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Samsung owners: just how important are removable batteries and microSD cards?

Samsung owners: just how important are removable batteries and microSD cards?

Listen up Samsung owners, we need your opinions. We all know the absence of a replaceable battery and microSD card slot in the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge came as a bit of a shock. Samsung certainly had its reasons, but just how important are removable batteries and microSD expansion anyway? Much of a muchness or total deal breaker? You tell us.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge microSD card
Just how important are microSD cards and removable batteries to Samsung's success? / © ANDROIDPIT

Of course, anyone can contribute to this survey, but we'd prefer it if only existing Samsung owners responded so we can get a feel for just how big a deal removable batteries and microSD card slots are to you: the ones most likely to have strong feelings on the changes backed up by personal experience. Who knows, Samsung may just come across this survey and get some valuable user feedback.

Do you currently have a spare battery?
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How important is a removable battery to you?
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While we've heard that the Galaxy S6 Active may well include a microSD card slot and a larger capacity battery, we expect it will be the sales for the new Galaxy devices that will dictate whether or not microSD cards and removable batteries are gone for good. Samsung has taken a big risk by abandoning two of the key features that helped make it the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world; only time will time if the gamble pays off.

Do you currently use a microSD card?
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How important is microSD expansion to you?
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If we've missed some other key factors in the surveys about what's most important to you, please add your comments below.

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  • corvette72778 Mar 27, 2015

    Micro SD is THE future. data transfer speeds especially on mobile carriers is not keeping up with storage growth. How long will it take you to transfer 128GB of data from your s6 to your s8? hours? Days? 10 seconds on an s5 with SD memory.
    Most mobile carriers charge by the data usage so using online storage could not be used if you pay by the GB used
    Google is pushing for for the elimination of SD for their own agenda....their cloud and storage fees. Customers demand micro SD and the customer will win.
    HTC got rid of it only to bring it back. LG G3 has it.
    Iphone users are just plain stupid.

  • Bob malick Mar 27, 2015

    I have a note 3 if i wanted a phone with no sd card and no removable battery i would buy and iPhone. What the hell is Samsung thinking? ????????


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  • And further more I think it would be better to have a removable battery for the reason what happen to my other phone the again.

  • I have the Samsung Galaxy S6. And bout 2 weeks ago. On a Saturday my phone woke me up around 7 because it was shutting down. So I waited to see if it would come back on all the way. But it didnt. It keep doing it over and over again. Till I unplugged it and the battery completely shut off. I think personally I'm wanting a Active. Because my friend has 1 and I like it. It fits my needs as far as my work standards. So I'm ready for a the S7/S6 Active. Either 1 idc. Thank you Samsung..........

    Samsung Galaxy Customer

  • USB OTG is my friend.
    Using the sdcard in my Galaxies is convenient, but I also own a LG G2 and I have gotten very intimate with using removable micro-usb storage.

  • The removable microSD card saved my life when my Galaxy S4 just stopped working. Nothing had been backed up to a cloud but I had monthly backups setup on my micros card because of the card I hadn't lost 50gb of my photos/videos/music/etc. I live in an area with almost no data coverage and slow WiFi so cloud backups are next to impossible. Due to the movement away from cards when my s4 died a terrible death I decided on the Galaxy Note Edge, I absolutely adored samsung but if they continue to move away from microSD cards I'll have to find a new love. I buy phones yearly and having to pay to keep my 128gb capacity will be way too pricey. Boooo samsung! Go back to the thing that brought me here! :(

  • James Apr 4, 2015 Link to comment

    apple forces you to buy a more expensive phone with more memory if you need more memory. I prefer being able to add more memory as needed and as new memory technology comes out

  • PACoug Mar 31, 2015 Link to comment

    You may do things with your phone that require massive onsite data storage. When I subscribed to Spotify my main storage need evaporated.

