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Samsung Galaxy S3: Disappointment Or Win? Part 2

Samsung Galaxy S3: Disappointment Or Win? Part 2


I'm actually really glad that the cat is finally out of the bag for Samsungs newest flagship. You've probably already heard that the Samsung Galaxy S3 made its official debut yesterday, and it's making big noise as expected. Is the device impressive? Yes. Will it sell well? Most likely yes. Is it powerful? Yes. Feature packed? Yes. Is it worth selling the phone you have now to put towards purchasing? That's a hard one. Did it live up to expectations? Again, a very difficult question to answer. As much as I am glad to see the Samsung Galaxy S3 finally in the wild, I'm still very undecided as to how I feel about the device. Despite the impressive hardware and some very cool features, it's hard for me to really label this phone as the end all king of the Android kingdom device. Why? Because despite the things Samsung got right with the device, they also got a lot wrong. Part one of this article (found here) touched on what I feel they got right. Lets have a look at what they got wrong in this article. 

(These are naturally only my personal thoughts on the GS3, which can and will differ for everyone. If you like a phone, you should buy it based on how YOU feel about it, and not based on the opinions of others).

What they got wrong

Have a look at this photo of the GS3:

Now have a look at this photo of my Galaxy Nexus:

To me, the phones look VERY similiar, and if Samsung would have released a black GS3, it would have looked way too much like a Gnexus (without the button). That being said, why the wide and awkwardly thin physical button? In fact, why a physical button at all? I'm not saying it looks bad, as I LOVE the look of the Galaxy Nexus. But somehow, I hoped for more from THE new Android flagship device in terms of design. 

Material wise, I have to admit I'm NOT impressed. Now mind you, I didn't like the feel of the Galaxy S or S2, and have actually always preferred HTC devices in terms of feel and weight. But all that changed with the Galaxy Nexus, and it was the first Samsung device that felt really great in my hand. I can tell you now that this phone does NOT have that feel. The plastic on the device feels a bit, (sorry Sammy) well, cheap. Yes, the phone is very light and thin, but it's a very slippery type of plastic that in my opinion feels worse than the S2 did in my hand. I understand that it didn't matter to most people, considering how well the S2 sold, but I had hoped that Samsung wouldn't go SO plasticy on this device, but instead a bit more premium. Unfortunately they didn't.

The 8MP camera with BMI sensor is definetely a great camera (if not one of the best on an Android phone), BUT I have to admit I'm disappointed. If they really wanted to stick it to HTC and Apple, they would have went 12MP. My HTC Sensation last year already had an 8MP shooter, and I had hoped Samsung would really raise the bar by going for high mega pixels along with some new innovations, like the HTC One series did with being able to take pictures while shooting video. The iPhone 4S came with an 8MP shooter, and I would be willing to bet the iPhone 5 will take mobile cameras to another level. I wish Sammy would have done the same.

The Galaxy S3 commercial = LAME. I'm not going to even go into more details on that. It was just horrible. You can check it out here if you want. This pisses me off more than anything else actually, as it seems that Apple is the only company out there that make GOOD commercials that are so cleverly done that the songs from those commercials are stuck in your head after seeing the commercial a few times. The Galaxy S3 commercials "OMFG how cheesy was that?“ factor is way too high for me to take seriously. It's way too touchy feely "I am a member of your family but still a phone"-ish. Maybe it will grow on me. As far as Touchwiz goes, I knew it was coming, but I still hate it like the pest. Sense 4.0 looks AMAZING. Touchwiz version 4 doesn't. And why no US release date? Great that they could give an EXACT date for the EU release, but only "sometime in the summer in June" for the US. Not very cool Sammy. A possible dual core device with no concrete release date? Where is the US love?!

