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BREAKING: Samsung Galaxy S3 To Be Revealed May 3rd, Invitations Sent

BREAKING: Samsung Galaxy S3 To Be Revealed May 3rd, Invitations Sent


After months of speculation, rumored pics, rumored specs, rumored release dates, rumored designs, it seems that the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is FINALLY upon us. Samsung has began sending out invitations which read "Come And Meet The Next Galaxy“, and with all the hype around this device, "the next Galaxy“ is SURELY the long awaited Galaxy S3.

The invitation doesn't specifially say Galaxy S3, but I highly doubt Samsung is referring to the next Galaxy Tablet, especially considering that new Galaxy tablets were just launched last week.

The event is scheduled for May 3rd in London, and rest assured that AndroidPIT will be there live when this baby launches!

Stay tuned!

Picture credits: SammyHub

Source: SammyHub

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  • Lol..no problem bro. Its all good :-D Besides, you know I like going head to head with you :) Its always funnest doing that with people like yourself with technical knowledge.

    No harm no foul :-D

  • Ouch I did it again! Made you think I was yelling at the monitor with an angry red face while I really had a prankful smile on. Sorry, it was meant in a kidding argument-vaporizing way. Especially the part with the "payed for" - we all like Android, I guess, so no suitable Android device can be of "no real purpose" to us.

    I know it is too much to assume this level of understanding, when we don't really know each other. I just wanted to poke, not flame, you. Guess I overstepped.

  • Whoa whoa whoa! Take it easy buddy! I thought we were joking around, not trying to restart the Padfone thread? Im not going to argue in this thread why I have my views on why the Padfone too expensive and a mid end device. If you wanna go down that road, take it back to the Padfone thread?

    And again, I am entitled to my opinion exactly the same way that you are, and losing your head trying to get personal with a "what does androidpit pay you for" comment only shows immaturity. I get news to write about Android devices AND my opinions on those devices, and I welcome anyone to disagree with me! But if you really wanna get personal, thats actually a bit sad, as I thought we were done with all that.

    Seriously man...common. It was all love and smiles in this thread before you went down that road.

  • Wrong again! I didn't invent the device, Asus did. And unlike yours, it will be a reality, even soon. Also it is one device that can be used in a way you needed two devices before, for the price of [insert comparison when price is known].

    Mid-End? The Snapdragon S4 is at least a lot faster than ANY other dual core and it took four cores from older designs to at least make it a battle (the outcome of which is still not fully explored). It would have been high-end in every aspect just half a year back and is still superior to what 95% of the people visiting here have in their pocket.

    No Real purpose? Remind me again what AndroidPIT pays you for? Is it or is it not a fully fledged Android device? As to the boring - I like the design, at least it's not shiny black plastic again.


    And order the Eckhardt one and get 1 device that thinks its 2 devices and has a pricetag of 2 but is in reality just one boring mid end device with no real purpose but a kind of cool concept :-D

  • Order the TapMcBride now and receive an extra 20% more bulk for stuffing in two phones at once - with the included sleeve you can also hold an additional wall brick. Unmatched extra weight with hardly any extra use - for the manly men that can hold it! :}

  • Mine wont flop man...Samsung will build it for me!!! :-D

  • Well, it seems like a win win for me. The risk to invest in the cheaper model is hedged in the other and vice versa. The only problem is if both flop! ;-)

  • LOL! Theunis = man of fairness :-.D

    And dont worry...the 33% your gonna lose from investing in Stefans idea will be picked up by the 333% I will make from your initial investment .


  • And I vow if I become a millionaire soon, that I will proportionally invest in both according to their respective prices. Thus, Eric you will receive 33% more than Stefan. :-)

  • LMAO! And I vow if I become a millionaire soon, that I will create a tablet and a smartphone that can also dock with each other AND can be used seperately with a dock and keyboard for 800 euros, and that it will DESTROY your Padfone!

    Who wants to loan me and Stefan a million? Dont be greedy guys.


  • HAHA! I vow that if I become a millionaire in the next few months, I will sell those Padfones for €600 including station, keyboard dock and stylus to everyone except Eric, paying up the difference however big. :P

  • @Theunis -YES! Thank you for your support sir :-D

  • Haha, I fall on the 'anti-Padfone' side of that argument!

    (I'd still watch that video, though, lol.)

  • NOOOOOOOOOO! I REFUSE to let it become an option :-D

    LOL..I love this. Me and Stefan could go all day battling each other about the Padfone. We should shoot a video with the 2 of us just arguing about it :-D

  • Calm down Eric, soon, soon! XD

  • LOL. Damn that Padfone!!!! :-D :-D :-D :-D

  • I figure the S3 will be as large as the rumors say (4.65 to 4.8 inches). That alone will be too much for some. And that is why I think they will soon after show something like a S 2.5 with 4.3 inches, to catch those that want a new Galaxy but are alienated by any of the S3 specs.

    Being somewhat fond of my Galaxy S and always thought the S2 having been the best device for the price for quite some months, I am glad the S3 (probably) comes just in time for my next contract. I would like to at least give it some thought before I make the final decision.

    But there still is the Padfone on the horizon, which I am almost as eagerly awaiting as Eric is. But that depends largely on its price point. ;)

  • Exactly how I feel as well. I just dont want to see an LG or Sony Nexus device. To be honest, I had my hopes up for a Motorola Nexus, and if they dont do it, then I hope Samsung gets it again. Crazy, as I used to ALWAYS prefer HTC devices. So sad whats happening to them.

  • @Eric, lol, didn't pick up the sarcasm there! :-) I did read that the New Sammy TV's will also be running Android though, which is cool. And I'm also very happy with my Galaxy Nexus, still an awesome piece of gadgetry!

    @Martin, I tend to agree with Eric. The HTC's are a disappointment, and Sony hasn't lived up to expectations. Now that we hear Google is probably going to sell Motorola (minus patents), they probably won't produce any awesome phones soon. Hauwei do seem to be on an upward trend, but will still be a year or two before they make a real winner, I think. So yeah, Nexus FTW! :-)

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