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The return of the Galaxy Note 7

Update: Will it be called the Galaxy Note 7FE instead of Note 7R?

Samsung dropped the ball with the release of the Galaxy Note 7 last year. It had the hottest (quite literally) smartphone on the market, rave reviews from critics and fans alike, but the faulty battery ruined any plans for glory. Rumors were afloat for some time that the Galaxy Note 7 might be re-released - and now it seems those have come true. While there isn't much to speculate about the technical specifications, it seems like there are enough rumors about the potential name of the device.

Highlight recent changes

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be relaunched (it's the third time, for those of you who are counting) in June 2017 for the Korean market. Of course this won't be the original Note 7. According to media reports, Samsung essentially just replaced the battery of the recalled Note 7 with a 3,200 mAH battery, making it just slightly smaller than the original. It will still be larger than that of its cousin, the Galaxy S8, which is equipped with a 3,000 mAh battery.  Apart from the slimmed down battery power, there will most likely be no other technical changes. Earlier rumors speculated that the device could be called Galaxy Note 7R, with the R standing for "refurbished". 

But now it seems like a new moniker is making the rounds. The refurbished Galaxy Note 7 might actually be released under the name Galaxy Note 7FE instead of Galaxy Note 7R. The FE apparently stands for "Fan Edition". These rumors and speculations are to be enjoyed with a pinch of salt, especially since Korean news sources are notorious for pushing wild speculations.

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Although Samsung is investing more time and effort into these devices again, the price is still expected to drop. According to Korean media reports, consumers will see a price cut of about 700,000 won, which converts to about $250. So, the Galaxy Note 7 will apparently be released to the market for the equivalent of $630.

Despite relaunching the Note 7, Samsung still plans on launching the Galaxy Note 8. It's still up in the air when exactly the Note 8 will be presented to the public, but the head of IFA has recently expressed that he would like Samsung to present its next phablet at IFA in Berlin.

It's unclear whether Samsung will also launch the Galaxy Note 7 to markets outside of Korea, though it seems like Samsung has already excluded the US and Canada from the re-release.


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