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Samsung Galaxy S9 specs allegedly shown on leaked box photo

Everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9: The latest news

A photo of what seems to be the retail packaging of the Samsung Galaxy S9 has surfaced on Reddit. The box resembles that of the Galaxy S8, so it could well be the real deal. But it's not just about the box, but what's on it: it shows the technical specifications of the upcoming device.

Although it is not possible to verify the source of this leak, if you take a look at the photo below, you can see how the packaging resembles that of its predecessor. 

S9 scatola 3
The box shown on Reddit looks legit. / © Reddit

The interesting aspect is certainly not the box itself, but the technical specifications indicated that seem to match what has leaked up to now. Here they are below:

  • Display: 5.8" Super AMOLED panel (which is reduced to 5.6" when considering rounded corners), resolution in QHD+.
  • Camera: 8MP on the front, only one 12MP lens on the back with optical image stabilizer and aperture that can switch between f/1.5 and 2.4. Features include super slow motion.
  • Audio: Stereo speaker tuned by AKG. 
  • IP68 certification against water and dust.
  • Iris scanner.
  • 4GB of RAM accompanied by 64GB of internal memory.
  • Wireless charging.

As you can see, there is nothing particularly surprising revealed, being an incremental improvement over the Galaxy S8. AKG is part of the HARMAN group which Samsung bought last year. It supplied the headphones for the Galaxy S8 and continues its audio work on the successor. 

While there don't appear to be many novelties in the hardware department, Samsung could still surprise us on the software side.

Samsung Galaxy S9: Price and release date

Thus, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is expected be the stage chosen by the Korean company to unveil the Galaxy S9 and S9+ to the world. This was confirmed by DJ Koh, chairman of the brand's mobile division, at the CES in Las Vegas.

Since MWC 2018 officially begins on Monday, February 26, press events are typically held from the day before; so if Samsung is going to launch the new phone at MWC, the first appearance of the Galaxy S9 could well be Sunday, February 25.

After the unveiling, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to go on sale in March. The device is being developed under the internal codename "Star" and it will likely cost at least $720, which was the starting price of the S8.

Samsung Galaxy S9: Design and renders

Since there's little official information about the design of the Galaxy S9 available at the moment, the design of the device is largely unknown. That means the rumor-based renders appearing online differ widely. Take these with a grain of salt before you feast your eyes on all the fun possibilities.

Reputable leaker Steve H (@OnLeaks) stoked up excitement by leaking not one, but two CAD based 360 degree renders showing the S9 and S9 Plus. 

Feast your eyes on the videos below. First, the Galaxy S9:

And now the big brother, the S9+:

OnLeaks has an excellent track record for accuracy that has made him something of a superstar in the world of mobile tech leaks. His renderings of S8 and iPhone X earlier this year certainly proved reliable.

According to sources cited by Sammobile, Samsung will introduce the new flagship in a purple color in addition to the traditional black, gold and blue. We don't know the official color names, but we assume that the purple version could be close to the Deep Blue version of Galaxy Note 8.

androidpit galaxy s8 red
The Galaxy S8 Burgundy Red didn't make it to the west. /  © Samsung

However, the purple color could be exclusive to certain markets. This is the case, for example, for the red version of the Galaxy S8, which is currently only available in South Korea. Now it remains to be seen if further leaks will confirm (or debunk) this violet color.

Samsung Galaxy S9: Fingerprint sensor in front, back, or in-display?

Although a patent filed by Samsung suggested that the next flagship will have a front-located fingerprint reader, local news reports in their home country of South Korea indicate like that manufacturer has aborted this plan in favor of a more conservative approach, keeping the fingerprint scanner on the back. 

Some Samsung fans may well find this quite disappointing, as user feedback about the fingerprint sensor placement on this year's Galaxy S8 was far from overwhelmingly positive.

A front-located fingerprint sensor would eliminate the finger strain that can come with using the current generation Samsungs, but such a placement would also open up Samsung to more accusations of copying their old rival, Apple. This is because they'd have to put a notch in the bottom of the display, a feature sported by the iPhone X which is dividing opinion. Still, Apple often points the way for other companies to improve on.