    64 GB internal is all I really need now. YMMV. I don't mind a built in battery but it would be far better if they made the device easier to crack open to replace the batt when it eventually goes bad. It's a $12 part max and any fool can do it after the warranty period expires. Building in the battery saves so much space that you can actually fit a lot more battery into the device. I like a battery that goes all day and takes a reasonably short time to charge. The extra capacity and thinner device enabled by a built in battery offsets the occasional need for an external battery, e.g. while traveling.

    Which is to say, welcome to the 21st century, Samsung. Better late than never.

  • To everyone that is disappointed with the loss of the SD card slot, just buy the higher storage option model.

    With higher internal storage there is no need for A2SD because you can fit ALL the data on the internal storage like it was meant.

    Using external storage is a cheap cop-out for people who can't afford to buy the the high end model.

    Quit trying to move data that is meant to be on the internal storage to a place that it wasn't designed to go.

    • So an extra $200 on top of the $200 contract price. Thats $400 every time you upgrade!. With micro SD card you just swap it out and put it in....takes 10 seconds and costs zero extra. I use 128 GB SD card. How long would that take you to transfer 128GB off your old phone and onto your new phone?!!! How much do carriers charge to do online backup? What happens if your phone is damaged or you drop it in water? Whats your plan to get your data back? How much does Google charge for over 100GB of storage backup?
      Data isn't meant to be transferred.....excuse me but yes it is. I have been using an SD card since my Palm Treo. Its the best way to have your data. Are you brainwashed like all the other iphone users? I do not want my data kept inside my phone if I can't take it off in less than 10 seconds. Sealing up memory is a way to control you and your wallet.

  • Without the option to remove the battery and the ability to expand memory then your just purchasing another apple product...they invented the term "planned obsolescence".

    • PACoug Mar 31, 2015 Link to comment

      Planned obsolescence? So Samsung products' obsolescence is "unplanned?"

      Because innovation moves so fast in this market there is no device out there or in the works that won't be obsolete almost before it comes to market.

      Planned obsolescence. Pfft.

  • Always carry a spare battery in my wallet, and I have one of Samsung's external USB battery chargers (barely bigger than the battery itself) so it can be charged without the phone itself. Now it's not that often I need to swap out but it's been a life saver when I've been caught out away from a charging point. One such instance was stuck in a departure lounge waiting for a delayed flight. While iPhone users were literally fighting over the one or two available power points to get a charge, one simple 30 second battery swap & my S4 was good to go again.

    Quick charging & wireless charging are no good if you're nowhere near a charging point in the first place when you're out of juice. Never even seen a wireless charging point.

    Until battery tech is improved then these 'work arounds' will always be inferior options to the removable battery. I understand Sony's Z3 has done good things with it's battery life. I suspect Samsung hasn't done it with the S6.

    And don't even get me started on the lack of removable memory.

  • this is only a google fault, becouse you can not instal games, apps on sd card if your phone is not rooted, so the samsung is going to make a flash storage.

  • The Removable Battery becomes
    MORE Important when we have a low capacity battery due to the (ridiculous)
    "Thinness Race" to achieve 6 millimeter thin Phones - with Protruding Cameras.
    IF you wear a size 8 shoe BUT your Toe sticks out 1 inch- you REALLY wear a size 10.
    1 Millimeter Thicker equals a 25 % Battery Increase to about 3100 Mah.

    IF most Consumers want Phones "Thin" "Stylish" with Fragile Protruding Cameras ( lay Device flat, rests on Camera = bad)- I understand.

    BUT - Let's have some Pro Devices for those of us who need
    Accurate Cameras, Power of CPU and less Fragile 8 mm thick Devices like Note 5 and Note 5 COMPACT at full power and price.

    Galaxy S6 Active does NOT need hardware Buttons which trap dirt and does NOT need a dumbed down lower performance Camera and does not need to be ugly- just
    Thicker and a bit reinforced with recessed screws on Metal Back.

