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Samsung Galaxy S7 Android update: latest news

Update: Firmware update and security patch coming soon

The Samsung Galaxy S7 launched with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and has already received its first update in the form of Android's March security patch, and a minor update with a new camera setting and improvements to the touch screen. And now we've learned that a security patch and firmware update is already hitting European devices. Here's everything else you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Android update.

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androidpit samsung galaxy s7 13
The Galaxy S7 is currently on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. / © ANDROIDPIT
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Samsung Galaxy S7

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
Verizon Yes
T-Mobile Yes
AT&T Yes
Sprint Yes

Samsung Galaxy S7 Android Marshmallow update

The Galaxy S7 came running Google's latest version of Android, 6.0.1, right out of the box. No device has seen an update beyond this version yet, not even the Nexus range. The Galaxy S7 did, however, receive a minor update on March 17, starting with T-Mobile customers. The update was one of Android's monthly security patches, which should help keep your device secure.

On T-Mobile, the software version is now UVS2APB8, and Verizon is beginning to issue the same update, under version number VRS2APB4.

Devices in various regions began seeing a minor update on April 11, bringing improvements to touch features on the screen (this is mostly aimed at the S7 Edge) and an additional settings in the camera settings menu that corrects for skewed images. The build number is XXU1APD1 and weighs 157 MB.

A new security patch and firmware update for European devices was spotted on a Dutch blog by GSMArena. The update brings the firmware version to XXS1BPJ1. This patch is currently only available for unbranded units in certain European countries. We'll let you know as soon as we find out when it will hit US devices.

To check if your device is ready to download the patches, head to Settings > About device > Software update.

AndroidPIT Samsung galaxy s7 REVIEW 1
Samsung sometimes updates its own TouchWiz UI, so we'll keep updated on that, too. / © ANDROIDPIT

Samsung Galaxy S7 Android Nougat update

The next installment of Android, Nougat, was unveiled at Google I/O in 2016 and it could be coming soon to the Galaxy S7. And now GSMarena has reported that Grace UX could come with this fresh update. Soon we'll know more but for now we know that the Always On Display could be a feature. We'll keep you informed as more information is made available.

Given that Samsung has been somewhat sluggish to deliver Marshmallow to its devices, we're unlikely to see Android Nougat hit any of its devices until early next year, but we'll keep you posted.

Have you received the latest update? Let us know if you've discovered any new features or changes by leaving us a comment.


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  • 24h after the update, and is working smoothly :) no problem so far... also didn't saw any big difference... :D

  • I see Samsung hasnt got any better at releasing fully tested stable updates then. I have an S5 and since updating to Marshmallow my battery life has dropped like 40%. I used to get 2 days out of my battery, now I am lucky to get through a day. This is my massive issue with Samsung.

  • i have galaxy s7 edge and after the update i had no issues at all regarding the battery ,but there is one problem im facing my phone is getting slow

  • Gilly 2 months ago Link to comment

    Apparently the updates have deleted the function on the Galaxy S7 which allows you to make wifi calls, so vodafone has enabled wifi calling but until Android get another update out, none of us who have updated the software to date (including me) can now use this feature. I do hope that this gets sorted SOON! The other thing is that I can no longer cut and paste things like facebook statuses on my phone, so it is rather a backwards step in that regard.

  • I bought an s7 about 2 days ago and after installing latest marshmallow update seem to be having problems with the ear speaker during calls on full volume the speaker makes vibrating noises on people's voices so annoying and have noticed lagging on sites like ebay app and other websites i had a galaxy s5 before the s7 on android 5 and never had any of these issues so annoying

  • This update ate my new phone. I had only had it for 3 weeks. It pushed the update to my phone, I made sure it was plugged in to power and let it do its thing. It wouldn't stop power cycling. I tried to unlock it, power cycle. Got it unlocked and tried to access anything, power cycle. Random freezing and power cycles. I called Verizon and they had me do a factory reset. That worked for about 3 hours, then right back to the death spiral. I called again and they had me plug my phone in to the computer and do the whole reconfigure from their servers thing. Two hours later, it started again. I couldn't use my phone for three days. They sent me a brand new replacement. Now this one is informing me about the update. I'm really tempted to delay it indefinitely.

  • i HATE IT ! my data isnt stable. I CANT use facebook because of a cant find conection msg & my wifi isnt stable either which never used to be an issue -.- NOT only that but also now pandora isnt working it will ONLY play 1 song and buffer -.- my facebook mesanger says weak connection all the time . IM SO PISSED callee verizon went through some steps with tech support and NOTHING -.-i might have to get a replacement but that would mean ima loose everything -.- SMH i hate the new update FIX the issue pls

    p.s very upset customer !

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