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Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge: what we want to see

The Galaxy S7 Edge is one of the hottest smartphones on the market. Samsung stepped up its game from the Galaxy S6 Edge and reintroduced memory expansion and included water resistance with the S7 Edge. Its successor, the Galaxy S8 Edge, will no doubt make some improvements on the line. Here's everything we want to see with the Galaxy S8 Edge.

AndroidPIT Samsung galaxy s7 edge 14
Come and see what we want to see from the Galaxy S8 Edge. / © ANDROIDPIT

Samsung Galaxy S8: what we want to see

More 'Edge panels'

With the curved display, the Galaxy Edge line is able to have additional 'Edge panels' added to the edge of the screen. Some panels for the Galaxy S7 Edge are Trends from Twitter, the CNN Panel and RSS Panel for Edge. Read more about these in our list of the best panels for the Galaxy S7 Edge.

The Galaxy S7 Edge does not take advantage of the capabilities the curved screen provides. There are only a few panels and most don't hold their water. When the Galaxy S8 Edge comes out we'd like to see a bigger selection with more versatility.

There are a couple of ways Samsung could go about making this happen. They could partner with another company and make some of the panels pre-loaded into the device. That way Samsung could oversee a unique feature that would be included into its device. We would also like to see a notification 'Edge panel' with news integrated.

androidpit samsung galaxy s7 edge panels 4
We would like to see an 'Edge panel' built into the Galaxy S8 Edge. / © ANDROIDPIT

A change in design

While the Galaxy S6 Edge was a revolutionary device, the Galaxy S7 Edge made some design improvements over its predecessor. The Galaxy S7 Edge is a bit bigger than the S6 Edge, which made it better to watch videos but worse to carry in your pocket. It also brought back the microSD card slot and gave customers the choice for expandable memory.

We would like to see the Galaxy S8 Edge make better use of the top and bottom of the front of the device and add more display there. We would also like to see the device shrunk down back to the S6 Edge size. That way, the device will maintain its display quality without being too bulky. It could mitigate accidental manipulations of the screen with the same technology the S7 Edge uses for its sides.

We like the back of the Galaxy S7 Edge. The Gorilla Glass 4 is strong and prevents against cracks. But it's not quite as strong as it could be.. We would like to see a full metal body or a ceramic back in the Galaxy S8 Edge.

AndroidPIT Samsung galaxy s7 edge 15 review
We would like to see an S8 Edge with an even stronger back. / © ANDROIDPIT

USB Type-C

Samsung did not integrate USB Type-C into the S7 Edge and we were disappointed. To streamline any port connectivity Samsung provided a micro USB adapter so you can connect it to any micro USB port. But this is an extra step that could be avoided with USB Type-C. 

We would like to see Samsung adopt USB Type-C into the S8 Edge. It seems well over due as we were already unhappy about the S7 Edge not having it. That way the device will be more well-rounded and cohesive. 

AndroidPIT Samsung galaxy s7 edge 2
We'd like to see the Galaxy S8 Edge with a USB Type-C. / © ANDROIDPIT

Return of the removable battery

The removable battery is a point of contention since the Galaxy S6 Edge. And when Samsung didn't include it into the S7 Edge more controversy ensued. The company tried to make up for it with a big battery, 3,600 mAh. But that did not satisfy everyone.

The battery is one of the limitations on the longevity of any smartphone. There are only a certain number of charges and once the limit is hit the device is done for. That is, unless you have a device with a removable battery. Then you can replace it with a new one and it's like having a newer device. 

We would like to see the return of the removable battery in the Galaxy S8 Edge. Samsung listened to customers in the debate over the microSD card slot for the S7 Edge and it should do it again in 2017. We know there is a lot of controversy surrounding the removable battery and not everyone agrees so check out our page on the pros and cons of removable batteries.

Cory Schmidt
The Galaxy S8 Edge should come with a removable battery.
What do you think?
I agree
I disagree
ANDROIDPIT battery 3
A return to the removable battery in the S8 Edge would please many of us. / © ANDROIDPIT

What else would you like to see in the Galaxy S8 Edge? Let us know in the comments.

Readers' favorite comments

  • Smith 4 months ago

    Galaxy S8 features I would like to see:

    1) Ambient Display/Active Display notifications(e.g. like in the Nexus 6p or Motorola X) preferred,
    or iPhone 6s' wake screen type notifications
    2) A 5000+ mah battery
    3) Unlockable bootloader for the U.S. variant
    4) An Always Listening feature (like the Moto X 2nd generation)
    5) Dual nano sims for the U.S. variant
    6) Better speakers
    7) Double tap to wake(i.e. Knock on and Knock code)
    8) An unlocked U.S. variant available for purchase directly from
    9) The ability to uninstall any unnecessary software from the phone(e.g. like carrier bloatware)
    10) Adoptable storage
    11) Support for Android seamless updates
    12) A night reading mode


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  • Samsung needs to finally make a galaxy with Dual Front Facing Speakers, their Phones are Great but the sound Quality always sound Bad

  • Buzz 2 months ago Link to comment

    I left apple for the flexibility of samsung. Some of these things included a removable battery and expandable memory. Then samsung decided to try and look nice and lost usefulness as a result. Why not make an office version for those who of you who want it to look nice and a useful one for those who put it in a case anyway(i dont know anyone without a case). Bring back removable battery, water resistant, expandable memory and IR blaster. Plastic or metal is irrelevant. Plastic probably better due to weight. Am stuck with s5 for now.