    Samsung is afraid to Eclipse/ Exceed their Flagship in ANY way but no need to worry Note 5 , Note 5 Compact , and S6 Active are a slightly different Market.

    IF Alpha had been 1080 P and same Camera and Specs as Note 4 with 2700 Mah Battery at 8 mm thick- it would have been huge Worldwide at $ 750 among Pros who don't want to carry a Phablet.

    Let's see a Note 5 Compact and a full featured Not UGLY S6 Active for Pros.

    S6 S6 Edge Form over Function - still Powerful.
    Note, Note 5 Compact , S6 Active
    Function over Form - still attractive.

    WILL Samsung do it ?

  • Buk Ay Mar 29, 2015 Link to comment

    Since Android 4.4.2, the use of SD cards have been unreliable. I prefer to use OTG flash drives instead. This is the future.

    • I've never had any probs...I use several USB Micros ..plus my 164MB Interna...l for separate life needs....and I purchased 2 x 80,000MHA battery pack, size of cig pack !! ...never no probs at all !! ...this thinness craze is bonkers .. mobiles are now 'so life needed...its beyond fads ...stick with whats well proven ... I buy all from China... best of all products ..1/2 the cost too without paying for Name !!!

    • Never had a micro sd failure in 8 years since my first Palm Treo. They are very reliable actually. The future is not internal storage until a lot of things happen and that is a long long ways off.

  • Awayze Mar 28, 2015 Link to comment

    Memory card is a must if the internal storage is a poxy 16GB. The rest of the stuff doesn't matter. App2sd needs to be better implemented rather than a limited number of apps.

  • It seems that hardware manufacturers and Android developers underestimate the amount of apps we want to download. I like having an SD card unless the internal memory will be bigger than 128GB I will want an SD card. All manufactures should allow SD card transfer and so should app developers or they will lose out.

  • None of these additional features are critical as long as end users are offered the replacements at an affordable price. Once the 64 and 128 GB versions fall back to a standard price, it's safe to say there won't ever be a need for storage cards in smartphones. When it comes to battery life, it surfaces as a subject companies will have to struggle with for a little while more. With smartphone batteries depleting even faster with 3D games, advanced apps and higher resolution screens, the real focus should be placed on mobile charging solutions rather than wireless charging. Be it for travelling businessmen, tourists or college students -- which make up the crushing majority of Samsung's target customer. This rather overlooked feature may actually decide the winner in the smartphone race in the years to come, maybe much more so than technical specs which make little to none difference in the end user's daily smartphone experience.

  • If I got a 64GB model, I'd probably have 48GB free at all times. if for some reason I suddenly felt compelled to fill up that 48GB with a library of 30-40 movies that I want to carry around with me 24/7 (why???) and felt the urge to bring an extra movie with me on my next trip, there's this fancy thingamajig called an OTG cable. Worried that my battery might die on the plane and I didn't get a seat with a power outlet underneath? External batteries with 3-8 times the power of the internal battery are available. Yeah, there was a time when removable battery and microSD were important to me. I don't see what the big deal is anymore.

  • I travel a lot. I use the memory card to carry my media. I can quickly swap out all the episodes of Colditz for all the episodes of Star trek in a few seconds. Even with USB3, copying 128GB is a pain. All except video/audio media I use the cloud. A spare battery gives me better run time.
    One of my phones MUST have removable memory. Also I can put my private stuff on it.

  • FZ2015 Mar 28, 2015 Link to comment

    Owning HTC One 801n (M7_UL) and Samsung Galaxy NOTE 2 N7100, I know removable battery means a lot, whereas SD card is critical too. My HTC after lollipop update gets hot when 3g or GPS is active, the metal body frame just cannot be touched, even OTG cables gets very hot. Due to non-removable battery and no SD slod, its counting it days.

