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Samsung: Official statement in regards to Region Locking

Samsung: Official statement in regards to Region Locking

Samsung has decided to peek its head out of the woodwork and issue an official statement on this whole “Regional Locking” debacle that started with the new Galaxy Note 3 and spread across to other devices. However, the answer provided may not be the one everyone was hoping to hear.

samsung galaxy note 3 schaf
Is this how Samsung views its customers?  / © Samsung/stanze@flickr.co

It has been discussed and dissected every way possible from people backing up the reasons behind the lock to others finding ways to get around it. In fact, a few weeks ago we reported on how Chainfire had released a tool that would remove the region locking on your Galaxy Note 3. And during all this, Samsung has remained relatively quiet on their end of things. That is until now.

Oh hey, by the way, this device isn't actually unlocked.  / © http://blog.clove.co.uk/

In an official announcement, Samsung has said the following:

The regional SIM lock feature on current Samsung products will remain in place. However ,we are currently examining intensively how we can optimize and simplify the procedure for total customer satisfaction.  We want to be able to answer all questions asked of us, but we still need some more time.

Should users should have problems with the deactivation of the regional SIM lock function, they can contact customer services.

(Original Text)

Dass die regionale SIM-Lock-Funktion in diesem Maße für Verunsicherung sorgt, haben wir nicht erwartet. Daher haben wir in den letzten Tagen die vielen Fragen gesammelt und ausgewertet.

Die regionale SIM-Lock-Funktion auf aktuellen Samsung-Produkten wird weiterhin Bestand haben. Derzeit prüfen wir jedoch intensiv, wie wir das Verfahren insgesamt zur Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden optimieren und vereinfachen können. Um alle Fragen zufriedenstellend beantworten zu können, benötigen wir jedoch noch etwas Zeit.

Sollten Nutzer bis dahin Probleme bei der Deaktivierung der regionalen SIM-Lock-Funktion haben, können sie sich direkt an den Kundendienst wenden. Dieser unterstützt gern beim Freischaltungsprozess, sodass Kunden ihr Gerät uneingeschränkt nutzen können.

And so, the line has been drawn in the sand. It seems that this is the stance that Samsung is taking and going to remain with. And if it comes down to it, I’ll just keep looking for methods to counteract this silly locking issue. 

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  • Samsung is a great company, so as Apple, so as Sony, and others, a lot of their devices are powerful, but at the end, treating customers with unrespect is something unacceptable, we have fought a lot and being fighting for our freedom in many aspects of life, and if we are loyal to a company or a product, that’s doesn’t mean that we are slaves of that company or that product
    The fact of what is going on with Samsung mobiles I had copy and paste it at the end of this comment, although people may search and find other facts, a lot of facts which I cant write all, but, at the end, Samsung phones are being region locked, they first deliver it with no arning, or sticker, well that was cheating, then they said that using a local sim card first will unlock the phone, well that was lying, then developers created an application to solve the problem but rooting was required, but Samsung seems attempting to lock bootloader to prevent rooting, well that is a nasty step, then people tried to get region network unlocking code from websites, but that is a risk of dealing with scams and not all operators and IME numbers are offered codes, and besides, maybe Samsung will find away to deal with that also, then Samsung comment that there is a region lock but they will not remove it and it will stay, well that is disrespect of consumers complains, at the end I had wrote in many Samsung Facebook community pages trying to get a solution and got no response, and when I kept writing, it seems that they finally report me to Facebook and I had been blocked from commenting, posting and creating pages completely, does that have any respect, it is up to Samsung audience now, I think that Samsung audience is the only way to get the company reverse their action
    The comments below with a link to it is a small peace of description of the problem as I mentioned above
    By Derek:
    The Mobile Network Code (MNC) for each carrier together with the Mobile Country Code (MCC) identifies the Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN). You can get an unlock for the MNC and the PLMN. However the region lock in new Samsung Galaxy phones seems to be being implemented by including in the broadband firmware a whitelist of the MCCs which a regional version of the relevant phone can accept – if the MCC of the SIM you want to insert in the phone is not on the list, then tough it will not work.
    As the whitelist of acceptable MCCs is controlled through the CSC (Consumer Software Customisation) which is th broadband firmware, it would most probably need the CSC to be reflashed and thereby lies a problem as it is unlikely now to be just a question of entering an unlock code. Moreover as Samsung has now take to locking the bootloader taking it into one’s own hands to revise and reflash the CSC with an unsigned but more permissive version is going to result in warranty issues even if it can be done. The result is that if you travel on holiday or for work to a different region you will not have the MCC listed in the CSC relevant to the local SIM you might otherwise wish to insert in your own phone and therefore the local SIM will not work.
    By Luc Feenstra:
    I have contacted a lot of other retailers here in the Netherlands and they all seem to have the stickers on the boxes. Same case for my friends in the UK. I’m planning to go to China tomorrow for a longer period and won’t be able to use the phone there so have returned it. Contacted Samsung and they have told me the following:
    “Hi Luc,
    Unfortunately it is not possible to unlock the phone. On the package and in the user manual it clearly states that there is a Regional Lock on this device. It is however possible to use European simcards in China, but you can’t put a Chinese simcard in this device.
    Best regards,
    Samsung Mobile NL”

  • Could almost make me dump Samsung. I travel to America and Asia a lot and I NEED a phone that I can put international sims in. They have obviously not thought of business people when putting this lock in place.

  • its really disgusting.. anyhow regional sim locks can be removed from any commercial vendors online like http://www.theunlockarena.com there are several third party engaged in unlocking service

  • Like your Disc Players & Game Consoles, Electronic Manufacturers want to make your Smart Phones locked into a Specified Region (give it time, some one will hack through this) :-/

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