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Galaxy S3 Confirmed Coming In Grey, Black, Brown, & Red (Pics Inside)


We’ve heard lots of rumors regarding various color models coming in the Galaxy S3, and fans of the device will be pleased to know that Samsung has officially confirmed today that brown, red, black, and grey Galaxy S3 models are on the way to consumers. 

“Amber Brown”, “Garnet Red”, “Sapphire Black” and “Titanium Grey are the names of the new color variants, and are apparently “derived from man’s relationship with natural materials and perfectly compliment the handset’s organic experience”. Ooookkkkaaaaay Sammy.

We don’t know when which particular colors will be available in which country, as Samsung stated that availability “will vary depending on the country/carrier/retailer”. Here are a few screenshots of each device in its new color, courtesy of (originally from Samsung Tomorrow):


What do you guys think of the new colors? I personally like the black (not diggin the brown).

Let me know which you like best in the comments below!

Picture credits: The Next Web

Source: The Next Web

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  • LOL. Nicely put Gowen :)

  • am loving the red , very cool nd vibrant , grey , black cool. Brown own persons choice , sorry. ! ! nt my choice .

  • @Imran - I kinda like red, but I don't think I could rock a red phone :-D

    @james - That's actually a really good idea!

    @Stefan - True. Sometimes I HATE pictures of a phone, but love it once I get it in my hand.

    But yeah...the doo doo brown variant is kinda hopeless :-)

  • Stefan E. Aug 28, 2012 Link to comment

    For a real impression, you'd need to see those devices in real life. The blue for example looks quite different in my hand than on the render shot, that chrome like effect. Still doubt that could improve the brown variant... ;)

  • why didn't they make a pink one...for cancer support.

  • Imran Aug 28, 2012 Link to comment

    gray is good . red is very odd

  • LOL. Exactly what I thought...

    doodoo brown :-D

  • Stefan E. Aug 28, 2012 Link to comment

    Black and grey are quite OK,
    red works too but brown is... err... ungood. ;)

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