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Samsung patent awakens hope for holograms

Samsung patent awakens hope for holograms

A new Samsung patent promises to enable holographic effects without the known limitations. Once implemented, the  new technology could represent a quantum leap in display technology. This would also herald a new era for innovative 3D content.

Similar to some Star Wars scenes, we can expect real 3D holograms projected into the air in the near future. A Samsung patent filed for this purpose in the USA reveals details about the structure. And it is quite promising.

Previous holographic displays such as the Nintendo 3DS or the Red Hydrogen One were plagued by fly screen effects. These were mostly due to technical reasons, as the displays worked with a parallax barrier. It was also to blame for a second limitation: users had to look at the display from a certain angle in order to perceive the effect.

samsung hologram displaz patent letsgodigital
Samsung hologram display works without parallax barrier / © Let's go digital

According to the Samsung patent, a new hope is awakened that holograms floating freely above the display will become possible. An ingenious arrangement of lenses is supposed to transform the hologram display into a projector.

A patent that lets your imagination run wild

It is still only a patent and it is unclear when Samsung can show a sample or even go into production. Yet, the idea has already sparked the imagination of many.

Holographic displays break down a barrier for interactive content that previously could only be overcome with VR or AR accessories. Digital content is becoming more tangible. Its uses could bring enrichment in medicine, engineering, education, design or even in the entertainment industry.

The wishful dream of animated holograms appears again and again in science fiction films; most recently larger-than-life and eerie in Bladerunner 2049, where holograms dominate the cityscape. In the protagonist's household, a hologram gives his digital assistant a face.

The digital assistants are already available in the form of Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant - and if you want Bixby as well. Samsung's patent shows that these too could soon have a face.

What do you think? A distant dream or soon to be reality? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Reg Joo 11 months ago Link to comment

    They must have something in the works, acquiring for patents already. I may not see it in my lifetime though, knowing how long their foldable phone is now becoming a in production reality.