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Galaxy S8 photo leak: could this be the real thing?

A new photo leak from none other than the famous leaker Evan Blass on Venture Beat has everyone talking. This might be the real Samsung Galaxy S8. What does this photo of both the front and back of the smartphone tell us about the device?

The device clearly has a curved "edge" display design as expected, but it isn't clear whether these devices represent the 5.8 or 6.2-inch version. It is also immediately apparent that there is no physical home button. What does this mean for the fingerprint scanner?

androidpit amsung Galaxy S8 Evleaks
Placing the scanner to the right of the camera may make it awkward for some users. / © Venture Beat

If this image is real, the S8 will be getting a scanner on the back, rather than an optical fingerprint scanner. The photo shows the fingerprint scanner placed beside, not below, the main rear camera. Samsung hasn't confirmed anything about the fingerprint scanner yet, so we'll just have to wait and see. 

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The design of the leaked S8 seems enticing
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Whether or not these prove to be real Galaxy S8 devices, we think the S8 will likely leave the home button behind. This could have made it the first smartphone with an optical fingerprint sensor under the display, but this isn't expected. Here's why: Synaptics, which has long been the supplier for Samsung's fingerprint scanners, has announced the release of its Natural ID optical-based fingerprint sensors for smartphones and tablets, which are due to go into mass production in Q2 2017. This will be too late to make it into the S8 before launch. So, the fingerprint scanner is much more likely to be placed somewhere on the back.

Finally, in other S8 rumors and news today, the AI assistant for the Galaxy S8 may have been confirmed. Do you think these leaked photos are the real deal? Are you excited about Samsung's AI assistant, Bixby? Let us know what you're thinking in the comments!



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  • Mark 4 weeks ago Link to comment

    Just looks the same, getting boring like Apple every phone looks like the last.

  • Some more images today and it does make the phone look even better,Why?as there been any news yet about the Battery type and Strength that Samsung will be offering on the Galaxy S8 models

  • Yes these photos are close to the finished product but not exactly yet. As this article states the fingerprint scanner has to be placed somewhere on the back unfortunately some Samsung users might not like this.

    Either way people getting use to something new will happen rather people like it or not I'll be fine with it on the back.

    These handsets will be the best android smartphones on the Android platform until the Note8 and NoteFold in September.

    I definitely will be purchasing the S8Plus and GearS3 Frontier day one of launch then will pick up the Note8 in September.

    • Yes now they are copying manufacturers like LG that have been doing it for a while now. Thus samsung is behind in the in the design department.

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