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Samsung reveals reason for plastic over metal for the S5

Samsung reveals reason for plastic over metal for the S5

In an interview with Engadget, the designers responsible for the Samsung Galaxy S5 reveal the reasons behind the new flagship design: material, color, structure and interface… all is revealed. What interests us the most out of all of this is why Samsung is dead set on always making its smartphones out of plastic, an enigma we haven’t been able to solve until now.

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During the period before the release of the Galaxy S5, the internet was afloat with rumors about the upcoming device. One of these was the possibility that the device might be made of metal, and it was a hot topic. But it must be said that this speculation didn’t come out of thin air either. The design crew behind the then future S5 were mulling over the idea of adopting a new material for the next Galaxy. However, during the S5 release, there was no metal chassis to be seen. So what happened?

The designers are set in their choice: they studied the option of changing the base material for the S5, but they decided to stay with plastic and there are many reasons for this.

We were open for all the options.

The Samsung team prefered plastic over metal, because the first is ‘warmer’ and therefore, ‘friendlier’. Not only would metal weigh the phone down considerably, designers didn’t appreciate the cold feeling when holding it. For them, the material is integral part of Samsung’s history, whose smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly popular every year. There is therefore some logic behind the decision.

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Samsung can say what they want, but it’s also evident that this decision is also based on the aim to stay true to its own brand: being different than Apple is key. Recent Apple products are being made of aluminium, so why wouldn’t Samsung keep on making plastic products forever?

Then, when it came to the Galaxy S5, we were promised something we hadn't seen in the last three iterations: a return to the basics.

The ‘return to the basics’ was talked about before the S5 came out, the information having come directly from Samsung. That being said, we had a hard time seeing what they were actually talking about. It seems that this return to the basics, means, ''we won’t change anything''. S5 designers explain that they tried to understand what people use the most on their Galaxy devices and then put all their efforts into making these characteristics available.

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In conclusion, the studies directed by Samsung show that many users appreciate and use the S Health app that has been present on Galaxy device since the S4. This is the reason why the manufacturer really put a lot of emphasis on this app, especially now with the S5 and its Gear Fit companion.

What do you think? Should Samsung have changed their gameplan or are you happy they stuck with what they knew?

Source: Engadget

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  • My1 Apr 28, 2014 Link to comment

    Randy, Samsung is Definitely NOT using method 1, at least not for the flagships, it may be less, but the profit is still huge...

  • I was on the s4 and now s5 and I always put a case on it and never really see the plastic body anyway. Oh and the case,plastic.

  • All pure b.s., the real reason they make their phones out of plastic is, it is cheaper, easier, and faster to produce. The result is, plastic phones are much more profitable. I have owned and operated a manufacturing business for over 25 years, and all successful manufacturers know the rules. Their are only three ways to be successful, 1 - build a cheap product and sell a lot of them with a low profit margin, 2 - build a premium product and sell fewer of them at a higher profit, or 3 - build a high quality proprietary product that you sell at a lower margin of profit that requires the consumer to purchase all future add-ons or supplies for use from you at an extremely large profit.
    using method #1, Samsung is a very successful company. On the other hand their are companies like HTC, who struggle with another basic rule of business, that is that no matter how good your premium product is, you can only charge what the market will bear for it. And if you cannot convince the consumer to pay a premium price for your premium product, you will lose money on it.

  • You want a classy phone? Then metal is a must. Plastic on a high end flagship smartphone? Not me

  • I get their reasoning, but it still looks cheap and horrible.

  • Chooks Apr 25, 2014 Link to comment

    The "plastic" is pretty pliable and works fine for me cuz I always replace the battery instead of charging only one battery.. For all the Galaxy s series till the S4 I never had any cover break. Didn't get the S5 though...

  • I don't mind plastic, but I think Samsung phones are too expensive to be plastic...Nexus rules!

  • My1 Apr 24, 2014 Link to comment

    Apple always aluminum, don't make me laugh...
    IPhone 3 and 3S - same annoying plastic Samsung used in s3 and 4 generations, 4 and 4s,glass that sony uses...

  • If plastic makes for a lighter smaller device then it gets my vote

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