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Here is what the AndroidPIT community thinks of the Samsung Galaxy S8

The S8 and S8+ have finally arrived, and now the debate has shifted from leaks to facts. But how does the AndroidPIT community find the new top flagship? We've taken a closer look at the comments to get a better idea of your opinion on the S8.

Samsung is undoubtedly the brand that has the most fans among our readers. And the die hard fans are supporting the new flagship, and its price tag. Greg Loechel said, "No matter what you say this is a really good phone/computer. Samsung has got it together this time with a price that matches the technology". That sentiment wasn't echoed by the majority of commenters, though.

Most users are skeptical or even negative, citing the high price. Regular commenter Dean L. was left unconvinced, saying "At first glance I'm just not seeing the bang for the buck. Not on my list". Meanwhile, Karl E says he would buy the phone, but only if "I would be in need for a new phone and the price would be around 500 EUR (or Dollar)".

samsung galaxy s8 vergleich 03
The Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S8, Huawei P10 and Google Pixel / © ANDROIDPIT

It seems the cost is making people consider alternatives. Peter Harwood called the S8 "overhyped over expensive" and he would rather choose the Sony XZ Premium over the "overrated Samsung." David K. says the S8 is "way too expensive," and that he is waiting for the latest HTC. Another user, Dwarfer66, is already convinced by the Samsung brand, but he wouldn't switch because the S8 is too expensive and he is still "VERY happy" with his S7 edge.

The curved screen is a major selling point for the S8, but a lot of users like cybertec69 and Mark don't like curved screens, and some like storm are worried that they will be more prone to damage.

samsung galaxy s8 vergleich 01
The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a luxuriously curved screen / © ANDROIDPIT

Many users were unconvinced by what they called Samsung's "gimmicks". Mark says that the "iris scanner and facial recognition are just gimmick to sell phones". Karl E sees Bixby as "software kitsch". Jacques Labuschagne even thinks the smaller bezels are a gimmick, since the software buttons take up the space supposedly gained by getting rid of the hardware ones.

As usual, we find a little bit of everything in the reactions, but mostly the comments were negative. What do you think of the S8 and S8+?



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  • solis Apr 6, 2017 Link to comment

    Go to sammobile, look at the speed of firmware updates for older Samsung devices. There are countries where the S7 has no Android 7.0, in April. Nevermind non-flagship phones, which are quickly forgotten by Samsung.

    The S8 is simply not good enough (and not good value for money) to overlook Samsung's horribly lazy software update policy.

    Plus, I really dislike the bloatware (their own browser/email/calendar/assistant/etc) they insist on putting on the phones. No idea why they do it, when the Google alternatives are just better.

    I'm in the market for a new phone and I'd rather wait.

  • Only good job they did is the bezelles infinity screen. Other than that nothing is really new to pay this much money. I held it and checked out the interface which was same feel as s7 edge

  • I will wait the next phone of OnePlus, i love all the OnePlus phones 😍

  • Well, even though i am suspicious to battery life, i had great deal on device (500€ with 1 year contract with my current cellphone operator, which i tend to use anyway), so i bought it...or pre-ordered.

    But it will be easy to sell it for same price, so i went for it.
    My thoughts is that it is most beautiful device, there is nothing near as beautiful. Than, i don't like edge screen on S7, but will give this one a chance.
    I would agree that software buttons could be called gimmicks too, or small basels, because of it....but it is what this phone makes beautiful.

    I also don't like fingerprint scaner placement, bit it's not a deal breaker... Maybe just because i never lock my phones!?

    Anyway, since i got it under official price (definitely biggest problem) my only concerns are battery and will it stand dropping.

    If i didn't buy this one, i would go for g6 or wait to see what will Nokia and Oneplus do.
    Mi6 is non of my interest, since i had a lot of bad experiences with Xiaomi (still, i can recommend redmi line, as long as you know there is no guarantee, so you need to be clear hoe much money you could throw away without problems)
    HTC is overprised as Samsung, but it's not easy to sell it second hand, if you don't like it... So, Samsung s8 is definitely first choice from my point of view, to all that really needs newest flagship.
    Too all others, i can recommend to go for s7, op3t.... They are more thangood enough for half of this price.

  • Its making the S7 a bit cheaper

  • We were All happy when Apple joined the Mobile Market,and Started creating more competition between companies,but Apples pricing of there phones is really now Spoiling the Mobile Market,Apple thought and got away thinking anything they created consumers would buy and they did,but it then got Samsung thinking they could do the same,and copied nearly everything Apple had to offer and we lost the Best Selling points Samsung use to offer because of there Stupid thinking,as the Galaxy S6 models & Note 5 showed and there Sales Struggled because Samsung removed the Removable Battery & Micro sd Card Slot,O.k the Edge phones might look nice but there not very Durability phones as we All know Glass Breaks Easily and a Fingerprint Magnet,Just look on Ebay with so many sellers selling Broken Glass Screen Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge phones,so will not be jumping in Straight away purchasing the Future Galaxy S8 phones,until the Prices start to drop or a Drop test video on Youtube showing that the Future phones are offering Strong Glass,Overpricing Samsung Premium phones could end up people getting feed up with Samsungs attitude thinking there same as Apple

    • You have just said all the points that push me out from getting a new S series phone after the Galaxy S5. non-removable battery is the biggest wall for me.

      • Removable batteries are on the way out. Not only is it a cash cow for repair centers, but misguided style concerns. A phone that you may be fond of, and want to use more than 1~2 years, would have to be repaired by a authorized repair center, or shipped away. That phone that you may have paid a bargain for when you bought it, will be more expensive to repair(never mind flagships, you paid for it, so you're stuck) .The damage is in the bill for something that was a free, easy thing to do. This way the mfgs get more.

      • Mark
        • Admin
        Apr 5, 2017 Link to comment

        Getting rid of the removable is all about planned obsolescence and making more money. I blame it on greed and all these half ass reviewers and their premium materials BS. They call glass premium I call it garbage. you said it best misguided style concerns when 90% of the people put their phones in cases.

      • I agree Mark, but I also think there's more to the batteries being irremovable. I see it as a manner of blocking people to remove their batteries so intelligence agencies can listen in on the public like they did/can do with smart tv's if for some reason you are on their priority list.

      • Getting rid of the replaceable battery is to make it IP68 compatible and to stop stupid people from buynig the cheapest battery and when it blows up, blaming Samsung

    • Maybe you are too young to remember Nokia's prices.... But, 700-800$ price range was perfectly normal and before Apple came into the game.
      Just google for Nokia 8800 model price, i remember i bought it for a more than 1000$, and there ware more expensive models (arte, Lamborghini, Aston Martin.... but i was conferring my self i don't need to have it, since they had same HW, only branding was different and prices doubled - like Huawei's Mate 9 Porsche edition now).
      And it was not just Nokia, Samsung had their competitors, Sony, Blackberry...

  • Well, tough thinking. Generaly seems that is a great phone with exciting possibility to serve also as computer, it has an awesome look and obviously it has its price, deserved. At the end is a flagship phone of Samsung. And we have to see the real selling price at the mobile providers. My opinion is that Samsung fans currently using (S6), S5, S4 now have a good reason to upgrade. Those on S7 probably will not as the difference is not so big, especially if they do not foresee the use of the phone as a computer. My thinking goes more to what the fans of Note series will do? Is S8 a valid competitor to Note 5 and 4 and what will Samsung give us in Note 8?
    About Bixby we have to wait a litle to see first upgrade, dont we?
    And about iris scaner - currently is the safest way for securing unlock, payments, data protection, substitute passwords, etc,

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