Certainly not 500 to $700 more price than one that doesn't do that. It's kind of like turbos in small engines. if you're using it for power the mileage is terrible. Same with the phone if you're using these kinds of phones for hard core processing the battery life is useless. It's way overkill for what people really need in a new phone. Big little architecture helps but why pay for that power for such little use.

  • Not far away from the S9 announcement,and very curious about the pricing of these phones,with the S9 being released early,will Samsung be releasing another Top Class phone later in the year?to compete with the New iPhones from Apple later in 2018,with it being 10 years of Samsung producing phones,that might offer better options than the S9 phones?

  • The Note is a different breed. No comparison

  • Mark
    • Admin
    6 days ago Link to comment

    I much rather have the finger print scanner on the back of the phone. Just better positioning than their current models. It is just much easier and more natural for me.

  • I think incorporating the fingerprint scanner underneath the display would be a wonderful thing & be my choice!

  • vagabonti 4 months ago Link to comment

    I prefer face recognition and a fingerprint beneath the display. So in the style of Samsung we will have all the extras. :-)

  • The Only trouble with offering this function,its going to add more value of the Note 9 after the Shocking pricing of the Note 8,so i bet it will be over a £1,000 for the Note 9

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