    While on the other hand, Samsung recent phones with no removable battery and no SD card slot are the road to near ending disaster for customers. Hope they learn and improve ( which is highly not possible with Samsung ). People get air, move to other models instead of getting fan for one particular brand.

  • wkm001 Mar 28, 2015 Link to comment

    I had a S3 and S4 and absolutely loved the removable battery and SD card slot. But I took a chance on the OnePlus One rather than getting a S5. While carrying the S3 or S4 I would have said both are critical. But 64GB of storage is plenty for me and the OnePlus One uses battery so efficiently the 3100 mAh battery lasts forever. I gave up both and don't miss them or Samsung at all.

  • High-speed, High-capacity internal storage should do the trick nicely...
    As far as transferring files from one device to the next, well, WIFI DIRECT is a really good option. At least it doesn't rely on the cloud. And if WiFi isn't available, there is always the plug in your data cord to the computer option.

  •   11
    Deactivated Account Mar 28, 2015 Link to comment

    I was waiting for the S6 to replace my S3. Without a removable battery I will not buy it. I am not a huge memory user, I can live with out a memory card. I am working on my 3rd battery in my S3. Would I be working on my 3rd phone with out a removable battery? I know you can send them in to have them replaced, then your without your phone, and the high cost for the labor and shipping. I think I will wait for the Note 5 now. A new phone is a want not a need for me right now so I can wait. If it goes the same way I will be buying another brand.

  • i just purchased a note 4 and love it and all ive ever had was samsung but maybe they're getting a big head now and NOT listening to their customers! what about ppl that need alot of music? me personally i have big games and alot of apps on my sd. so if not sd then i have to turn to another phone but itll still and always be Android

  • Samsung made a big mistake. No upgrade for me. no removable battery AND a smaller battery? No waterproof, no micro sd?!!!!!!!! What a huge downgrade.
    I saw the s6 at best buy and using it is the same as the s5. You just lose all the features. Terrible!

    • I TOTALLY AGREE what a TERRIBLE move! Sam sung has officall in my mind Now become the IPhone of Androids! (BAD MOVE!) I GUESS I'll be looking elsewhere!

  • There is no way I'm going for a phone without removable battery and extended storage. Sometimes when my phone freezes( mostly android phones), though my notes is sweet, I just take out my battery and everything is refreshed. And it is not even going to be cheaper when maybe they are trying to save money.
    Ever since I got introduced to Samsung, it has been my last resort and I'm not even willing to give another manufacturer chance even though I love some others like the HTC. I'm done with them if they even venture, and open way to others.

  • JC! I've never seen so many dinosaurs comment on one post. Step out of the past and embrace progress! Lightning fast charging and expansive internal memory is the future. The days of the whining wannabe Tech Geeks are over! For Fuck Sakes!

    • Micro SD is THE future. data transfer speeds especially on mobile carriers is not keeping up with storage growth. How long will it take you to transfer 128GB of data from your s6 to your s8? hours? Days? 10 seconds on an s5 with SD memory.
      Most mobile carriers charge by the data usage so using online storage could not be used if you pay by the GB used
      Google is pushing for for the elimination of SD for their own agenda....their cloud and storage fees. Customers demand micro SD and the customer will win.
      HTC got rid of it only to bring it back. LG G3 has it.
      Iphone users are just plain stupid.

    • Zeke Mar 28, 2015 Link to comment

      That's your future. I don't want to spend hours transferring my music when I get a new device. I want to pop my sd card out and pop it in a new device and be ready to go in seconds. No customers are asking for sd slots to be removed. Manufacturers are removing them with their own agenda of making more money with cloud services. Samsung will bring them back mark my word. I've got lightning fast charging on my note edge with an SD slot.

