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Black 64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 Now Available Online With A Big Price Tag

Black 64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 Now Available Online With A Big Price Tag


We all know that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been a smash hit with consumers worldwide, and with it’s powerful hardware, sleek design, and the amount of aggressive marketing that Sammy is using to push it, it’s no wonder. Rumor has it that more color variants and a mini version are on the way, and today a black 64GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has popped up on multiple online retail sites (Amazon included). But be warned...it comes with a pretty hefty price tag.

Android Authority found the black version of the device on 2 Italian websites and on Amazon Germany. In Italy, it can be purchased on ePrice and Marcopolo 799 Euros. That’s over 1000 US dollars folks, and is certainly no small chunk of change for a smartphone. Interestingly enough, Amazon Germany sells it with a much cheaper price tag of 690 Euros, which is around 892 US dollars. I never thought I would live to see the day that I could build a high end gaming PC for the price I pay for a smartphone!

If you’re interested in shelling out the bank for the phone, it can be purchased on Amazon Germany here, on ePrice (Italy) here, or at Marcopolo (Italy) here.

Would you guys shell out this much bank for a black 64GB Samsung Galaxy S3?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  • @Erin-i live in Malaysia. Most techs are expensive as hell here. i wouldn't mind paying for that black s3. Looks really good. Might have to wait for the s4 though.

  • @Gio A. - Same happened to me! Mine is actually on the way as we speak! Hopefully early next week I ll have it :)

    @DaBartonator - Agreed bro. About 100 Euro overpriced in my eyes.

    @Patrick - That is a damn good point bro. That is exactly what OEMs are trying to accomplish, and it seems they are on a good path so far!

    @Christopher - Exactly the same thought I had. 100 less and people would be all over it!

    @CJ - That's true CJ. In a few months it would be already way cheaper than that. But it's such a vvicious circle..you either get it when its new, or never get it because something "better" will shortly be released once you actually decide to buy!

    The only way of keeping it up with it all is to literally be a rich person who can buy everything as soon as it hits the market!

    @Cheong - WOW. The Galaxy S3 is around 476 Euros here right now (615 USD) but was over 600 Euros when it was initially released. It came down pretty quickly though.

    Which country do you live in?

  • This is actually considered very cheap in my country. High import taxes and stuff. The normal galaxy s3 costs around 650USD. Is that the usual price? ultrabooks will usually go above 1000USD

  • No, I wouldn't pay the online list price, but I would think about making a purchase if the price were dropped in half (why? because no matter what we buy now it sure seems like it is obsolete technology in less then 4 months - & I'm not over paying for obsolete technology) ...

    @ least 20 gig (over 16, under 32) seems to be the norm required with today's features

  • Hmm, Over priced, for a hundred less it would be spot on!

  • I agree, it is way over priced... but as we know thebprice of tech eventually goes down as itbis developed and refined.

    Yes, I agree you could get a good laptop for the price but that is also the goal here. Computing power, storage capacity and displays of mobile devices are now approaching laptop specs. OEMs now have to figure out how to match the efficiency of data input to match the accuracy and efficiency of the physical full sized keyboard and mouse. Then we will see more people and companies shifting to mobile devices from laptops and desktops. Maybe the phone tablet hybrid is really the next leap and is the future of tech and productivity. You really can't fit a laptop in your pocket - although some can't fit the Galaxy Note in there either. haha.

  • This is way over priced!

  • I've been waiting a while for this one to come out, but I've had a change of hart during this time and now I'm going for the galaxy note II at the end of this month. Finally got to hold it today in the store and have decided thats my next phone/tablet HAHAHA. :-)

  • @waddah jalal - That's exactly what I thought as well. I could build a hell of a PC for that type of cash!

  • as much as like the s3 and already have the 16gb ver but i will not pay this much for it as i can buy a i7 core laptop with this money

  • I have 32GB on my Prime, yet I still have issues with space due to how big games are getting. But after installing data2sd and upping my internal memory to 64 (such a great hack), Im all good!

  • cool, I would never fill it , I'm not eaven able to fill 32gigs , having a 32 gig version makes it eaven better , and allso puts apple under pressure , cool go sammy go

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