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Why Would Samsung Hold A Launch Event For Android And Windows?

Considering the massive install base of Android phone - and Samsung's dominance in the hardware market - why would they hold a simultaneous Android and Windows launch event? Windows Phone is a also-ran in the "smartphone wars." 

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Earlier today, Samsung sent out invitations to the press for a "premiere" launch event - to take place in London on June 20. According to the company, they will announce new products for both its Galaxy (Android) and Ativ (Windows) lines. 

A tablet event by Samsung / © Samsung

This seems odd.

Samsung's Galaxy competes with Apple's iPhone for the most popular device in the world. 

Android easily bests the smartphone market - by far. Apple's iPhone is a distant second. Windows Phone doesn't even "show." 

Considering how small the Windows Phone market is, and the rumors that Samsung is about to announce a new Galaxy Tab (tablet), it's most likely this event will be a showcase for Samsung's tablet aspirations, and no smartphone will be promoted.

No doubt Samsung will want to show the world that their tablets - both Android and Windows-based - are ready to take on Apple's iPad and, to a lesser extent, Amazon's Kindle line. 

The event will be webcast on YouTube, according to Samsung.

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