Bottom Line

The Galaxy S3 is a GREAT phone, and it would not surprise me to see if move more units than it's little brother (GS2). Will I be selling my GNexus and getting one of these. No I will not. Would I recommend it over the HTC One X? Yes and no. It really depends on what you want to use the phone for. If you're into rooting, I would go with the GS3. If you're into heavy gaming, it's toss up. If you like a phone that feels a bit heavier in you're hands and has a beautiful skin on top of Android, I would go with HTC. While it brings a lot to the table, it doesn't bring SO much more than other quad core devices coming out, and I personally am now very sure that I will hold onto my current device and wait until the next Nexus phone is announced.

Many will think I'm being too hard on the Galaxy S3. But remember this: Apple released the iPhone 4S, which was a small update to the iPhone 4. This time around, that won't happen. The iPhone 5 WILL be a game changer, and I wanted to see Samsung throw EVERYTHING they had at Apple with the Galaxy S3. As great of a phone as it is, they could have done more with it, as its specs barely (if even at all) are better than current quad powered phones. They could have went with a higher camera, more premium material, pentile plus display, and even more. If they would have delivered all that, combined with it's unique selling points such as the microSD, HD front facing cam, 4.8 inch screen, wireless charging, ect, they could have made Apple tremble. This time around, I hate to admit that Samsung made it too easy for the iPhone 5. Sure, the iPhone will sell regardless, but Samsung was the only company with the power to slow it down. By releasing a phone that's only slightly better (if that can even be said) than other Android quad core devices, the iPhone 5 will clearly outperform it in power, and in sales. With that being said, as much as it will indeed be a threat to Apple and the iPhone 5, it could have been a MUCH bigger one. 

What do you guys think? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Picture credits: GS3 - www.tekkaus.com / Galaxy Nexus - www.bgr.com

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  • I was a Blackberry user until I discovered that none of their devices could, apparently, keep up with my needs. I went through 7 devices in a 2 year period. All escept the last one, failed - catastrophically.

    When my contract came up for renewal I chose a Droid X (nearly two years ago) only to find out that the droid x and in fact the entire android series, could not synchronize with Microsoft Outlook except through some 3rd party software options with checkered reviews.

    I am told the Droid Razr and Razr MAXX have been built to accomodate this very necessary business requirement - via USB connection. Can anyone verify this?

  • no1 needs camera over 8mp Well maybe just to say "I have 15mp" I totally disagree about phone5 will easily beat anythg. even dual core is a problem for 4.5"+ phones. 4core with 2.5- buttery wireless charging will be your best friend. iPhone will be just one device which all the same crazy ppl will buy cos "you are broke if you don't have one". and for sure will still crack open if it fell on asphalt. I personally don't like Samsung phones. and for sure only thing all other sellers must learn from Apple is advertising. not try to sell diamond and show it like piece of crap but otherwise. Google-rola:) pls make from Droid razr maxx 4core :)

  • Thanks for the replies folks they are very much appreciated. I'll wait until the galaxy is released and all the techies put it through it's paces.

  • @Eric: I never said it was very difficult to raise the Megapixel bar, I said it makes no sense! As described in the article I linked, the quality does not improve, it only gives the image more noise. That in turn is then "corrected" by filters which blur the image again. The effect is: nothing gained besides some marketing buzzword with a high number, which obviously impressed you. :P

    Samsung has among the best cameras, the S3 remains to be tested though.

  • James, remember that these 'reviews' are only first impressions. No one has had the opportunity to get their hands on it for an extended period of time. Let's wait until the release, then you will start seeing reviews you can trust. We saw the same thing with the Galaxy Nexus. And it turned out it only got rave reviews when released.

  • I think high megapixles is a must in a device that uses a digital zoom to make crisp clear pictures even when zoomed in.

  • Ti Mo May 4, 2012 Link to comment

    Or you wait for the Huawei ascend d quad( don't know if you've heard of that). That's what I'm Prolly gonna do. Especially if the budgets a little tight.
    It's gonna come out q3 2012, 4.5" display, quad core, supposed to be the fastest phone ever, 30 percent better battery than other comparable phones... And Huawei said it's gonna be like 20 percent cheaper than other new Samsung or HTC phones.
    That's the phone I'm gonna wait for.

