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Samsung Galaxy S8 delay and J5 fire are latest in line of bad news for the company

Samsung has been getting a lot of negative publicity lately for one reason or another, and it's been a particularly rough couple of days for the handset maker. We've pulled all the company's latest woes together in one list. 

Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 front
Samsung's J5 Android handset could be the latest to have problems. / © ANDROIDPIT

Samsung's next flagship might be delayed

The last thing Samsung needs is another major flagship handset problem, so it's perhaps not too surprising that the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Samsung might well have to delay the launch of the Galaxy S8 to later next year.

If that's particularly crushing news for you, take comfort in the fact that Samsung's already confirmed that one of its potentially most interesting features - a new AI system - will be on board and that it'll probably have its own dedicated hardware button too. 

A different Samsung phone reportedly exploded

Everyone is now familiar with the Note 7 issues, but it seems as if it's not the end of Samsung's battery problems if reports of a J5 handset exploding are accurate. 

According to Associated Press, the phone's owner, Lamya Bouyirdane, found it "swollen" and billowing smoke, before it then exploded, blowing the back off the device. No one was hurt, and Samsung is now investigating the incident in the one-year-old handset. 

New Zealand is cutting off all Note 7 handsets

Although downright potentially dangerous, the Note 7 is such a good handset (when it's not exploding) that some people want to keep hold of them and take that risk. Unfortunately for some, the mobile networks in New Zealand aren't allowing that option much longer and will cut them off entirely in two weeks. 

From November 18, anyone that still has one won't be able to connect to any network but will still be able to use the device on WiFi and while offline. 

And finally, some good news

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are set to receive an update to Android Nougat (7.0) shortly, with the company preparing for the launch of it in the UK via the Beta Programme App. The registration is set to open on November 9, but it's not everyone that wants to test out the new software will be able to; your application needs to be approved by Samsung.

Do you think Samsung has lost its way, or has it just been unlucky? Let us know in the comments below! 


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  • Vinicius. G. Romero 3 months ago

    I'm honestly glad they are delaying the S8. Even if they say it's because of the AI, I want to believe that they secretly want to make some more quality control of the phone itself. Without telling the "press". It's a good move.

  • Bastian Siewers
    • Admin
    • Staff
    3 months ago

    I have the same feeling. The wierd thing is that they are still not saying anything about the real reason behind the whole Note 7 fiasco. I would love to know what really happened and what they are doing to make sure the S8 won't have similar issues.


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  • Mike P 3 months ago Link to comment

    Wow, from flagship Note 7 to J5, hoping my A5 2016 wont blow up anytime soon

  • First, the Note 7 now the J5? I hope that defective J5 wasn't the 2016 model because I have one and my dad too.

  • I'm only obrisevating the Samsung...

  • I'm honestly glad they are delaying the S8. Even if they say it's because of the AI, I want to believe that they secretly want to make some more quality control of the phone itself. Without telling the "press". It's a good move.

  • ljhaye 3 months ago Link to comment

    Samsung is starting to worry me as the perception of Android for many is based SOLELY on Samsung's hardware. I can appreciate the fact that they will delay the launch of the S8 if, its to make a better product and to do better quality control. I will be disappointed if the delay is tied the Viv AI assistant, I do not understand why Samsung needs to create an independent AI assistant for their Android phones ( makes sense for their Tizen products, though) when the Google Assistant will eventually be available to all Android OEM's. For effective AI you need OS level integration which is something Samsung will not have as the the Android OS is controlled by Google. I'm also getting fed up with Samsung's "me too" approach to software, as I still do not understand why there is a Samsung Pay (when there is Android Pay) and definitely do not understand the need for the Viv AI assistant.

    Samsung needs to accept the FACT that it is simply a DUMB hardware pipe for Android and Google services and to stop with all of these insane duplicate features that it copies half assed from Google, Apple, & Microsoft. If they want to experiment with software then they need to stick to their Tizen platform. If they don't like the hand Google has dealt them, then they should abandon Android and focus on Tizen. The only silver lining is that this provides an opening for other Android OEM's to shine as Android feels as closed as iOS with only Samsung Hardware running Google's Android, open need to mean, " all the way open" NOT kind, "of open".

    The Note disaster and all the bad press and lost revenue is what they deserve, I'm sorry but they need a wake up call.


    • Bastian Siewers
      • Admin
      • Staff
      3 months ago Link to comment

      Well that's exactly the issue, they don't want to be "a dumb hardware pipe for Android", they want a lot more. Samsung Pay for example simply means money, it really is that simple. That's exactly why lots of companies want to have their piece of the cake. And quite honestly, Samsung already has the power to make it happen. Yeah, the Note 7 fiasco isn't helping, but they still have a lot of market power. Just think of the Pixel phones, there is a quite obvious reason why Google took this approach.

      • ljhaye 3 months ago Link to comment

        Here are some questions for you: Is Samsung that successful with their software and services that it threatens Google's vision of Andoid? Is Samsung making all of these moves ( gear VR, Viv AI, Samsung Pay) in an attempt to differentiate themselves from Android or from Google? Are these moves being made to force Google to speed up the pace of Android OS development? What is the point of trying to create an ecosystem that mirrors the ecosystem that you are already in? Why aren't the other OEM's also making "me too" services that Google creates (for example where is Moto Pay, LG Pay, etc...)?

        The average Galaxy consumer doesn't need two calendar apps, 2 email clients, 2 web browser,etc... on their phone. This weakens their android experience Google knows this and so should Samsung. I know Samsung has "Apple platform envy" so why not leverage Tizen for all of these duplicate apps and services. I don't like the fact that Google has introduced the Pixel (IMO a defensive strategy) to go after Samsung. This creates distrust amongst all the Android OEM's and will lead to a different form of fragmentation and uncooperativness in the community.

  • George W. 3 months ago Link to comment

    It's a great call. Every manufacturer on the planet has one or more "oh-oh" moments. Samsung just had a few of those. I'll stick with them and wait for surely good things to come with the GS8 release. Remember, this isn't as severe as the automobile air bag dilemma where some lost their eyesight or their lives. Let’s pray that Samsung recovers and continues to lead in smartphone innovation and quality.

  • It's just the worst possible 2nd half for Samsung.
    Even after making 2 of the greatest phones on the planet in 1 year, 1 of them has destroyed them :(

    To top that off, their washing machines too are being recalled.

    I've stuck to Samsung throughout its android life
    s1 s3 s4 s5 s6edge
    Samsung tab 4 (7")
    Samsung tab 3 (10.1")

    till date I've only had 1 motherboard failure and 1 charging failure and it's been 7 years.

  • Tam Oor 3 months ago Link to comment

    Poor Samsung has gone completely out of luck lately. I would suggest that it should delay the launch of S8 till things get align again. Keep creating the hype with S8 Teasers but stick to launch low end phone for now, just to get back on track.

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