    • An Droid,
      How long will it take you to transfer 128GB from your old phone to a new phone? 10 seconds with micro sd. What happens if you damage your phone, or drop in water. The phone generally protects the micro SD so you can just take the SD card out and you didn't lose much. How are you going to recover what was in storage? How much does 200GB of online storage back up cost? How much does your carrier charge per GB to backup? How much extra are you going to pay for 128Gb or more every time you upgrade your phone? $200 extra each upgrade os your total cost is $400 on contract!!!!
      It doesn't matter if you have wireless charging or fast charging, if you have a lot of apps, and are a heavy data/phone user your battery will die relatively quick and you have to plug it in for atleast 1.5 hours to get a full charge. OR if you have a phone with removable batteries/wall charger on ebay for $15, it will take 10 seconds for a full charge.

      Are you brainwashed like all the iphone users as well? I think you are an Idiot.

  • I am looking for a New TV, I really want a samsung to go with my 2 samsung phones. Mine and my wives. BUT, BUT, I'm waiting to see what samsung is going to do. if samsung starts to remove any more sd micros or removable Batteries I'm going with Pioneer.

  • If it is a money grab that's fine charge more for the phone, But Leave me with my sd micro and My REMOVABLE BATTERY. Otherwise I will without a doubt change Brands. If I can't get a removable sd micro and removable Battery on my Cell I will probably go with iphone. Wake up samsung, I have been faithful to samsung.

  • I will not be upgrading my trusty Galaxy S3, rooted with a Custom ROM, to an S6,no removable battery, no SD card access, no sale..!!!

  • I am disappointed that Samsung would offer various storage sizes in the phone without the use of an SD card. It's a money GRAB!. I.E. Bell mobility is selling the 64GB version of the S6 at 110$ more than the 32GB version, That's 110$ for an additional 32GB. Best Buy will sell you an SD card on sale for around 25$ approx. So GREED is the only reason for Samsung to go without the SD card. I'm ashamed to say that they getting more like APPLE as the days go by.

    • HTC and LG still have micro SD. LG is the only one with removable battery. Looks like 2016 will be the year to switch as the specs in 2015 will only match s5/note 4.

  • I have always been quite content with Samsung products having the usual like my TV and phones but now when I read the details of the new Note 6 I was shocked by the news of no removable batteries and the loss of an SD card. These two items are what I use the most as sometimes I am out in a place I have no way to recharge or replace if my SD card gets full. This now means that if this is the new way of production for Samsung it goes in the same bin along with Iphones and they have lost a precious customer. I did read about Samsung loosing a lot of the market already but if this is the way they think they have done something to improve their products it is so very wrong.

  • Jerry Mar 27, 2015 Link to comment

    bad thing about non-removable battery is tht i will have to take the phone in to replace the battery in-case the battery give me problems, unlike if you have a removable battery, you can just buy a new one and slot it in without spending more money on the battery that is expensive already. on a removable i do not need to be a technician to replace a battery....

    as for the microSD card, it is a good thing to have in-case i do not have the usb cable. To sum it up, it is always better to have a 2nd option on how to handle your data on your phone in case of emergencies.

  • Zeke Mar 27, 2015 Link to comment

    I waited for the final word on whether the s6/s6 edge would have a sd slot. Once they confirmed it wouldn't have one I purchased a note edge. I love Samsung but no sd slot will never work me. I don't want an iPhone I want an android.

  • using my note 4 to record a lot of video's a SD slot is vital to me.
    I share a lot to YouTube then delete but every once in a while theres a recording I just don't want to delete or move from my device. so an SD card is my best companion.
    I save to cloud also but accessing to view is always a pain, so long live the SD slot.

  • mike Mar 27, 2015 Link to comment

    the sd card is gone for one reason...money! they dont make money on sd cards. that way you have to buy cloud storage.

  • I have a note 3 if i wanted a phone with no sd card and no removable battery i would buy and iPhone. What the hell is Samsung thinking? ????????

  • If I wanted a type of phone like the Galaxy S6, I would've settled for the Apple IPhone. My wife and oldest son love theirs. Looks like a Galaxy S5 is my next update.

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