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The ugly S8 cases: what was Samsung thinking?
Samsung Galaxy S8 Hardware Samsung 1 min read 4 comments

The ugly S8 cases: what was Samsung thinking?

When we first saw the images of the two-piece S8 case, the reactions around the AndroidPIT office were all fairly similar: "what the heck were they thinking?!" After having spent so much time and money on designing a gorgeous flagship device, why would Samsung give us the option to cover it with such an awful case?

We're not alone in our reaction. A number of news outlets have pretty much said the same thing. AndroidPolice calls it "hideous and terrible", and Mashable doesn't hold back either, calling it "fugly AF". Considering the fiery fate that was ultimately the downfall of the Note 7, if this case is the only controversial thing that can be associated with the S8, then I guess that's a bonus.

These pastel nightmares attach to the S8 magnetically at the top and bottom of the device, where it's most prone to drop damage. I'm guessing the oddly shaped design is to help show off the body of the phone more, but it's hard to call that endeavor a success. Instead of accentuating the design, it distracts, obscures and ruins what would be an otherwise guaranteed favorable first impression.

On a scale of one to five, how ugly do you think these cases are?
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  • rick Apr 9, 2017 Link to comment

    if i cant get a good solid case to protect the s8+ , one that looks good on it, i wont get the s8+ , ill have to get another flagship device, even if i have to wait 6 months.

  • I can understand the principles behind Samsung's design but it then fails dramatically after that. What I find troubling is that after testing Samsung believes that these oversized rubber "absorbing" end pieces are necessary to stop damage occurring to the S8 when dropped on the corners. Surely it's a statement of defeat that the S8 is prone to damage when dropped, presumably more so than the S7. I would expect the S8 to be fairly robust, certainly not more fragility.

  • They are horrible looking, hideous, and comical. I would sure like to meet the highly-paid designers at Samsung who designed the cases. These professionals just have academic credentials. They have no connection with the world around them.

  • Mark
    • Admin
    Mar 31, 2017 Link to comment

    They are fugly, funny looking and ugly.