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Samsung Galaxy S3 ROM Leaked -- Download S-Voice for Your Device!

Authored by: Steven Blum — May 21, 2012

The Samsung Galaxy S3 – which won't even go on sale until the 30th of May – has been rooted and its stock ROM has been leaked to the world by a forum poster on XDA. This is BIG news for all of us who'd like to dig into the Galaxy S3's firmware and see what it's like to play around with Samsung's newest superphone. If you have a rooted Android phone running Ice Cream Sandwich (admittedly a smaller pool) you can download the S3's version of Touchwiz, with all the extras including S-Voice (Sammy's Siri competitor), Pop-up Play and Smart Stay. Woooooo!

That said, as with all unofficial ROMs, you download at your own risk. It's also a massive 800MB file so be prepared to wait a bit (say, 40 minutes) for it to fully download. Or, you can also download S-Voice separately, although Samsung's cloud compute server is apparantly very picky about which kind of devices it responds to. The theory goes that it only responds to Samsung devices.

AndroidPIT's Eric McBride has had a chance to play around with the S-Voice application, and he took these screenshots so you can see what it looks like on a rooted Galaxy Nexus:

Apparantly, you have to make some modifications to your build prop in order for S-Voice to work. Users have responded that it is fully operational, though, after a few tweaks. 

UPDATE: If you're having a hard time running S-Voice on your device, download Vlingo Labs from the Google Play Store here. The app seems to offer very comparable features which makes sense given the fact that S-Voice was created by Vlingo.

Source: CNET

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