Samsung remain determined to better integrate fingerprint ID technology, and it is now expected that they will work to integrate a front-located, possibly in-display fingerprints scanner on their next flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy S9: Possible Technical Specifications

  Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9 Plus
Display 5.8 inches 6.2 inches
Resolution 2.960 x 1.440 (QHD+) 2.960 x 1.440 (QHD+)
Chipset Exynos 9810 / Snapdragon 845 Exynos 9810 / Snapdragon 845
Storage 64 GB, MicroSD-Slot 64 GB, MicroSD-Slot
Camera Single-Camera, 12 MP Dual-Camera, 12 Mp
Battery 3.200 mAh -
Features Iris-Scanner Iris-Scanner

In the US, the S9 would likely have the next generation Qualcomm processor, the Snapdragon 845. In other markets, it should carry Samsung's latest in-house chip, the Exynos 9810. In terms of camera, the Plus version will likely have a dual camera setup compared to the single camera on its little brother.

What do you want to see in Samsung's 2018 S series flagship? What do you think the codename means? Let us know in the comments below. 



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  • string us along Samsung, minimal upgrades. same old tactics. i think its time to get away from Samsung.

  • Great, hype, rumors, leaks... all over again. Every time Samsung releases a new phone. Apple, too. You'd think people would be tired of the same strategy by now. I guess this is the media principle now.
    The actual specs that are still largely unknown are probably going to be confirmed from current theories.

  • STEREO SPEAKERS, this will make consumer's pop! It's about damn time!

  • I think with the display looking very good on the Apple x Samsung is looking to improve the s9 series. As far as I'm concerned the infinity display is the best I've ever used. I never grow tried of it. Watching video's is simply amazing especially with the aspect ratio. If anyone has perfected it Samsung rules the roost with it! I say go find another that it's equal!

  • I skipped the S8 my just go the S9.

  • I like the rumors of the S9+. 6gb's, duel camera's the 845 processer & a better FPS placement. I really enjoy their products and always include all the toys consumer's have grown to love!

  • fp scanner is awesome, best battery and battery life, awesome camera features, 845 processer is the best part for this mobile

  • bigger battery , removable hopefully , better camera, .more storage, sd card, this will work.

  • I am hoping for a larger battery. I'm a plus fan & 6gb's, duel camera's, the 845 processer would be great additions. FPS below the camera would also be welcomed!

  • That's all these manufacturers have. No "innovation"....fancy colors, slimmer phones, more processor speed, HIGHER prices.

  •   30

    I thought fp scanner was cool until it becomes uncool, like being in wrong place, inconsistent or just slow..
    if you "need" security then it becomes a minor but consistently annoying part of daily UX.
    on the back is ok unless you regularly use device on a stand or table, incorporated in power button (Sony) great but similar issues, front of screen ok but not so easy when taking out of pocket, or worse if it's small and fiddly, like Nokia 8..
    if Sammy can't get reliable fp scanning embedded in the screen then on the back is fine but in the right place please.. and they should also include something like secure and reliable face id or iris scan on front..

  • Mark
    • Admin
    2 months ago Link to comment

    I like the finger print scanner on the back of the phone. Just not where Samsung has placed next to the camera lens. The LG G5 placement is perfect my finger goes right to it. I use but do not like the finger print scanner on my Note 4 just awkward on the front of the phone.

  • Dusan V. 2 months ago Link to comment

    I actually like this decision really much. I would definitely prefer big screen without buttons or God forbid top notch disaster like on iPhone X.

  • I'll wait for the Note 9, My Note 8 and LG V30 should keep me until then.

  • Dazzler 2 months ago Link to comment

    Fingerprint scanner in the front would be awesome! If they avoid another big price hike I might just get one!

  • Id Mud 2 months ago Link to comment

    It'll be better if they implement back the IR blaster. Is a big minus since S7. I choose an S6 edge, because of IR presence. I heave to make a choice between S6 edge, S7 edge and S8. And I chose S6. It's so so nice to controll older devices in home like air conditioner, non smart TV, audio receiver (an old but still good Logitech, even the Xbox 360). I appreciate if Samsung will introduce back that IR blaster.

  • Hans F 2 months ago Link to comment

    Removable battery means long term useable avoiding polluting.

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