    • Cory Schmidt
      • Admin
      • Staff
      2 months ago Link to comment

      I hear you there Buzz. You have the choice of other Android devices with removable batteries. The LG G5 could be a good choice for you.

  • Mark 4days ago, how would you know if that person has a use for it??
    Fact is you don't so don't go talking about what ya don't know already!

  • I hope they use stronger material. The glass is so fragile on s7 edge. Dropped it twice from a few inches. Glass shattered like an i phone front and then back. Dropped my s5 about 500 times from height on to concrete or tiles. Never beoke once.

  • Hammad R 4 months ago Link to comment

    I want to see infrared back in the phone. Had an S5 before an S7e. Also what in the world happened to samsung mirror? I didn't have to download/buy any additional software/hardware to connect to my Samsung tv until I got an S7e. Pretty disappointing.

  • Rhys 4 months ago Link to comment

    +1 for the metal back and usb-type C. Gorilla Glass will NEVER be as strong as metal as I have found out dropping my phone from pocket-height only to have it smash to pieces, my s6e+ is now unusable and I cannot get my data from the phone because it also has a flaky micro usb port. Better call quality would also be nice!

  • neil 4 months ago Link to comment

    I'd like the s8 to have the beam technology. like in the samsung beam phone.Ucan Beam a VIDEO onto the wall.the kids would love it.and the adults too

  • Actually I do not want an all metal design like that of the HTC. If I wanted that, I would have purchased an HTC but instead I purchased the S7. The glass front/back is part of the unique appealing design that has helped the Galaxy line so I hope Samsung doesn't read your comments and think they speak for S7 users. To this point, even apple is likely going to make their next iphone with glass front/back.
    I also don't need/want a removable battery. Those days are dead!! My S7 lasts all day with heavy use with no need to charge it during the day...but if I do need to charge it on long road trips or extra long days at work, the fast charge capability more than makes up for the ancient practice of removing/replacing a battery. Just stop it!!
    Regarding the type-C port, I don't really see the need to change it from the current micro-USB type. I couldn't stand when apple would change their darn connectors and it would force consumers to buy yet more adapters or new accessories. There is very little benefit from doing the average consumer it's yet another stupid way of making people buy new cables/adapters, etc.

    • Greg1100 4 months ago Link to comment

      "the fast charge capability more than makes up for the ancient practice of removing/replacing a battery "----you assume everyone has access to a electricity supply. Not everyone has an office job where they can charge their device at any time. In hilly areas, a battery will not last long, because the phone is constantly searching for signals. Drop a spare in- back to full battery- and NO WAITING for a quick charge up from a non existant wall point. Not many wall power points in the Highlands of Scotland. My Note 4 has a plastic back- far superior to glass/ metal, strong and extremely light. When phone is in a case of sorts, it doesn't matter if the back looks like hell, it is hidden. And to me and a lot of others, anyone having a £600 + phone without a protective cover is asking for trouble

  • When i tried the edge thought the side notification panels were of little use, plus you need good eyesight to read them, just another gimmick of little use

  • Mark 4 months ago Link to comment

    A removable battery, along with Micro SD and IP68 or better water proofing. Those are the key features I need. They brought back two with the S7 just one more and I will buy it. No Removable battery means no sale with me. A non glass back would be nice too.

    • Completely agree with you. Once they do that I'm upgrading from my S5 :)

      • Hammad R 4 months ago Link to comment

        I had an S5 before my S7 edge, thought that's all I needed..... believe me whatever the s6 lacked the s7 has more than made up for it.

  • Samsung is always hard at work to better our ways to stay connected to the things we love

  • it must have dual sims. because now a days it is very necessary to have two conections.

    • Why is a dual sim necessary? I have seen that users from countries outside of the USA really desire dual sim phones but I guess here in the USA, we don't really see a need for them. Just curious as to the benefit of the dual sim?

      • Mark 4 months ago Link to comment

        Speak for your self. You don't have a use for them but many of us do. I will give you some good examples. Have you ever sold anything on line or though a news paper ad. Wouldn't be nice not to give out your primary number. Do you use your phone for work? It is nice to be able to have separate number without carrying two phones. There are lots of reasons but that gives you a clue. Try it you might like it. I always have a disposable number to give out.

  • no ugly UI

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