  • @TI Mo Thanks for the reply. i suppose what's strange is the s3 has the mixed reviews in these early stages when for the last month the anitcipation has been that this was going to be a world beater.

    But like you say no ones had alot of time with it so we won't know until it's been put through it paces properly.

  • Ti Mo May 4, 2012 Link to comment

    @james honestly I'd go with the s3 . But we'll that's just my opinion. What's important to yoy. What do you think is something that phones must have? Maybe then we can help you some more.
    And the galaxy s3 didn't even hiy the market yet so no one here even knows how it feels(except for erix of course :D)

    I somewhere heard the battery is supposed to last 13 hours with normal usage. So nothing special.

  • Any idea of battery life?

  • Gee why not wish for a camera with double or triple this? Really...if people are so interested in high def serious photography they'd get a dedicated camera with interchangeable lenses. Most photos people share are ones online....and even then a lot of them are resized/ optimized for web or messaging. Ever had to send an 8 megapixle pic to a friend? Where I live sending a pic to a friend can take several days through the ether.... Or worse still get bounced.
    I' d be looking very seriously at the optics rather than concentrate on the pixel count. I once owned a 3 mp camera that consistently took better photos than another 5 mp I used.
    Having said that I'm sure the mp race will continue and deliver stunning results.

  • Hmmm...I heard it was getting a 4.8 inch screen..doesn't quite fit does it.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  • @Eric, I JUST saw this, from www.iLounge.com :

    So far, details of the new iPhone include:

    A longer and thinner shape than the iPhone 4 and 4S measuring approximately 125mm by 58.5mm by 7.4mm. This is a 10mm increase in height and nearly 2mm reduction in thickness.
    A flat, rather than curved, metal panel that will be added to the central back of the phone.
    A screen measuring about 4″ on the diagonal.

    A new aspect ratio with additional pixels on both the top and bottom of the screen.
    The introduction of a new Dock Connector since its inception, believed to have fewer pins than the prior 30-pin Dock Connector with the shape of the hole closer to a pill shape than the prior rounded rectangle.
    The use of Gorilla Glass 2 which can be manufactured thinner with identical strength to the earlier iPhones’ Gorilla Glass or at the same thickness with greater strength.

  • Hi folks. new visitor to the site here. I was wondering if i could get some advice. I'm due an upgrade from my desire s afer previously having a desire. Since i knew i was coming up for renewal i've been looking at phones. I had my heart set on the one X but the poor battery life on the HTC's put me off and the fact HTC don't seem to have gone to great shakes to address that.

    I then thought i'd wait for the s3 announcement that we had yesterday and i'm even less unsure about what to get next. I'm in no rush to upgrade and the mixed reviews i've read so far about the new galaxy have been a little off putting and was wondering would it be best holding out till the new nexus is launched? When does that launch?

    I'm asking because signing into a 2 year contract i want the best phone i can get. especially the way the phone market is currnetly advancing a rapid rate. Any suggestions would be greatfully recieved, and thanks in advance

  • LMAO. I love you guys '-)

  • @Christopher, yes, that was a story of typing errors. :-)

  • story for the type errors. hammered it out on my phone ;-)

  • I think you're being a bit hard here. the phone has both hit he market and run through any street tests yet. I will bet that as we use this device over the next months that we start of see the love. The GS2 was impressive in the way of specs but I have really come to love it over the last months of use and with each update. I any give the phone a chance. let it give the market and stay positive. when iPhone 4s came out we androidians knocked it for its miniscule changes. but the apple fan press supported it and in he end the update was and is significant enough of generate amazing sells. so let's relax and see how the public reacts and support Sammy.

  • Lol...I know what it is :-) But perhaps something based on what Sony uses for their cameras. They have never had problems getting high megapixel cams in their phones. I was hoping for a new standard in mobile cams from Samsung. Apple set the bar high, and I had hoped Samsung would as well!

  • Erm... just do a picture search for "slr camera"...

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